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What Are Ghosts?

Pitter patter of tiny feet running down the hall past the stroke of midnight, the faint giggles or crying in the night.   Only…you don’t have any children.

The subject of a ghost child strikes sadness and woe in the hearts and souls of all. Picturing anyone passing away is difficult enough, but the untimely death of a child is so much more than some can bear.

When dealing with these unique spirits, special considerations and behaviors are a must. A ghost hunter must take into consideration that this child entity may have no comprehension of what has happened to them. Passing on with a youthful spirituality may leave the child ghost with a misunderstanding of the other side.

As with every being, we are given free will and choice in all that we do, including whether or not we decide to go directly home in the afterlife, or stick around for a while. Children, being blissfully naive and full of light and love, may enjoy the initial sensations of being free and weightless so very much, that they choose to stay right where they are. Also, they are impressed upon from a very early age that they are to go nowhere without their parents permission. With these considerations in mind, it can actually be quite difficult to convince a child to listen to you and go where they belong.

This type of spirit can be particularly difficult to locate, let alone to get them to stay in one place long enough for you to communicate with or get any type of evidence. Children, even ghost children, are naturally tenacious, which can be both good and bad.

Often sprightly and mischievous, they usually find a favorite person living in the household and cling to them. Sometimes they choose another child to be their friend, resulting in the phenomena known as the imaginary friend.

Occasionally they pick a favorite parent, one, like their own parent that they may have been closer to in life.

These situations, though seemingly innocent and harmless, can turn upsetting rather quickly. Ghost children can become very upset if routine is disrupted. If their favorite living person is gone for a day or two, they may become pouty and destructive. When their demands aren’t met to their standards, they can behave quite immaturely. Hiding items, damaging things and making noise is not uncommon.

One of my clients reported a child ghost often climbing into bed with him late at night and snuggling as a child with their father. When he would turn over to look, of course, there was no one there. This particular ghost was so attached to her father figure, she was would get jealous and upset if anyone else were to spend time with him.

Though rarely violent, it can be a challenge to get these determined and free spirited beings to head towards the light. Speak to them with the tones you would use with a living child. Kind and patient, yet firm and authoritative. They must be told point blank that their parents or loved ones are waiting for them elsewhere. If their parents are still alive, then the communicator must convince the child of the glorious lands awaiting them.

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  1. I can’t even sleep anymore with this child in my room at night. I have even contacted paranormal state. Never in my life had I had to take sleeping pills, but the energy is so intense I feel it when I’m awake & if I am sleeping it jolts me that I am instantly awake.

    • Barbie…I am having a similar problem…eight weeks now (actually, she has been trying to get my attention for over 2 1/2 years now – until I finally figured it out).
      How did your experience end up? I am having a hard time getting her to go towards the light.

    • I agree I have a little girl spirit her name is Emily and she likes to move my sculptures around and pluae she claims me as her mother in the future.

      • I think that’s fantastic. I too saw a little girl, very friendly. Its been about 4 years since she’s returned visually. I still remember waving and blowing her a kiss… her reactions was very innocent as she ran back down the hallway. I know at night many a time she craws in beside use. I can’t see her but I certainly feel it. I think there are more children now because my kids are reacting. I find if I put ear plugs in (kids) everyone sleeps so much better. I would never have believed this in a hundred years if I didn’t see her with my own eyes…however, life goes on and if she turns off the lights “which she does” I’ve asked her to stop and in some cases I’ve replaced light bubs. So, remember this… you are forever strong they are not… and if your heart is big (filled with love) nothing should bother you….This is my experience. Ps. I tell my kids nothing…. except some times “angels” my appear at the oddest of times.

      • Recently I woke up to here a girl crying and asking for me and calling me mama and I’m really confused because IV never had a child and I’m 13 and she kepted sayign I was her mum and now she turns up In my bed what do I do do u think she’s dangoures

      • No, she’s just confused. If you hear her again, gently tell her that her Mama is in Heaven waiting for her. It’s the only way to gently tell the girl she is dead without scaring her. It may take a few times, but she is harmless.:)

  2. Many of the houses I have lived in are haunted I’ve been able to see them romeing around I just can’t explain it. Some of my friends can too.

  3. I would do all I could to help the child find their way… Never could I be mean… I would want it to find peace.

  4. I just acquired one recently. It sounds like a little girl and seems
    to have a great time trying to startle me, which she has. Thanks
    for the input and I will talk to her.

  5. I’ve always wondered why the powers that be cant help gost children get to the other side. Especially child ghosts that have passed through trama. I wonder why heaven, God, the Universe, would not just take them directly there, even if they didnt realize they were dead, or wanted to stay around. What about the parents of the child, who have also passed on, would they not try to help their child caight in limbo to cross over? How does this all work?

  6. Hi there Karen, very important questions, thank you.

    Even without our earthly bodies, we are still under the Universal Law of Free Will. Any spirit that so chooses to remain on the third density plane with do so even with attempts from higher sources of energy guiding them. There is really no difference between the energy of an adult ghost compared to a child ghost.

    If they feel the need to complete a mission or are ‘stuck’ on the earthly plane, it is viewed the same as a ‘experience’ in spiritual terms. The spirit may simply not feel ready to move on to the higher realms. It is similar to living human experiences when we question why others would stay in unfavorable conditions on earth, example, abusive relationships or self inflicted negative conditioning.

    A spirit is no different, each have their own unique reasoning as to why they would chose to cling to the earthly realm. Children may want to stay near their parents or feel that they were somehow cheated out of their time here.

    While spirit guides and higher conscious entities do try to reach these individuals, the ghost simply will not listen or even acknowledge the issues. I’m sure we all know stubborn living human beings who repeatedly ignore the wise words of others. Ghosts are no different in that respect. Free will is universal among all sources of conscious entities.

    I hope that helps Karen. Take care. 😀

    • When i was in my teens I was with a boy i thought i was in love with (2005) but it was only puppy love. We went to an abandon barn to do some private things and just to hang out. We were at the top where they normally store hay. No need to say what we did, but afterwards him an i played truth or dare. I wanted to be ballsy so when he asked me truth or dare i said dare. He dared me to go to the hay loft opening of the barn and stand there naked while cars passed. I hesitated and then said oh the heck with it, “OK”. As i walked to the opening i got a sense that he wasn’t the only person behind me looking at me, ” i felt awkward.” So i slightly turned my body as i looked over my shoulder and to look at Mr.PuppyLove, i seen a little boy standing to the back of the barn where no-one, not even me could climb up due to all of the briers and rotten wood. I just stood there staring at him from head to toe and neck and shoulder to his finger tips. I could see right through him but at the same time I could see him clear as day. He was a little white boy with sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes, about the age of 6. He was wearing rough old blue jean-overalls with a colored green,brown,white striped long sleeve with one arm sleeve rolled up. I was frozen in cloud9. I felt like i needed to put my clothes back on because it looked like a living person. The little boy just stared into my eyes with one hand in his pocket and the other down to his side like he knew me from along time ago. As he stared at me i felt warm/cool but limp, like i was floating. As he stared into my eyes, ” I could feel my pulse in my cheeks.” Then suddenly, He turned his head as if someone was calling to him and just like that he was gone. I was in disbelief as Mr.PuppyLove asked me what was wrong with me. As i gathered myself and started to tell him he started to grin. I roughed his shoulder asking why is he smiling at me. He said, ” that little boy you just saw haunts my house. He rides his tricycle through the house and hides our tuna cans and many other things in random places.” I asked him, ” why have you not told me about this?” he said, “i didn’t think i would’ve ever have needed to but, i have been proven wrong.” Mr.PuppyLove told me that the little boy would not harm me, All he ever wants to do is ride his tricycle and hide things in the freezer and cabinets. He means no harm.
      I felt better after realizing i just witnessed a ghost while someone else was with me. If i would have seen that little boy or any other ghost figure by my self i would probably be at war with it and my self. I just wanted to share my story to someone that does truly believe in the afterlife and appreciates reading my glamorous true story.
      Thank you for reading.
      Mindy A.

    • Hi, my Daughter had a rather frightening experience with what we can only call a child spirit ! She was on the toilet one night and clear as day heard a whisper “help me lesley” as the night went on the spirit became frightened of “the cold things” and was screaming at my daughter HELP ME LESLEY. I had a spiritual friend of mine ce over to help as i have no experience with any kind of ghost/spirit. Once my friend came to help my daughter ask the the girl to move on things got a little more intense. My Daughter bonnie said that the little ghost was making her see things like the spirits house where is was and how she died. My daughter even experienced pain in the chest as the little spirit showed her she had a heart condition that resulted in a heart attack. As the spirit got more frightened so did my daughter. The spirit kept saying to my daughter that she just wanted to know what it was like to be a real girl again. It told her if she made her leave that she will let the cold things in. After a lot of crying and screaming the ghost moved on but my daughters words were she didn’t go into the light like she was supposed to as something was blocking it so the spirit screamed a bit like a tantrum and vanished.
      Before she left the spirit told my daughter she was 10 when she passed. Her favourite food was blueberries and she had an older sister…

  7. Thank you so much, I see what you’re saying, that makes sense. It’s good to know there are people out there than can help them go to the other side, if they feel they are ready to go. I’m a Mother, so I feel comforted knowing that some people with special talents try to help the souls of childreen who have passed. When I see these shows like Paranormal State, etc, and they talk about a child spirit being trapped there, I always felt uncomfortable knowing a gost child was calling for it’s “Mama”. But you have explained it really well to me, so thanks. Take care,

  8. Lovely piece, very sad but hopeful, but are you aware it also appears here?
    If you are one and the same author then no problem, but if not…

  9. Thank you, Concerned, I have contacted the facebook user and informed her of copyright laws.

    I appreciate your help.


