What Are Ghosts?

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I get numerous questions regarding ghosts and how to get rid of them. Alike some kind of paranormal vermin, people seem paralyzed by their mere presence. To rid yourself of any unwanted pests, you must get to know the pest. Right?

There are a variety of ghosts. Some are simply the leftover energy of a living entity that dwelt there long ago, their existence playing over and over in our time like a broken record player. There’s nothing to be done with them, they are not aware of your world at all and they cannot harm you. Others are more sentient, dead but aware of their interaction with the living. They just want attention as they are lonely, afraid, or bored. They want attention, good or bad. Feed them and they grow.

Demons or poltergeists, as most people call them, were never human. They are akin to leeches, snakelike shadow creatures that feed on the negative energy of the living. They can whisper into thoughts, influence the human mind, induce fear and anger–which is exactly what they want because the vibratory emissions of fear, sadness, hatred, jealousy is food for them. Feed them and they grow. It’s that simple.

Human ghosts will usually leave you alone if you ignore them or tell them to go away. The more energy you expend ‘fighting’ them, the worse things will get. This goes for the ‘demons’ as well. While they are definitely harder to rid yourself of, they also respond to being starved of negative attention. In fact, if you’re really cheeky, you can tell the negative entities you love them, that kind of positive attention will send them packing pretty quick.

Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it a threat. Knowing what these things are can help you more than any smudging, seances or exorcisms ever can.



“An Enchanted and Haunted Inn for Sale in Florida”

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“An Enchanted and Haunted Inn for Sale in Florida”
Sent by: Maria Schmidt
Date: October 16, 2015
Contact: innkeeper@sevensistersinn.org
Phone: 352-433-0700

With the Halloween Season upon us, how about exploring the thought of owning and operating one of the most haunted inns in America? An internationally known iconic structure, The Seven Sisters Inn located in North Central Florida, is being offered for sale. The current operators will be relocating back North and wish to be sure this property falls into the hands of people that appreciate this amazing property and all it’s current (and permanent) guests!
The Seven Sisters Inn, located in Ocala Florida, offers enchanting spaces within it 3,000 sq ft circa 1890 walls, accentuated with antiques and international artifacts from the most mysterious parts of the world. It holds five guest rooms with private luxurious baths, all globally themed, providing the most romantically detailed amenities known to travelers of historical inns. This is a “once in a life time” opportunity to not only own and operate one of the most beautiful and distinguished inns found in America, but one that has been certified authentically (and sweetly) haunted by many of the most revered in the paranormal world. In October 2008, the inn was featured on Ghost Hunters providing one of the most intriguing episodes in their SyFy channel series. In addition, celebrated guests have included Chip Coffey, Haunted Collector’s John Zaffis (Godfather of the Paranormal) and Brian Cano (Co-Star), Dead File’s Steve DiShiavi, Ghost Hunters International’s Scott Temperman and the lovely Andrea Perron (author of her family’s story leading to the making of the film “The Conjuring”).
On the hospitality side, the Seven Sisters Inn does not hold back. This high end bed and breakfast has enjoyed a 5-Star TripAdvisor rating for three consecutive years, being the only lodging to receive this status in the city of Ocala! Their reviews reveals the grace and detailed commitment to guest services, deserving this “Award of Excellence”. The inn is appointed with period details that make any guest feel extraordinarily special. In addition to the beautiful and romantic get-away accommodations, they offer the most popular Murder Mystery Events that generally get sold out weeks before the scheduled date. The popular Medium Galleries and Paranormal Investigations present the perfect opportunity to expand the inn’s offerings from a simple Bed and Breakfast to a Metaphysical or Healing center that could be enjoyed by many!
Ocala Florida, located only 1.5 hours north of Orlando or Tampa, is considered the horse capital of the South. It’s beautiful rolling hills and horse farms surround a vibrant downtown, offering eclectic choices of restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, a historic cinema and museums for the traveler’s entertainment. The inn sits perched in its downtown’s historic district, a short seven blocks to the square.
If you wish to consider adding this amazing and mysterious property to your portfolio of business real estate, contact Bob Schmidt (innkeeper) directly at 352-433-0700 or http://inn4sale.com. Be sure to visit the inn’s website at http://sevensistersinn.org as well. Mr. Schmidt reserves the right to attend only to serious inquiries from those qualified with earnest interest.

