Great Article about Cleansing Your Aura

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The Invisible Neighbors

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Often, spirits of the dead have no idea they’ve passed on. They go about their lives as they would have if their heart still beats. They see through a foggy veil, unable to comprehend nor accept that their fleshy bodies no longer carry them about. Some are aware of their new existence, some are not. Those that now occupy the former resident’s home feel somewhat invaded by these unseen tenants, annoyed by their continued presence, their insistence to stay where they are no longer welcome.

This is where the living must practice empathy. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were no longer a solid member of society. How would it be to witness the new owners of your former home begin tearing down your memories, your hard work, your life? What would you do if no one could see you and you’re upset with the new living arrangements? The living, of course, are oblivious to the emotions of the ghosts all around them, truly believing this new home they’ve purchased is theirs and only theirs.

But it is not always so.

There are really only two ways to rid oneself of a spirit: tell them to go or ignore them. If one doesn’t work, try the other. Of course there are many techniques and rituals that often work, ie. cleansings and blessings of the home, but truly, it comes down to those first two. For that is how we’d deal with annoying neighbors in real life, is it not? It would be rare for a neighbor to up and leave their own home simply because you told them to leave, right? So, what do we normally do when our peace is mildly disturbed by an impolite resident?

We ignore them. We wave with a fake smile, try not to initiate any more than quick, pleasant small talk and pretend all is well, then continue on with our day.

Same goes for those unseen. You don’t need to make friends with them, just tolerate them. Respect them and they’ll respect you.

Danielle  :)

Dearly Departed

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So, after a very long hiatus and realizing, due to the many wonderful questions and comments I’ve continued to receive on this blog over the years, I’ve decided to come back and continue writing here. If you’re interested, I have written five paranormal novels since I’ve been away. Have a peek here.  :)

The most frequent question I get asked to answer is regarding how to rid a house of unwanted spirits. This can be a tricky situation, mostly because regardless of how hard we work to pay for our rents and mortgages–the dead don’t care who owns it. They think they do. And really, who are we to evict someone–or something–that was there first?

A spirit is no more than a person without a body. Period. They still have all the emotions, the feelings, and often, the beliefs that they carried with them while they were alive. They believe that your house is still their house. They believe that when you are renovating your house, you’re ruining their house. To them, you are the unwanted occupant. There are ghosts, though, that are merely curious of you, interested in your day to day living. Just like any living voyeur, they are content to simply watch you throughout your day, doing your day to day routine. Unfortunately for us, they’re also interested in us while we sleep.

To rid yourself of an unwanted ghost, you have to think like a ghost. What does he/she want? If you know what time frame they died in, what are the belief systems that are hampering their ascent to the next realm? Be compassionate. Learn empathy for your unseen guest. In that way, you can determine what they might need from you. Ask yourself how you might be as a ghost. Would you haunt your home? Why?

As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

Hugs, Danielle  :)

New Blog!!!

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I made a new blog so I could update my paranormal books.

The Prologue from my new book is over there!

Come see!



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The cover for NIGHTMARA has arrived!!!  Go here for an excerpt.

Inhuman First Big Review!!

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How exciting! My first big review! She’s doing Dimensions of Genesis soon too!

Ex Libris – Review of Inhuman

Inhuman on Kindle

Inhuman in print on Amazon

First Big Interview :D

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