  10. Hi am dealing with a ghost child now. It is a little boy about 2 or three. I dont know his stroy but I have been trying to find out why he is in my house. He is always around me but I never noticed because he is invisible. But I heard the footsteps of little feet he pokes at my boyfreind and I when we are sleep. He even yelled in my ear once to get my attention. He runs around the house giggling all the time. At first I was terrified of him becasue late at night I can hear him in the room. He would also get in the bed with me and curl up under me. I didnt realize it until I started intercating more with him. I remmeber waking up sometimes so cold or wondering why my arm is so cold. Thats how I can tell that he is in the bed or next to me because he feels cold. I soon realized he was just a child and brought him some toys from the dollar store. Also baloons. He loves the baloons. He was so excited to see the bag of toys that anytime he sees a bag u can hear him opening to see if it is any toys for him. I am working with this ghost mover company that is going to cross him over. He will be missed but he does not belong here. I do not fear him anymore. He is just a lost child that need help.

    • That is a beautiful story, thank you so much! Thank you for sharing and being so wonderfully compassionate to that sweet little ghost boy.

      Danielle 😀

  11. Hello,
    My girlfriend’s little sister has an imaginary friend that is not so imaginary if you know what I mean. My girlfriend and her father have both seen this little girl several times running from them. My girlfriends sister says that her “friend” is afraid of everybody else. We had her sister ask some questions, and we found out her “friend”‘s name and age. Oddly enough, her “friend” has decided to take the families last name instead of using her own. The two are quite attached to each other. I’m not sure what to do. I am currently trying to research the history of their neighborhood (it’s brand new, nothing but pasture before) and am not coming up with many results. This little girl seems to be pretty happy where she is, and I don’t want to upset her and cause a negative reaction by trying to talk to her. Any advice?

    • Thank you for writing Tim, it’s nice to know that you are taking the little sister seriously. Many adults tend to find it easier to tell a child that it’s just their imagination.

      Even though the spirit seems to run away from people, she can still hear you if you were to speak with her. If you can locate a room or area in the house where you can ‘sense’ her presence strongest, that would be a great place to begin communicating with her. The more you talk out loud to her, the more she will begin to trust you and anyone else attempting to befriend her. She is absolutely no different than a living human child, just without the body. She still has the instinct of self preservation and ‘stranger’ awareness as a living child.

      Pretend that she is simply a neighbour child or any other that you’d like to befriend. Speak to her normally as you would anyone else, she will eventually begin to trust you more. She may not understand however that she is dead, it might be best to refrain from that type of discussion until you know she is trusting in you.

      The little sister is the best person to speak with the little girl and just let her know that no one there will hurt her.

      I hope this helps a bit, keep in touch and let me know of any updates. 😀

      Take care,
      Danielle Lee

  12. I had my own little experience earlier tonight with a little boy ‘ghost.’ I would say he is about 3 or so. I had a ‘nightmare’ that seemed so real. When I awoke around midnight or so I couldn’t move. I tried to get off my couch and I just felt so heavy. Finally I was able to move and my thought was get out of the house because things were getting weird. I then heard children outside my house. Thinking it was my neighbors I peared out the window trying to figure out why they were outside that late. When I did, it was not them. There was little boy wearing a t-shirt and some jeans and sneakers in my driveway. He looked so real. Then he turned and looked at me pearing out the window. He smiled, held his hands out and started coming towards the house. I had an OBE that I was standing on my porch waiting for him. When he reached the steps of my porch, he disappeared. Then I was back in my house pearing thru the window. I then started to gather my things to get out when my cat went crazy and the lights started to flicker. I’m actually at my boyfriend’s typing this right now. I’m a bit freaked out. Any insight will help very much. Thank you.

  13. My wife came across your website because of the sketch of the little girl who eerily resembles our daughter. Thankfully she is still with us. I was curious who we would contact if we wanted to incorporate this sketch into a picture for promotional purposes.

    Any information would be appreciated.


    • I’m afraid I don’t know the author of the picture, so I don’t have the copyright to allow that. I found it on Photobucket, so maybe the artist is there. Sorry.

      • hi im jasmine and im terafied im only 12 but since i was 5 yers old i heard some one saying my name now im 12 ive seen a young girl aged 5,6 she has long brown hair pale blue eyes and a wite dress soked in blood she comes to me saying jasmine jasmine but mum cant see her ive moved house and now shes here i see her at school to what shode i do

      • Hi Jasmine, the best thing to do is to consistently tell the spirit to leave you alone. You can use a recorder on your cell to do a question session, perhaps then she can tell you what she wants from you. But mostly, tell her to go away.


  14. I have been looking all over the internet for the answer to my question.I see things all the time more so when I was little then now.Lately I have been playing with a little boy in my dreams.He started popping up after I found out I am pregnant(9 weeks now-I see more things when I am pregnant-3rd time around,no children).I normally never see children spirits-but last night he came out of my dreams and was watching me sleep.I woke up with him staring at me.But he looked really sick and ill.He was very,very small and had these black cycles around his eyes.Very detailed for it to be my imagination.I freaked out and had to claim down,I figured he wasn’t hurting me and I went back to sleep.I might sound crazy but I want to know if it was normal for them to look so ill and kinda evil,and so real.He’s very playful and alive in my dreams.Can they be in both?
    Like I said things like this happens all the time for me,I see things in dreams and randomly in this world.I’ve just never seen a child out of my dreams before.

  15. We have lived in our house for a year now. We hear foot steps only on the stairway to the top floor. After moving in we didn’t hear anything, but slowly things have been happening. We (mostly my husband) have heard foot steps, giggling, laughter and recently music. One morning just prior to me getting up, while in a semi-sleep state, I heard what I thought was my daughter call me “Mama”, when I opened my eyes, she wasn’t there, I looked all over the house, and checked her and she was sleeping in her room. My husband has had things said into his ear and heard giggling, laughter, and recently music from my grand piano. He thought that maybe, by some chance that the cats were walking on the piano, but it was a song. When he went downstairs, there was no one there and the cats where in another room sleeping. He talked to a person who grew up in the house, and asked her if anything had happened while she lived there and she was shocked. She had grew up in the room that we have had most of the encounters. Before anything was said, she described giggling, laughter, talking in your ear etc. All in this very room. She said that she felt that they were 2 little girls and a baby was also in the house. We are not afraid, but I wish to be able to help these children get to the otherside where their parents are. Do you have any suggestios?

    • Sorry, I’ve been busy finishing up my second novel.😀
      It depends of what kind of haunting it is.
      If it’s a residual haunting, one where it’s just an energy signature trapped in a loop, it’s not a real ghost or person trapped. Residual hauntings do not respond to stimuli.
      If it’s an intelligent haunting, one where they respond to questions or try to contact you, they can be told to go into the light or that they are dead and must move on. Sometimes they just aren’t ready yet. Just like living beings, they are learning through experiences.
      Try recording yourself asking them questions and if there are voices responding to you caught on the tape, it is an intelligent haunting.
      If they aren’t frightening you, sometimes it’s best just to let them move on in their own time.
      Hope I’ve helped.

  16. We have recently had some investigators come to our home and on some audio was a little girl saying ( Jenny help?) Now I know she was asking me for help. Please what can I do to help this little girl whom my heart crys for?

    • The best thing to do is continuously tell her to go to the light. Tell her that her family is in the light. It may take many tries before she get it and you have to understand that no matter what you do, she may not be ready to leave yet.
      Did the investigators tell you whether they interacted with this spirit or if it was just a voice they picked up randomly? If they picked it up randomly, it may only be a residual haunting, just energy left behind replaying a scenario. If they interacted with her, communicated, then she may be a trapped soul.
      Keep sending her positive energy and telling her it’s time for her to go home. Eventually, she’ll listen.
      I hope that helps.

  17. i am 13 years old and i have and i have not one but 3 child ghosts in my room now. and i am being fully seriuos this is not some stupid teenager messing with you guys. i need help!!!!! it started out i heard giggling in my closet and i have a younger brother so i thought it might be him but he is sound asleep in the room next door so i layed back down in my bed and it continued. the next night the same thing happened only they had entered my dreams and i cant talk to them i can only watch as they talk to eachother there were only two of them then. the third day nothing they were gone and i went to sleep quickly but they came back into my dreams sending me a message saying that they would be back to play soon. i woke up in a cold sweat and i was crying. this has been going on for weeks now and they did come back about two days after. i can always tell when they are there because the air gets thick and it is hard to breath at first then i can hear whispering. i have had my mom come and stay with me while they were there but she noticed nothing starnge. just recently they have been joined by another child and now i see them in the door way of my closet or at the side of my bed. they have learned how to turn my power off in my room and i can tell it is just in my room because my brother like to leave the bathroom light on which is right next to my room and it stays on when this happens. they have now started to scratch me and its relly starting to scare me. one night i was laying in bed li sting to music and everything turned off and i felt something touch my leg so my reaction was to kick and when i did this i heard a scream and then it scratched me. a couple days later they started slamming doors in my room and none of this happened before the 3rd child came. if you have any questions or help for me please email me or respond here. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! i cant keep dealing with this.

    • Hey Mikayla, the best things to do in this situation is tell it to go away as soon as it starts to bother you. Also, ignore it. It’s like a bad little kid that just wants attention and when it makes you afraid, it’s happy and keeps doing it. Try not to react when it provokes you.
      Hope that helps.
      Danielle 😀

      • it came back last night and i have been telling all of them to go away but they want something. i found out last night in a dream that there are 2 little girls and a boy. one of the girls told me in the dream that she needed help from something but i dont know what. please write back ASAP.