Explaining Ghosts

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I just received a really great question from a reader and I thought I’d share it and the answer with all of you.:)


Hi Danielle..i would be ever so thankful if you could reply. first off…i just want to state that my mother and i are believers of the afterlife,spirits, and both of us seem to have a sixth.sense.. a powerful intuition..our.house is.being.revisited constantly by.residual spirits or loved ones who.have passed on. what i really am curious.about and would appreciate an answer to is…when.we pass away..dont we go to heaven or hell? If we were able to return to.earth wouldnt that be.sad and misleading. The spirits that are earthbound…are they being punished? What could be more horrible then to be an earthbound spirit..not accepting your own death and etc. lastly Danielle..are we going to be reunited with our loved ones and family members? It makes me so.sad to think of myself as a lonely earthbound.spirit …not knowing im earthbound or even knowing it…it.truly makes me nervous and i have to stop the tears from forming in my eyes. i know you may never see this..but if you do…please reply..id be very grateful if you answered. Thanx


Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! This is a very complex topic but I’ll do my best to answer all your questions. :)

To answer your questions, I have to explain consciousness. So, as you probably already know, everything vibrates. Everything has a frequency, from the smallest atom to the biggest planet, everything but everything is vibrating. But not everything vibrates at the same frequency. Rocks, for instance, vibrate at a very low frequency compared to trees; and water vibrates slower than animals. Everything, believe it or not, has consciousness, but not self-awareness. Humans (and apparently dolphins and a few other mammals) vibrate fast enough to have achieved self-awareness, whereas rocks, trees, and birds are not self-aware. There are many, many beings that vibrate faster than ourselves, ie: angels, but we cannot see them because their vibration is too fast (think of the wings of a humming bird and how we can hardly see them the faster they fly).

Now, there are many different dimensions. Dimensions are also comprised of vibration. Humans live in the third dimension, trees and water in the second and rocks in the first, all based on their level of vibration and consciousness. We can see these lower levels because we are ‘above’ them, vibrationally speaking. We cannot ‘see’ the higher levels because we vibrate slower than them. Make sense? Psychic ability is the ability to raise one’s vibrations high enough to sense and see the higher dimensions, albeit briefly and is usually quite limited. Emotions have vibrations as well, hence why psychics can sense other people’s feelings, living or dead.

Earthbound ghosts live in the fourth dimension, what religion calls Heaven is usually the fifth dimension. God, or what I call The Source, is the sum of all vibration, the highest frequency. A splice of that consciousness exists within all things, everything. Every single thing that exists is a spark of that ‘higher power’. It is also important to remember that energy cannot be created nor destroyed–only altered. For energy to ‘grow’, it must learn to vibrate faster, and the only way to do that is through challenges and experiences, and birth and death.

Now, when someone dies violently or unexpectedly, they are locked into a lower vibration emotion, usually fear, hatred, etc. It seems odd that they’d wind up in a dimension higher than humans, but without their corporeal bodies, they are bound to a dimension between earth and ‘heaven’. Some realize they’re dead, some do not. It’s a very confusing state for them. Many need help from psychics to find their way to the next dimension. Usually the psychic helps by raising the vibrations of the spirit, hence helping them move upwards.