      • i told them to go away as soon as they came and they came back last night but they played a game so they didnt bother me. i had a dream though, see in the dream i found out that there are 2 little girls and a boy. one of the girls told me that i had to save her before the monster came to get her. she started to scream in the dream and bleed so i woke up crying again and i asked her to talk to me but i got nothing. please write back ASAP

      • I know the dreams seem very real but in the paranormal world, entities cannot enter your mind, conscious or unconscious. Dreams are always of one’s own creation. If there are odd things happening while you are awake, that’s a different story. Keep telling them to leave you alone and eventually they will. Ignore them as much as you can. Above all, try to remain calm and know that your mind will play tricks on you when you are tired or stressed.

  18. okay well that is good to hear. i didnt like the idea of them being inside my head but im gonna try to tlk to them tonight. i will let you know how it goes.

    • well my dream was right how did that happen? her name is kasey and she says she needs my help or she will disappear forever and that that cant happen yet what do i do ?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This makes for some interesting reading.. My fiance and his boss are currently experiencing some wacky goings on in their workplace. To give you some examples, things that have not been used, or touched in months are falling over or moving, yesterday a pen was removed and dropped from a desk inches from my partners hand – there was no noise like there normally is when something rolls, or is dragged, it just dropped on the floor – something propped sturdily in a corner fell forwards into the room, not sliding down the wall or anything… We have all expereienced very “heavy” feelings in certain areas of the building, but not at a specific time of day.

    We have researched the area to find there was a disaster very closeby in 1929 which resulted in the deaths of 71 children. Is it likely that if the entity is the spirit of one of the children, that he/she lived nearby? (For example across the street from their current building) Or would it be impossible to say?
    I also wonder if you can give us some advice as to how to establish who the ghost is – not necessarily a child, but anyone? And how to perhaps find out why things seem to have gotten more obvious in the last few months alone…

    Any help you can give would be greatfully received!

    Lainey xx

    • Hi Lainey,

      Sounds like there might definitely be something paranormal there, considering the history and consistent behaviors. The first thing to do is to make sure there is absolutely no other explanation for the occurrences. Once you’ve established it’s most likely paranormal, there are a few things you can do.
      One is to acquire a very good tape recorder and, choosing a quiet time of day, record yourself asking questions to the entity. When played back, you may be able to capture answers. Ask their name, their age, etc.
      Paranormal behavior tends to act up if there are renovations or big changes going on within the building. They may be attracted to a person who is very emotional or in a spiritual state of mind.
      Remember, they cannot and won’t hurt you, they’re no different than us, they just don’t have their body anymore. If it becomes annoying, you can ask them to leave and eventually they will.
      I hope this helps.

      • Hi Danielle,

        Thanks for the advice, we will give it a try and let you know if we need anymore of your help:)

        Lainey xx

  20. please can you help me i keep dreaming about children in spirit
    i dont know any of them also ive seen them while ive been awake i dont have chance to speak to them as know sooner as they appear they go again .
    what do they want ? if its help then how do i help them ? what do i do ??????

    • Hi Cassie, please refer to my recent comment made on Ghost Children. It simply states that the very best thing to do is to contact them through EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). By using a tape recorder, it is possible to ask them questions and possibly hear a response. Ghosts do not often invade dreams, however. There are specific universal laws in place which prevents them from invading another being’s consciousness. You may be dreaming of them due to seeing or sensing them, but don’t worry too much about them. They will move on when they can.
      Danielle :)

  21. Hi my name is Brittany! I currently live in Monongahela Pa with my three year old son Alex in a rental house since October 2009. Well when I moved in I felt the cold spots in the house and always felt something was there. My bedroom door would swing open any time it was closed. A few days before Christmas a heavy ashtray flew off the top of my dresser and almost smacked me in the head =/… you can hear foot steps upstairs in my bed room, it seems like everything has been happening in my bed room up until Jan 13th 2011 2:44 pm, my son took a picture in my living room in front of my couch… i tried up loading it, hope it works.. I need input on this, idk if these are children and if i should try to communicate with them.

    • Hi Brittany, you can most definitely try to communicate with them. Using a hand held tape recorder is useful in possibly hearing their response. Don’t be too worried about them being earthbound though, they have soul issues to work out just like we living people do. If they frighten you, you can ask them to leave you alone and after a few tries, they should. 😀

  22. directlink

  23. I moved into my house in 2002 and have always heard footsteps of a child, sometimes walking, sometimes running. I have four children ranging from ages 13- 2. Evertime I hear the footsteps it is really late like 12:30AM and on. I know my children are sleeping because I get up to make sure they are not up. I have never been scared, but last night I was. I was reading to my younger 3 children in the living room when I glanced towards the hallway were my children’s rooms are and saw a dress of a little girl run off at the moment I looked that way. My fiance was in the living room as well and noticed my expression and asked if I saw something. When I said yes- he started telling me the past couple of nights he has heard the footsteps again and has felt a presense at our bedside- as if someone staring at him. My oldest son stayed at his grandparents house, so I know no one else was in the house. I’m trying not to be scared and not sure what this child wants. I started to wonder if since I was reading to my children, maybe she wanted to listen in as well. I have always read to my children and don’t understand why now I am able to see her. I want her to be were she needs to be. Help….

    • Hi Maritza, as long as she’s not bothering you and you’ve told her to go into the light and she hasn’t, she’s just not ready yet. If she bothers you, tell her she has to leave you alone and she will eventually listen. Hope that helps! 😀

  24. My dad is 90 yrs old and legally blind. About a year ago, he started seeing children playing around him, they would reach out and when he reaches for them they would pull back, he can describe them to a t, at this time my mom was starting to get ill, 2-3rd stage cancer and dimentia, after my mom passed, dad never spoke of the children. He is now battling lung cancer himself and the children are back. there is one common child, a boy about 3 or 4, he seems to like to tease my dad. my dad is home most of the day by himself, one of us kids goes right after work and has dinner with him and spends the nite. dad talks to them all the time. stern but gentle, he will tell them to get down off of there before you get hurt, or come sit down and watch tv, my siblings do not see or hear anything and not freaked out or anything, we are just wondering why the left after mom died and came back when dad got ill, are they calling him home……..thank you for your input……..cindy

    • Hi Cindy, I feel that he sees them for a couple of reasons. One is that his sixth sense is stronger because of his blindness. We tend to develop our other senses when one or more is damaged. Two, his age. He’s closer to the next dimension than most younger people so the veil has lifted for him. I feel the reason that the children went away when your mother died is because he shut down and was grounded back into reality. Our ability to see and feel the other side diminishes when we are depressed. As for who they are, there could be a couple of explanations. Did you have any siblings that passed on? Even miscarriages count. They could simply be ghosts living within the house and are attracted to him because of his ability to see them. Or they could be his spirit guides waiting to bring him home.
      I hope this helps. 😀

      • Danielle,
        thank you for your responsee, after reading it to my sisiter i said to her that i now feel a sense of peace, her and i worry about him while no one is there during the day, but now feel that he is not really alone and in some sense they keep him occupied especially the little boy who my sister said wanted my dads spaghetti the nite before and kept trying to steal it off his plaste, of course j0-ann could not see him but dad said the the boy had a fork and would not stop, again, i thank you

  25. Hi,
    I am 23 years old. My brother lives in his house alone. no children, no girlfriend only his puggle. Wilbur. Today I was over there cleaning his house and doing his laundry. While i was cleaning the counters and stove I heard jingling. As if someone was jingling car keys i thought that maybe he was home early from work. I walked into the living room , no one was there. Doorr still shut, tv off. I forgot about it thinking i was imagining things. An hour later i was scrubbing the kitchen floor, when i heard a bang in his bedroom than almost as if someone was running from his bedroom into the living room, and then BANG again. I got alittle frightened at that moment. So I hurried up and scrubbed the floor as fast as I can. I picked up the mop bucket and went to the bathroom to dump it out. When I returned on the kitchen floor where the carpet meets linoleum two foot prints as if someone was standing there and I mopped around them? That it was it looked like it was completely dry but around the foot prints was still wet! I freaked and ran out of the house.. 2 hours later I returned to check on his laundry as i was walking out the door it sounded as if someone was digging in the cupboard where the dishes are. I could hear dishes clinking around! Again I left! I only live across the street from him. I got home and looked out my window his front door was wide open!! I am a very skeptical person. So I kept telling myself Oh Meagen your going crazy must be all the chemicals you were breathing!! Well I called my brother and told him about this, and he explained to me he has heard that same stuff at night when he is home. I was alittle relieved to realize i wasnt the only one hearing this, and so was he, he had thought he was losing it too. He had also told me that one night he just heard all this running around he thought it was his puggle, so he yelled out WILBUR stop! Well it stopped, but when he looked down by his feet, wilbur was snorring away!! He got up turned lights on and found a tiny dirty hand print on his wall! I have never EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER. I have NEVER experienced anything PARANORMAL this is by far the scariest thing I have EVER experienced. He said the only thing he ever hears is the jingling noise and footsteps..Ive heard alot more today.. im wandering if it didnt like me being at his house?

  26. This has really helped me my house is haunted i keep hearing foot steps and laughing in the day and night also i have actully seen a figure standing in the hallway and in my room when i try to look at it it runs away thourgh the wall but i get a small look it looks like a child its short and has short brownish hair looks about 7 i think its a girl its always moving things about and i can make out a smile on its face sometimes i try to talk to it but it just knocks on the wall i figured out that when she knocks one time it means yes two times no i tryed to get her to go to the light but then she gets mad at me she goes in to a rage when i say about her parents waiting for her up there i think she does not like her parents

  27. Please, I am seeking advice on how to talk to my children about our little “friend.” See, it’s not our house that’s haunted….it’s our family. About 8 years ago (when we lived in a different state than we do now), one of our sons started saying our unusual acitivies (things being moved, etc) were done by his friend “Mogley.” Our son was stunned that we couldn’t see Mogley when he was sitting right there at the dinner table or standing at the end of the hallway, etc. This continued for two years. We never rebuked our son for this, but just assumed it was imaginary. For a while.

    Then we moved to another state, yet the exact same activities continued to occur. We’ve lived in two houses since then and still the same activities. Nothing really bad, menacing or dangerous. Just odd. Still my husband and I were nervous and wouldn’t discuss it in the house in case Mogley overheard. Finally we stopped skirting the issue and discussed it together openly in the house. Almost immediately, Mogley made himself known to us.

    Mogley has not spoken to us but appears all the time. Twice this week, in fact, that he was visible to the eye. Still he’s around all the time, even when we can’t see him. We can “feel” him in the room and know his behavior as well as that of our own children. In fact, he’s almost like a kid of our own, he’s been around so long. Gosh, it feels silly saying that.

    Okay so here’s the issue. We have six children. The one who “knows” Mogley is now 11 years old and rarely sees Mogley anymore, yet still knows when Mogley is around. The older children (aged 19, 17, 13) know Mogley is there and are nervous, yet not appearing to be afraid to be alone in the house. The younger children (aged 7 and 5) have seen Mogley, but have not spoken to him that we are aware of. They just know there’s an extra kid and since Mamma and Daddy aren’t freaking out they aren’t either. My husband and I have seen him (very very very often these days) but have not spoken to him. To be honest, we’re just plain not comfortable openly speaking to him, concerned that it might open up some problems we’re not able to deal with.

    We do NOT feel threatened by Mogley, though he does accidentally startle us sometimes. I’m going to sound absolutely insane, but here goes……we think Mogley loves our family and wants to be a part of it, but always feels a little on the outside. We are comfortable with him on the outside and DO NOT want to bring him on the inside of our family circle, but also don’t feel the need to run him off. After all, he’s not hurting a darn thing. He’s just there. And silly as it seems, he usually only does things that are helpful. He sits at the dinner table at supper time, puts toys back in the toybox…..he’ll even turn the lights out for a kid that’s fallen asleep with the lights on. In fact, just last night I forgot to turn off my bathroom light, was lying in bed and commented on it to my husband and suddenly the bathroom light turned off. So it seems that Mogley wants to be helpful. Sometimes things go missing, but I can’t completely blame that on Mogley since there ARE six living children in this house. LOL

    If Mogley is indeed not menacing toward any family members (left the babies alone when they were newborns, doesn’t break things or seemingly intentionally scare anyone) yet chooses to remain here in our home with us rather than moving on to the “light” … and if my family continues to be okay with him here… exactly are we supposed to talk to our children about this? It’s a little ridiculous to keep avoiding the issue when it’s so obvious every day. We don’t want to scare the kids “Hey kids, there’s a dead kid here and we just have to live with it”….but we don’t want them to be inviting him to stay permanently either. We want him to go when he’s ready but we want our children to be able to talk openly about it without making it a huge issue.

    This really is becoming an elephant in the room issue for us and none of us know how to talk about it….or even if we SHOULD talk about it within Mogley’s hearing. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all of this. I look forward to a (hopeful) response.

    • Hi Becky, thanks for writing.
      The first thing that popped into my mind as I was reading your letter was to ask if you’ve had a miscarriage. Sometimes unborn children can linger with their families for years after they should have moved on. Because he’s moving locations with you, he’s not a typical ghost. He’s attached to you or your son somehow. If he’s the same age as your son, he could very well have been a twin that never fully developed in the womb.
      If you repeatedly ask Mogley to leave, he will eventually, or may just make himself less known if he understands he’s not wanted around.
      The way I explain ghosts to my children is that they were once flesh and blood people who were loved and are now lonely or have a reason for hanging around. They are not to be feared, but understood. Experiencing life doesn’t end just because we die. He must need something from you and your family. Something about the dynamics of your household is something he is learning from.
      One thing I always suggest to others is to do the tape recorder test. Sit in a quiet room, one that Mogley is often felt or seen, and with a tape recorder, ask him questions. When you play it back, you may be able to capture his voice on the recorder and gain insight to what he might need to move on.
      I hope I’ve helped.

      • Thank you so very much for the quick reply. In fact, twins do run in my husband’s family and I miscarried twins about 2 years before Mogley began appearing in our family. It is also highly possible that our son who Mogley first appeared to was a twin. I had never even considered that. We’ve often felt that Mogley “belonged” to us somehow, but it hadn’t occurred to me that he could well have been one of our own children that we lost. But now that I think about it, his body shape, hair color and personality certainly do fit right in. Sheesh. How could I have been so blind?

        I’m going to talk to my husband about your response and we’ll find a way to talk to the kids about it. We’re taking them out for a special dinner tonight and since Mogley never follows us outside of the house (that we’ve ever been aware of), we’ll likely discuss it with them then.

        Honestly, I’ve been VERY concerned about talking openly to Mogley, but considering he could well be one of our own lost little ones, it adds a whole new dimension to the “relationship” we have with him and does take a great deal of that fear away. Definitely talking to my husband about this.

        Again, thank you so very much for the quick reply. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

      • We used your advice and talked to our kids. Apparently, it wasn’t nearly as much of an issue as I had thought it was. LOL They all shared some of their experiences with Mogley and said they were never afraid. The most common thing they said was that they’d prefer he just be more open about being there instead of running off when it got too noisy in the house….”aren’t all kids noisy?” they asked. LOL So I suppose we’ll just continue as we always have. Thanks again!!!

      • That’s wonderful! I’m so happy no one was afraid or anything. Thank you for updating me. 😀

  28. Hello my roommate and I have noticed that lately a lot of strange things have been going on and we need some help. It all started when I moved in with him and everything was going great and stuff. But, lately things have been a little odd. Like for instance when my roommate and I went to make a midnight snack we left our dorm room, and when we came back my Xbox 360 was on and my closet doors were wide open also my roommates over head light was on. Also he never uses his over head light. The odd thing is that the ghost likes to do most of the active when my roommate is alone and none when I am around or alone. From what my roommate says it is a
    girl ghost. My roommate and I are trying not to make her angry or upset, and we don’t want to know what will happen if it would come to that. Lastly, what do you think of the situation? One last thing i know that ghosts can use electronic devices to help them get energy and with all of the stuff I have it is possible that the ghost is getting super charged off of everything i own.

    • Hi there Ricky, sounds like she’s just checking things out and saying hello in her own way. Don’t worry about upsetting her or making her angry, ghosts are no different than you or I, just unable to communicate in the same manner as the living. If you’d like her to leave, say it aloud in the room she’s most prevalent every day and she’ll eventually get the hint. If you’d like to make friends with her, say a friendly hello whenever you sense her presence or notice she’s done something in the room. Yes, ghosts get energy from electronics, but not as much as from humans. She may simply be attracted to one of your energies and like your company.
      Try not to worry and just enjoy the cool experience. :)

  29. Ok. So..I’m fifteen. I live kind of out in the country, and back in the eighteen hundreds, the small town i live in was burnt down several times by a neighbooring, rival, town. Many died..and an entire orphanage was destroyed, killing all children and adults living in the building in exception of two. I’ve lived in this house since i was about seven and there seems to be a little girl..maybe seven..eight..maybe even five! Who seems to be wondering around my home. She comes and goes..sometimes my family will go months and months without even noticing her and then sometimes weeks at a time she is very noticable and at sometimes annoying and clingy. My mom always made jokes saying that she liked me because i would often find signs of her in my room. Things would be misplaced and when i would joke around and ask for a missing item would somehow appear in a different spot. There is often quiet giggling and she seems to get very violent (as if she’s jealous) when i have friends or other guests over..spending time with me. Everything is now all adding up. Thank you for this!:)

  30. Hi My name is Michael. a few days ago my mother told me that she saw the figure of a little girl standing next to her bed when she woke early in the morning she said she didnt feel scared or threatend in anyway she said it was peaceful then she told me just today that she saw the same figure when she woke again but it was standing in the arch of her door. I was wondering if the spirits of Unborn children can come back and watch over there mothers? my mother lost a child about 22 years ago, she lost it about 5 months into her pregnacy and i was just wondering if that could be a possiblity? Thanks

    • Hi Michael, the answer to your question is yes, miscarried children can sometimes linger, but this doesn’t sound like that to me. My instinct tells me there’s more to this little girl. A story. Keep digging. Check the history of the house. I just have a feeling. :)

  31. Thanks for the information, it is very helpful. My boyfriend, my two kids, and I have a little visitor as well, and she is very playful. She had followed my boyfriend Matt from his house to mine when he moved in. I don’t feel her per sea, and I’ve never seen her, but she likes to stack things. About two or three nights a week she gets into something. Last night, for instance, she stacked eleven cans of can goods in the kitchen, straight up in a perfect tower! She also likes shoes. She is always taking our shoes and neatly placing them in front of my bedroom door. A couple of nights ago I left a small stack of paper on the floor in the living room with some of my son’s markers, and I asked her to write her name so I would know how to address her. Nothing happened that night, but last night, along with the stacking of cans, she wrote a name, twice! Once in print and another in jagged cursor, like that of a child between 8-11. “Rebeca” is what she wrote!! I am excited that I now know her name so that I can help her if I can. At first, when I noticed things amiss, I was afraid. But now that I recognize that her behaviors are like that of my children, and I understand more. I speak to her tenderly, the same way that I talk to my children, and I am hoping for more interaction in the future.