Now, as for being punished. Here’s a scenario for you: You buy a new puppy, he’s excited, happy and thrilled to explore his new world. You know, as his owner, that puppies are notorious for chewing things yet, one day, you give him your brand new shoes to play with. Then, he chews them up, wrecking them. Do you punish him? You gave him the shoes, knowing full well he’s likely going to wreck them. It’s the same with The Source. He’s given us bodies, given us life, placed us in a place of hardship and taken away our memories of ‘heaven’ so we can learn and grow, hence allowing The Source to grow. Would it make sense for The Source then to punish us for choosing the wrong path or having the wrong experiences? We humans like to think we are evolved and should know better, but in reality, we are just new puppies running around without a clue as to what our owner really wants. lol

Okay, now for the reuniting with loved ones. Yes, but in the case of earthbound spirits, it can take longer. Just because we die and leave our earthly body behind, does not mean we do not stop learning and experiencing. Becoming an earthbound spirit can be another hurdle we ‘have’ to overcome. It’s yet another part of the school of the universe.

Everything we learn here, we take with us. Good and bad. To raise your awareness is to raise your vibration, hence giving you the tools to move forward when you die, and not linger.

Feel free to ask me any questions about this, I know it was a long, heavy lecture. lol


Great Article about Cleansing Your Aura

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The Invisible Neighbors

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Often, spirits of the dead have no idea they’ve passed on. They go about their lives as they would have if their heart still beats. They see through a foggy veil, unable to comprehend nor accept that their fleshy bodies no longer carry them about. Some are aware of their new existence, some are not. Those that now occupy the former resident’s home feel somewhat invaded by these unseen tenants, annoyed by their continued presence, their insistence to stay where they are no longer welcome.

This is where the living must practice empathy. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were no longer a solid member of society. How would it be to witness the new owners of your former home begin tearing down your memories, your hard work, your life? What would you do if no one could see you and you’re upset with the new living arrangements? The living, of course, are oblivious to the emotions of the ghosts all around them, truly believing this new home they’ve purchased is theirs and only theirs.

But it is not always so.

There are really only two ways to rid oneself of a spirit: tell them to go or ignore them. If one doesn’t work, try the other. Of course there are many techniques and rituals that often work, ie. cleansings and blessings of the home, but truly, it comes down to those first two. For that is how we’d deal with annoying neighbors in real life, is it not? It would be rare for a neighbor to up and leave their own home simply because you told them to leave, right? So, what do we normally do when our peace is mildly disturbed by an impolite resident?

We ignore them. We wave with a fake smile, try not to initiate any more than quick, pleasant small talk and pretend all is well, then continue on with our day.

Same goes for those unseen. You don’t need to make friends with them, just tolerate them. Respect them and they’ll respect you.

Danielle  :)

Dearly Departed

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So, after a very long hiatus and realizing, due to the many wonderful questions and comments I’ve continued to receive on this blog over the years, I’ve decided to come back and continue writing here. If you’re interested, I have written five paranormal novels since I’ve been away. Have a peek here.  :)

The most frequent question I get asked to answer is regarding how to rid a house of unwanted spirits. This can be a tricky situation, mostly because regardless of how hard we work to pay for our rents and mortgages–the dead don’t care who owns it. They think they do. And really, who are we to evict someone–or something–that was there first?

A spirit is no more than a person without a body. Period. They still have all the emotions, the feelings, and often, the beliefs that they carried with them while they were alive. They believe that your house is still their house. They believe that when you are renovating your house, you’re ruining their house. To them, you are the unwanted occupant. There are ghosts, though, that are merely curious of you, interested in your day to day living. Just like any living voyeur, they are content to simply watch you throughout your day, doing your day to day routine. Unfortunately for us, they’re also interested in us while we sleep.

To rid yourself of an unwanted ghost, you have to think like a ghost. What does he/she want? If you know what time frame they died in, what are the belief systems that are hampering their ascent to the next realm? Be compassionate. Learn empathy for your unseen guest. In that way, you can determine what they might need from you. Ask yourself how you might be as a ghost. Would you haunt your home? Why?

As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

Hugs, Danielle  :)

New Blog!!!

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I made a new blog so I could update my paranormal books.

The Prologue from my new book is over there!

Come see!



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