  32. hey my name is sam… 18 now but wen i was little in my old house i got ALOT of ghost experience! im from new orleans and theres always paranormal stuff going on around there but its not until now that i truely realise everything that happend in my house. when i was young i always knew there was another kid in my house nobody could see except for me but i never really tlkd to him. but at night i always heard him say “she scares me” in my ear in a whisper. i never understood what he ment but i did after awhile. my tv would turn on in teh middle of the night and even if i unplugged it it would still be on….so i took it out the house and it was still on but on the lawn!!! years after i figured there must be another person there besides the kid…but not as nice. i went through years of small scares but they all eventually stopped. i never really heard from the kid anymore and i missed him. not too long ago i asked my mom about the house and she said wen i was 4 she was really depressed and sick and didnt know why….but after being prayed on she felt all better out of nowhere…but that day she was holding me and she said told her that i saw a mean looking lady staring at me that had red stuff on her face (im assuming it was blood or something now that im older). but i told her that the mean lady left the room and i cudnt see her anymore. im really wondering if that lady was the one scaring me as a kid. i remember waking up but not being able to open my eyes….and i tried as hard as i could to lift my hands and open them myself but i cudnt and eventually passed out again as if i was being held down the whole time. years and years later im in texas now but im worried that the little boy is still there…and that the lady is there too. i dont really know if theres anything i can do now😦

  33. Ok so this has been on going for sometime for me since I moved into this appartment. When my daughter was three and construction was going on across the road from us. I was in the bathroom finishing my shower when i heard knocking. We had a large window in door at the time, so she was able to see into the hall but I always kept the door locked so she wouldn’t wander way. This lil girl was looking for her dog my daughter tells me when i got out to answer the door. No one was there, I had thought it was my neighbors girl but it was a school day and as i said no one was there. I came up stairs and my duaghter was calling me to say she was outside. I went to the window and looked outside and noone was there. My daughter said see saw her cross the street and go into the place where they were digging which had a 6 foot fence that was locked at the time. I told her noone is allowed in there so she didn’t go in there. She just looked at me and said “Yes she did mommy, she is going to look for her dog.” It sent chills up my spine and I believe her and what she saw. I asked her a couple of times what she was wearing and it seems she had passed on from earlier then the 1940’s from the type of dress she wore. From then on we had a couple of unexplainable things happend some scary and some not to scary. Sometime we hear what sounds like someone running in our appartment, my daughter has heard voices like whispers in her ear, but once the construction across the street stopped it had really calmed down alot. My daughter is now & and nothing has happened since last year which is awesome, and nothing has happened around me either. Now my sister and her newborn just moved in last month below me, she smokes and of course smokes outside, at night when she goes outside for a smoke, she can hear a lil girl crying and the sound is coming from the area from where my bottom landing is. She can’t pin point it and it does happen everytime she’s out there alone at night. It makes my heart break to know a child is there alone scare and there is nothing i can do about it. I just hope she’s not stuck to the one place. And for some reason whenever the spritual activity would pick up more in the winter time, and i have no idea why. =/

  34. I enjoyed reading these postings. I will describe my own experience which I hope might assist others, or perhaps just provide some extra information of interest.
    Last month I encounteredi a young spirit girl who had died in an accident.
    Initially I was very surprised but now she often visits. I now find the exchange very pleasureable – you know really good fun. Perhaps it is because I am in my sixties and the Veil is very thin. Additionally I have practised meditation for many years. I like music but my attempts at singing in the past have met with limited success. But with this spirit companion near by all the ‘ragged, jagged bits have gone.’ I’ve also stopped smoking during this period.
    Perhaps as a man I needed a counterbalance of female energy in my make up – you know, ying and yang. When she goes I say to her, in a light hearted manner, and whilst also smiling, ‘See you again, maybe, but if not, it was nice to meet you.’
    I think it’s important to realise that there is often a very positive aspect in meeting spirit friends.

  35. Hello, my name is Melissa. I am 31 years old. I have had a few encounters with ghosts in my lifetime but nothing solid since the age of 15. The very first experience I had was when I was only 4 years old. I did not really understand what was happening in my new bedroom but I was terrified. My parents had divorced and my mother and I moved into a new little house in Glendale, CA. Almost instantly I started seeing things moving around my room at night. It was always after my mom left the room and closed my door. I slept with the lamp on my dresser on, always. There are a few instances that are burned in my brain. One night my large doll that my grandma had given me for my b-day just got up out of the corner and started moving around my room. The limbs moved the head moved and the head started turning around toward me and I screamed for my mom. The doll flew back into the corner and my mom came in looked around and told me to go back to sleep, it was only a dream,etc. I gave the doll back to my grandma the next day. Another time out of the same corner the doll was in my plastic beach shovel came across the room towards me. I was so shocked, I could not yell. All I knew was that this was not normal for my toys to be moving on their own and it scared me very much. The shovel kept getting closer and it started to go between the wooden bars of my headboard and bang on my head. It was painful and I was finally able to cry out for my mom. The shovel instantly was thrown back over in the corner, just like my doll. My mom saw nothing and was upset that I kept waking her up with my “nightmares”. They were not dreams, I was wide awake for all of these events. I started talking about it at school, telling the little girl who lived next door everytime she came over that my toys moved by themselves and that I thought “something” was in my room. My parents blamed it on the stress of the divorce, nobody believed me. Several other things happened but those were the worst. I always felt that someone was in my room with me at night, I knew he was there every night! Always much more active at night. After a few months of living there, I took to big garbage bags an packed up all my toys(save a few favorites that stayed at my DAd’s house) in them and told my mom to give them to kids who do not have toys and refused to recieve any new toys for Christmas. Shortly after that I moved out. I kept begging to go live with my dad to get away from that room. My mom moved out right after that. It was never discussed with my mom again until I brought it up at the dinner table when I was 10. I asked my mom to PLEASE tell me if she ever saw anything in that house. She confessed that she did but she did not want to encourage my fear. She also told me that the people who lived there right before us lost there son, 7 years old, to a drowning accident and my room was his. I always pictued him as a brown haired boy, even though I did not really understand much about ghosts back then. I feel that this child was very angry and frustrated. Maybe he wanted me to play with him or was upset that I was now in his room. Whatever it was, he was a bit violent and ghosts CAN physically hurt you. I had bruises and had to go to therapy for it later because I was traumatized by it even into my teens. I still am haunted by memories of it. I really hope that boy is at peace. The little house has been torn down and replaced by apartment buildings. I am writing this because I have a few questions. How can ghosts move objects? I was even lifted off my bed! Why did he stay there and not go on with his parents? Was he trapped? Is there anyway I can go back and talk to him? He seemed to only interact with me, not my mother. Was he afraid of her? Do you think he was angry with me? Why did he not try to make friends with me rather than scaring me all the time? I could never see him, only feel him hear him walking on the carpet and see things that he was
    playing with move around. Why did he not speak to me? I am still so plagued by this entity in my own mind. I wish I had closure. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have some answers for me.

    • Hi there Melissa,

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

      Some answers to your questions:

      Yes, ghosts can move objects, though it’s usually quite rare. From what I’ve learned, they draw energy towards them and utilize it move the objects. Sometimes this energy is your fear, which is why some ghosts/entities intentionally frighten people.

      It may not have been the little boy that was bothering you. Dark entities enjoy frightening people where child ghosts would not, they only want to play. If you felt a menacing presence alongside these events, I think it might have been a poltergeist.

      If you truly believe it was the little boy, you can go back and help him move on, but only the ghost can decide to go home to the light. Sometimes they have work to do on this plane. Ghosts are no different than us, they have feelings, thoughts, etc., just no body.

      They cannot speak to us directly as they have no vocal chords. Ghost hunters use tape recorders to capture voices on occasion as the ghost’s voice is emitted through higher frequencies, ones that humans cannot hear with their own ears.

      It is very difficult and energy-consuming to appear in form for a human to see or interact with, that’s why he likely didn’t appear to you. But again, it may not have been a little boy. A poltergeist is a dark energy spirit that likes to torment humans for fun. If it was this being, you do not want to invite them in again by thinking about them.

      Hopefully I’ve answered your questions,

      Danielle :)

  36. Thanks, Danielle! I spoke to a therapist today who helped me get to the core of everything else that was going on in the house in my life with my mother. He really felt that the spirit was the ghost boy trying to get my attention and entertain me to get my mind off of other things. That made a lot of sense. I do think that he really wanted to befriend me and play with me and was probably upset that I could not see him. That is why he was pushing the shovel onto my head. There was another entity in that house besides him, I am almost certain that was more menacing. Anyway, he told me that it would make me feel better to take a flower to his grave, so I am going to talk to my grandma about it and get the address, etc.
    You were very helpful, thank you.

    I was also wondering if you could explain a bit more about the energy being caught in a loop and not actually being an entity. How does that work?


    • I think what you’re referring to, Melissa, is called Residual Energy. It’s energy trapped in a loop, like a recording played over and over. It’s not a true ghost, it’s just a leftover signature of someone or something. Amazingly, residual energy can be from someone still living! Think of a church or cemetery, how they feel when you go into them. It’s the energy of people praying in a church, leaving positive feelings, whereas cemeteries can feel sad because of the living mourning their loved ones. Hope that helps!:)

  37. I am so thankful for this post. It is really helpful. I have the spirit of a little boy in my house. Even my skeptical husband believes. I have heard “mom” both whispered at night AND loud when I am alone and my kids are either asleep or at school. I have had 2 early miscarriages. The first one would have been a month or two older than my 2nd child and the ghost boy I’ve seen and heard looks to be about 8 years old, which is older than my 2nd child. I do have 3 boys and we have a VERY happy- Norman Rockwellish family. I am not sure what to do, but I have acknowledged him and asked that he not show himself to my children or speak directly to them. Seeing him myself – twice- was freaky enough. When I speak to him, I ask that he not scare me. I say it in my mama voice. Patient, loving, yet firm. The activity calms down for a bit. But, then when it starts up again, it is more…obvious and this child really wants to contact me. Like he saying, “I’m still here..see? I’m here, still.” I am too scared to use a voice recorder, but I will try and have my husband with me to ask it questions. If I ask “Are you MY child?” Will he know? I can’t even begin to go through everything, but he seems to “watch” us sleep. But, there’s activity all times in the day or night. He seems intelligent enough to know to be quiet at night. He will actually whisper at night, but speak normally in the day. I am amazed at how cool this is, but scared all the same. And, I don’t know how to explain to my 7 and 1/2 year old all this stuff. He hears things and I’m afraid he’ll see things, too. He plays with my kids’ toys- even ones that are OFF- right in FRONT OF ME, like today. I feel his presence. I heard him “exhale” last night while doing laundry ALONE in my bedroom. I don’t feel threatened, but he can’t be happy here, can he? Our house is only 20 years old. There have been no deaths. I don’t remember anything when I first moved in, so I am not sure if this boy passed through our house and is staying b/c we are so much fun and happy? or .. what is the most likely scenario? Part of me wants to make contact and let him live here, if he wants. But the other part is scared that my kids will be afraid. Like if I say, “sure, stay through Christmas.” he’ll take that to mean he’s welcome and will definitely try to communicate with my kids. I..Just don’t know. Should I even be afraid if I am sensitive enough to “feel” that he comes in peace? I sensed it was a boy before I saw him, but is that my mind making sense and assigning a gender? Thank you so very much.

    • Hi Erika, sounds like he’s a friendly one, so there’s nothing to worry about. He might be a resident in the home or attached to your family and move from house to house with you. Question though: was your 7.5 year old supposed to be a twin? Or was there an issue during the first trimester of your pregnancy with him? I sense the ghost might have a close family connection. A twin of your son’s perhaps.

      If the ghost doesn’t seem disturbed, by no means feel that you have to help him find peace. He will find it on his own. We learn lessons on the other side the same as we do here. Sometimes we just need time. :)

      • Thank you for replying to my comment. With my first son (1st pregnancy), I had really bad morning sickness (hyperemesis). I was on zofran and still lost 10 pounds the first trimester (I am not a big gal to begin with). The only sonogram I have had with him was at 20 weeks, so I am not sure about the twin thing. I hadn’t even considered that. My other pregnancies were NEVER like that one. I KNOW my other 2 were singletons because I had early sonograms with them. We haven’t done the recorder yet, but we will and get back to you. Thank you again for all of your help. :)

  38. Hello. I have two older brothers and a single mother who we just recently found out had a miscarriage before any of us 3. I have always had a sense of something being there at times, but not always, nor often. My friends who have stayed at my houses (I have lived in 5 different houses) have told me that they have heard things or have thought there were ghosts in my house. In fact one said that it literally felt as if someone was whispering in his ear. I have not had this happen, but I have had eery feelings before and me and my brother have noticed our dog acting strange and then would start to hear noises and just an unusually feeling going on while our dog acted strange. He did not bark, but he laid in a corner, that he has never laid in, and just looked at us from a distance with a look of terror almost. And just three weeks ago I went to visit my friend at his university (he lived in an apartment), and I was CONVINCED that I heard and saw a ghost. Everyone had gone to bed and I thought I heard a knocking at the door and then footsteps coming towards me, and not afraid, simply curious as to who it was, I laid there waiting for someone to come, but no one did… Then after it had ended I was sure that I had saw a shadowy figure almost posting against the wall. I couldn’t tell details, but it looked like something had to be there. The next morning I told him and his roommates I was sure there was a ghost, cause I was positive, idk why I was so sure but i was. Following this I visited my friend again the next week and me him and a friend of his were playing video games with all the lights off except for two that were close by. These two lights turned on and off (individually, not sure if the light switch would turn both off at the same time but they were close enough for me to assume they would both go on and off at the same time) for a solid 2 hours. We joked and said what up ghost, how you doing. But I still had an eery feeling. In fact I tried to communicate the ghost with my mind (i’ve found that I have a powerful mind and sometimes can communicate with others who have powerful minds just with looks or strong thoughts). I asked the ghost (in my mind), “If you are a girl, please turn off both lights at the same time, if you are a boy please turn off one” I waited a few seconds and used my peripheral (sp?) vision instead of looking directly to allow the ghost to not be fearful of his/her answer, and I saw the lights flicker. I immediately yelled to my friend to ask him if he saw one or two lights go off and he was not sure. Although I feel that this ghost could be just the apartment or building because it is apparently known for these things, I was wondering if it is possible that my mother’s miscarried baby could be haunting either me, the houses we live in, or my entire family. I do not know much about ghosts or spirits, but I feel that it is possible that htis could be an outcome of the miscarriage. Any help would be really appreciated. I am not afraid of spirits, but I am intrigued. Maybe anxious, but not afraid.

    • Hi Zachary, thanks for writing.

      Very interesting experiences going on with you. I would suggest asking your mother and brothers if they have any interesting experiences to report. If it’s a ghost from the miscarriage, it would certainly follow all the family members at certain times, especially your mom.

      Another great experiment is to tape record a session where you ask questions and listen for responses on the recorder.

      I’m happy that you are curious and not afraid, as there is nothing to fear. :)

      Continue being open to the energy and the ghost will find ways to communicate with you.


  39. lost my son 11 years ago and Ive never had any real contact with his spirit other than knowing hes watching over me, a few things have happened lately one being that my friend was contacted of a total stranger saying he was a spiritualist and that he had a message for my friend regarding Samuel my son who had passed.

    Last year I moved in an apartment which I shared with my friend a weird things started happening like make up being moved around things being re orderdc first I thought it was my friendbecause she has OCD lol but realised she thought it was me lol I came home nad talked to what ever spirit was there and said I understand that this is your home and thankyou for letting me stay here. Things seem to die down then one night about about 3am I felt someone sat at the end of my bed ….which scared the cr… out of me after saying a few obsenities I pulled the coveres over my head and pretened that it hadnt happened. I moved out of the apartment two months ago and into another one where I was finally getting good nights sleep YEAHHH, but lately various things are happeing withe my friends and my family weird sightings smells of perfume I even woke up at my mums and there was the word Brdbury written on the boiler unit with three kisses I can assure you it wasnt there the night before!

    Then this random man contacted my friend via a website saying that my son was trying to send me a message but that the message wasnt clear, the man new my name and what my son Samuel looked like, not to mention finding my friend on this website my friend he had never met.

    I found out last night that the message was too let my son go, ! This really up set me as for the first time in my life I have found my inner bliss 1 I am the happiest ever so I wasnt aware that I was holding him back! Ive had said to my son that I love him but that I am ok and happy and that he needs to go to the light !! but now I am worried that he is still here in limbo which is something of course I dont want for my son. I dont even know how these things are happening my friend thinks its maybe since my 6 year old sister has come to us and that a portal has opened !? I want my son to be at peace where he is meant to be so is there anything that anyone can advise me to do, I am very aware that I dont want to medal with things that are not meant to be messed with but I want my son to be at rest please could someone advise me I really want things to be ok xx

    Thankyou Clare xx

    • Hi Clare, very sorry about your son. While I agree it is good to let your son move on, be careful of people on the internet preying upon your grief. Never pay anyone or take too much of what they say to heart in case they are con artists.

      I believe your son is in a good place, especially if he’s always in your heart.


  40. Hi can anyone help me with this.
    Okay this morning I had a dream . I’m only 22 .
    Someone was trying to open my door. So I waited till they opened it ready to attack becuase who would be trying to get in my room. Then when the door open it was an little kid. Then I reacted. What are you doing. Why are you trying to come in my room. Then he said I just wanted to play your game. So I said huh. Then I reached to get my phone to.take a picture. Then he said I’ve been in your room before. I said how. Then he said I’m a ghost. Then I woke up.
    Does this mean anything. My aunt said its my self concious mind since one of my room mates is stealing peopls stuff

    • Hi Shardai,

      I have to agree with your aunt about the subconscious mind. Ghosts cannot access your mind in that way, manipulating your dreams. So no worries, it’s nothing paranormal in my opinion.


  41. Hi and good morning.

    My husband and I along with our daughter live on a military base, and so the house we currently live in probably has housed many, many people. Recently (more so in the past 6 months) we have noticed a little girl in our house. My first interaction with her was when I was sleeping and she came up to my face and said “I want carmel” I woke up with a jolt thinking it was my daughter who was 2 at the time, but it wasn’t. I told my husband about the expereince and he mentioned he too as seen her briefly from time to time, as well as a man who walks our halls between our daughter’s room and our. My mother too has seen the both of them as well while visiting. Both spirits we believe are not harmful, but very loving. We have never felt any harm from either of them.

    The next time we heard of the little girl ghost was right after I suffered a misscarriage in November and my little girl was talking to someone in her room…I didn’t think anything of it since she is 3 and very smart for her age…but then she said “My friend says it’s okay mommy she’s sad too sorry about the baby.” I asked her if she saw her friend a lot, and she said “No mommy, she just left she’ll play with us later.” After that she hasn’t mentioned her friend, and we never explained to my daughter about my miscarriage. I went to the hospital while she was at her grandparents house and I tried not to show my emotion around her.

    This past week we noticed our garage remote has gone missing among other little but necessary things what we place up on counter away from our child’s wandering hands–mostly stuff my husband is responsible for. We questioned my daughter and searched everywhere literally turning the house and cars upside down to find it. No luck.

    My husband left on a training mission for a few days later and my husband came home yesterday. This morning at 0400 my husband yells and jumps on top on me in bed freaked out because the little girl walked into the room and kissed him. My husband said he watched her walk into the room and thought it was our daughter, but when he went to pick her up and put her in bed with us, the child vanished.

    We want to help this child, but we are unsure as to why she is here and possibly taking our things. We are trying to get house records, but it’s a slow process being it is a military base, and public records are not too helpful as to the ones we find. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    PS: Any ideas as to where a ghost child might hide our things?

    • Hi Deborah, sounds like an energetic little ghost. lol I know that everyone always wants to help the lost souls find their way home, but quite honestly, the ghosts seem to be in limbo by choice. You can speak aloud to her and remind her that she has a choice to go home, but she may feel she has a purpose in staying.

      If she is taking your things, you’ll likely find them in the strangest place. I once heard of a ghost stealing a set of keys from the handyman working in the house and he later found them in an unopened garbage bag fresh from the box.

      If she isn’t frightening you, just enjoy the paranormal ambiance.

  42. There is a flat above my mums beauty salon just down the street and it used to be a childrens home. Recently my mum has been hearing small footsteps as if a child was running? But how do you actually approach it to talk to it? I mean…er it might think that your dangerous without hearing what you have to say? x

  43. Hello, this is Jon (23)

    I recently moved to a countryside town in Japan. I have felt very little of anything of a spiritual nature around my home, but the cities and shrines are a different story I recently took a trip to my girlfriend’s parent’s house in Tokyo and seemed to have run into something.

    When we were all walking back to their home after eating out, I randomly started to sense that something was following us. I have sensed stuff like this before in the US but the feeling I got from this was so much stronger. I never saw the entity with my own eyes but I knew exactly where it was and I could see an image in my head of what it looked like but it would come and go as we walked. The image I saw was of a very young Japanese child in a western style dress whose color I cant distinguish for some reason. Her hair was shoulder length but I could not see her face no matter how hard I focused on the image. There was a very melancholy aura about the feelings I was sensing from it and I felt a strong urge to get my girlfriend and her family away from the entity. But I also had a strong urge to interact with it but it was definitely a bad time at that moment. Everything I was sensing seemed to vanish into thin air as we reached their apartment and the strong pressure that was weighing on me went with it, but I felt so drained and could not focus clearly until I awoke the next morning.

    I returned to my home yesterday, and while at work today I sensed that entity even more strongly (I still have the goosebumps as I type this). I still cannot see her but I know she was right behind my chair as I sat at my desk. I could feel her presence so strongly, but something odd happened this time. The moment I could sense her the strongest, my left eye tensed and I could see her image again more clearly but that was all I could see (everything else was blacked out) for at least a few seconds. After a while the presence vanished like before, and I feel so drained again, but also extremely curious as to why it would follow so far away from where I first met it.

    I feel that I need to contact her if this continues, but this child obviously never learned English because of her age and my Japanese is not skilled enough to deal with something like this. This is also not the first spiritual presence I’ve felt in this country and many of the shinto shrines here give off a very tense feeling when I go to them and they keep me from staying at them for long. I never felt anything this in the US and I am not quite sure what needs to be done.

  44. Hi Danielle
    I wrote to you back on May 06, 2011 about my 90 year old Dad. Well Dad died July 07, of lung cancer which we knew he had but what we didn’t realize is that he had small cell carcinoma of his lungs. In his last 24 hours he was in hospice. The hospice doctor said to my daughter and I, I want you to realize how important it what I am going to say to you that you have to convey to the rest of Joe’s family. “This man is truly a remarkable man, he was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with small cell carcinoma, no one lives more than 6 mos when diagnosed with this cancer especially a man of his age” then he told us he was reading Dad’s chart and seen that my Mom has been sick in those 3 yrs and that she just passed in November, he believed that my Dad did not succomb to his disease because he wanted to make sure Mom was going to be ok, my Dad was 13 yrs older than my Mom and loved her so very much. So now my sister and I believe that Dad’s little friends were there to help him cross but he was too concerned over Mom to follow them home. We are eternally greatful for them, because we feel they kept an eye on him and kept him company when we couldn’t be there for him and we believe that they made his crossing as easy and painless as possible. On July 4th, which happens to be my Mom’s birthday, he was pretty much his usual self in the morning, as the day progressed he got what the hospice nurse called dillusional, my sister and i thought that his reaching his hands out and the far away look in his eyes where his friends calling, they admitted him from home into hospice and his last words were to my daughter when he became very restless in his bed after being sadated. She told him to relax grandpa and he told her he could not relax he had to go, he died 3 minutes into July 07 which happens to be my daughters birthday, I just wanted to give you that update, and for you to know what a remarkable man he was and to thank you for giving us some comfort and understanding in a very difficult time in our lives.
    Cindy Folga

    • Hi Cindy, thanks for writing. So sorry for your loss, but it’s good to know he went in peace. :)

  45. ive had this ghost problem for the last two years. its a small child spirit, it follows only me and its a house hold of 6. only i can hear it, it calls out my name and the runs away. ive never had sleeping problems, but ive had to take sleeping pills just to get asleep. i went to a paranormal expert and all she told me is that i have a paranormal sence and that i am not to be scared. so when i hear the little foot steps going through the house, i ignore it, but when it come up to me when im half asleep, and calls my name into my ear, i just cant take it and i freak out. now the spirit is start to change, ive never been able to see it, but now when i turn the lights out, i wake up(not by the spirit, i dont even know why i wake up) and the child is standing next to my bed and reaching for me with one arm, and doesnt say anything. i freak out and hop staight out of bed and turn the light on, and its gone. it seems like the child is maybe 3-5 years old. is this bad that i can see it now, and what does it mean if it reaches out for me?

    • Hi Devin, sounds like she’s just lonely and realizes that you can hear her. Have you tried asking her out loud to stop? You can get a bit stern if you need to, tell her you don’t like what she’s doing, be specific, and tell her often. Tell her she doesn’t need to be here anymore, she needs to move on. There isn’t anything to be afraid of, ghosts cannot hurt you. Be careful, though, of any psychics or paranormal experts that charge you money for any advice or anything. Otherwise, the best thing to do is ignore her and eventually she’ll get bored and leave you alone. But first, you should do a recording session, where you set up a recorder and ask her questions, see if you can catch any phenomena on tape. :)


  46. There’s a few things that have happened over the years, never posted about any of them until now. Some are of kids some were when I was a kid
    My biological grandmother died when my mother was a child but when she was alive always wore the same perfume.
    When I was born my family would stand well out of my sight and I’d be baby talking to thin air and the smell of my biological grandmothers perfume would be in the air.
    As I got older I had the usual toys that most kids have, one being a remote control car, the batteries had died so my mother removed them to prevent them leaking. I was sat on the floor and the car started moving around me with no batteries in it (this was when I was about 3 and can’t remember the experience)
    As I got older the odd thing would happen but nothing to write home about.
    At 17 I had a dream that a friend of mine died in a car crash, I told my grandmother (she always listens to what I have to say) and we basically decided it was just a bad dream. 3 weeks later I was walking out of college with this friend who told me he was going out in a car that night with some friends, I had a sick feeling but thought nothing of it. 5 hourse later I found out he’d been killed in a car crash with 1 other
    I then had a dream I had a car crash and again a few weeks later I did but I’m still here to tell the tale.
    At my friends funerals I just had this weird feeling that something was in the church around the rafters but just put it down to being a church etc. I then went to a spiritualist, my friends family booked it and I went last minute totally off the cuff. The guy started talking about my friend and how he didn’t blame me 4 not warning him and that he was in the church at the day of his funeral and enjoyed it (as weird as that sounds). He also questioned as to why I was there and after trying to give several answers he said I didn’t need to be there as I could do it all myself if I opened up
    After that I was getting in to bed 1 night and suddenly was aware of someone next to me, I think it was a man, not old, probably in his 20s but can’t be sure. He was solid but not see through. He was like a blue light, bright but not at the same time and it didn’t hurt my eyes. As it was sudden it scared the s**t out of me and as I jump turned and turned back he was gone.
    I lived with my grandparents a short time after while our new house was being built. I always said there was an old woman still in their house and to this day she’s still there playing games. Certain rooms I can’t go in as they just freak me out. I had a gold chain which I took off for a few hourse one day and when I went to put it back on it was gone. We search everywhere but no sign. A few weeks later my grandfather asked me to get a coin out of a tin he’d given me full of old coins (60yr old plus coins) to show a younger cousin. I kept in locked inside my safe which only I know the combination for. I got the tin and tipped it out on a table to find one of these coins and at the bottom was my chain, I hadn’t put it there and no one else had the means to.
    Shortly after this my step grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and 2 years later died. I didn’t go to the hospital the day she died as I’d already said goodbye. She was a proud woman and wouldn’t want me seeing her as she was compared to the woman I’d grown up to know and respect. I was sat on the sofa while my parents were at the hospital and at 15:57hrs had this weird feeling, it was like a relief or a release and strangely as upset as I’d been was suddenly happy. My parents got home a little while later and the exact same time I’d had this strange feeling was the same time my grandmother died
    Anyway to jump 3 years not much untoward happend but I’ve met someone I like which is hopefully the start of something. We had a conversation about the usual and somehow got on to ghost/spirits etc. this new partner told me how they go home one night and saw the figure of 2 young girls in the corridor to their bedroom. They then chased my partner to the bedroom where they’ve banged the door and rattled it several times. All the family have seen them and there have been other goings on where even the dog seems to have been attacked for loss of a better description. In the same house people have seen a little boy walking around playing but he seems happy and never does anything other than smile at them. The land has been in the family for a number of generations and I recently done some digging for them and discovered that 2 girls of the same age range were murdered and their bodies found close to if not where the house now stands. I’m told that one of the girls holds her neck a lot and after some digging discovered one of the girls was strangled. during the building of this house on the land and more the extension there were several goings on which caused delays. The extension should have taken a month to complete but due to machinery break down and even boulders falling off the hillside and crashing through the extension it eventually took 6 months
    I know this is very all over the place but I’m going to the new partners house for the first time tonight and wanted to know your thought on all this especially these children

    • Hey Mike, sounds like you’re very in tune with the other side. I don’t think there’s anything to be concerned about with the three children. They are likely just taking care of unfinished business and play the occasional trick on the living for something to do. You can offer them the choice to move on, but ultimately, they have as much right to occupy the house as anyone else. They will never harm anyone, just scare them, but boundaries must be drawn by the homeowners if they want peace from the spirits.

      For interest’s sake, you could do the tape recorder test, a session where you sit in one of the most active rooms and ask the spirits questions, in hopes to receive a recorded answer on the tape. You may be able to find out more about their situation.

      Irregardless, there’s nothing to fear.

      Hope that helps,
      Danielle :)

  47. Hi Danielle,
    It seems I have brought a little girl home from the hospital with me. At first I just felt the energy change in the house. Being Clairsentient I just knew it was a child and last week it just felt like she was always standing at the door way peering in to any room I was in but a little scared that i would be cranky she was there. She stands at the door at night and last week I was really sick in bed with my two little sons and her energy kept me up all night. I know she wanted to make sure we were ok, perhaps coming from the hospital she was worried.
    Since then I have just felt her, mostly in the evenings, always at my bedroom door looking in.
    This morning my eldest son came in to tell me that the Garage door was open and so was the internal garage door (which i locked myself before i went to bed), the tv also turned itself on and off this afternoon.
    I took a few photos today and she appears in some of them. It’s all very real now and after reading your posts I’ve decided to try and record her tonight… I have already asked her to go to bed but she is still standing in my doorway now watching me type.
    My question to you is would it be worth asking her to come with me back to the hospital? Or is she mine to deal with now? I am happy to get her to move on I would just like some guidance with her as I know she was ill.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Tracey, sounds like she sees something in you that she needs. A mother figure. It might be worth it to nurture her for a while, allow her to feel like part of the family for a while. I feel then that she’ll move on on her own, or will need little coaxing to cross over. Just say hi when you sense her, sing a little when you feel she’s around, then when you feel her energy has changed, tell her about the light and that she can go home. I feel that she’s a very ‘new’ spirit. Young and unknowing of her situation. Set the boundaries though if you feel she’s overstepping your comfort zone. Tell her what’s acceptable and what’s not. If she’s scaring you or your sons, she needs to know that’s not okay. I don’t think she’s malicious, just unaware of her state.

      Let me know how it goes, and I’d love to see the pictures of her if you like to share. :)


      • Thanks for the quick reply Danielle! I ended up going to see a Medium friend today about the little girl too… Turns out it is my Nan and she’s here to teach me some lessons. My nan has been around me alot since passing 11 years ago and always comes through in readings so im not surprised its her but now I obviously have some things I need to take care of before she can move on. I hope I can give her some peace! She turned the iron on and the electric blankets today!
        I also spoke to my mum and she was so comforted to hear all I could tell her and validated alot of it which was nice for me as a ‘Clair’. I will post a photo for you when I’m on my pc. She’s so pretty:)
        Thanks again, T

  48. Ok, my best friend has been seeing and hearing a little boy giggling and running around her dad’s house. Her and I got a bad feeling earlier tonight when riding with another friend out in the hills. She decided to tell us about this little boy. When I walked her to her door, I was looking through the kitchen window, and I saw a little boy walking. He resembled her little brother, but all i saw was his legs. her little brother is 5. He was in bed. All 3 of us are now horrified because we don’t know what to do. any assistance would be appreciated.

    • Hi Danielle (nice name!) There’s nothing to be concerned about, ghosts are nothing more than people without bodies. They cannot hurt you or possess you. They simply exist on this plane until they decide to move on. You can tell him out loud that he is dead and should move on, but ultimately it’s their decision. The best thing to do is to ignore him.

      Hope that helps,
      Danielle Lee

      • She says she has tried. I saw him for the first time last night, but was hearing him tonight. We were trying to ignore him, but it just doesn’t work. And he follows her to texas. Anywhere she is, he is. He messes with her, he curls up to her. She says she has tried yelling at him to go away, but he won’t.

      • It might be time to consider if this is a ghost or not. Poltergeists are the kind that follow people from place to place, ironically, the person’s energy being the source of the disturbance. Poltergeists thrive on fear and do their best to create it, because that’s what gives them power. Ignoring is the only way at this point if it’s truly a poltergeist. The person he follows must do more to remain calm, control her thoughts and actions, and above all, ignore the entity. Again, they can’t hurt you, but they can be seriously annoying.

  49. Ever since I was little I’ve lived in the same house. We have no records of when the house was built or who the first owners were. The best guess we can make is the that there is a plaque on the original heating system the says 1906. My mom and I both have seen a little boy standing in our house. He wears blue and white shorts and he has blond hair. He doesn’t do anything but stand there and smile at me. After awhile he disappears and then I hear singing. It’s the most beautiful voice in the world. The song is always the same and I suspect that it’s in Latin. It a is always sing by a woman. As a child I always thought that the voice was the little boys mother. I’ve also seen a woman who looks about 20 years old standing in my bedroom when I’m upset or if I’m crying. I immediately feel comforted when I see her. I think that she is the one singing. Sometimes I hear someone walking around downstairs at night (I sleep upstairs), and I’ve watched my bedroom door open by itself and then close.
    I think that my ghosts are a mother and son, but I don’t know why they haven’t passed over yet. My moms theory is that they are scared of passing over because they are scared of someone who has already passed away. I’ve done quite a bit of research and I know that a women who lived in my house went to the hospital and died of scarlet fever, but she didn’t die in the house.

  50. Hi, my names haley, i’m only 15 years of age. Everywhere i go, i feel as if a little boy is there, a child. just tonight as i was walking home, right outside my backyard i saw him, i couldnt make out what he was wearing or what he looked like, i know he had very dark brown or black hair and he was about 4’ft tall. i felt a very sad emotion, i don’t know why. it felt almost like he had been abandoned by someone or something. i started to cry, i don’t know why. it kind of scared me because i have never actually seen this boy until tonight (or this morning, it was around 4:00 a.m.) i’m not to sure what to do, no one ever believes me when i say there’s a child that i feel, i feel him emotions. can someone PLEASE help me.

    • Hi Haley, sounds like you have someone that sees your light. The best thing to do is to talk to him, tell him you don’t feel comfortable with him following you and he should go to the light.

      He may be a member of your family that passed. Ask around your family, see if your mom had a miscarriage or a little boy died in the family, even during pregnancy.

      He’s no different than you or I, he just doesn’t have a body, so there’s nothing to fear. Talk to him just like he were a lost neighbor kid, nicely, but send him on his way home.

      Hope that helps,

  51. Hello, my name is Denise. I have had a little girl (about 10 or so) follow me since I was about the same age. I’m 28 now. I’ve seen her several times over the years, and when i first saw her as a child, I used to make contact with her. I would ask her to knock on the wall or something if she was there, and I would hear a definite knock. She always seems to wear some kind of long, old-fashioned dress, but my sightings of her are quick. She does not appear for very long. I’ve never felt any type of malice from her, but she does like to occasionally hide things. I would often search for something, a book or toy, and then go back into my room and find it neatly laid out on my bed. Even now, I’ve had similar incidents with my hairbrush and my baby’s pacifier. I looked everywhere for that pacifier, even tore the car seat apart thinking it fell won in there. Once I finally gave up, I found it lying in the bottom of the car seat. She seems fond of my children. It sounds strange but when my oldest was a newborn, I would hear a young girl cooing to him when he got fussy and I was making a bottle or something. There have been times when I was upset and crying by myself and I would hear faint singing. I am not afraid of her, but she does have a tendency to startle me, and sometimes I think she upsets my 20 month old twins. Sometimes they stare into their room and yell at something. They can get pretty agitated, but I never see anything in there. There has also been a time or two where one just stares into their room and seems frightened. Again, I don’t think she means any harm. I just don’t know why she seems to follow me. The house I first encountered her in has been destroyed. I’ve moved several times since then and she always turns up. My husband has seen her, though I’m not sure he believed me at first. He jokingly said something about if there was a ghost here, it should make itself useful and wash the dishes. The funny thing is, the dishes in the drainer started rattling and continued to shift off and on the rest of the night. We even stayed with my mother-in-law for a few months several years ago and she was there as well. My father-in-law saw her in their house on more than one occasion. He even told me when we left to be sure I took my ghost with me. I will be upfront and say I am terrified at the idea of the EVP test. Not from her, exactly, but there are times when I feel something else here that is different than her. Darker. (I know that sounds crazy, but I don’t know any other way to explain it.) I’ve never seen that one, I just feel it now and then. I don’t believe it necessarily means harm either, but I don’t want to mess with that one. I don’t mind her staying, but I feel sorry that she is still here. It’s been years. The only reason I haven’t checked myself into some kind of psychiatric care is because other people have seen strange things happening too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the long post.

    • Hey Denise, thanks for writing, wonderful story! As I read, I got the sense that she was related to you somehow, check into your family tree and see if any of your relatives died around that age.

      If you want her to leave you alone, you have to be diligent and firm, tell her at least once every day that she needs to move on or leave you and your family alone. Eventually she will go, but I’ll warn you, she’s been with you a long time, you may experience some grief once she’s gone.

      Some people swear by cleansing their house with sage, never tried it myself, but heard it works great.

      I hope this helps, please let me know how it goes!


  52. I’m a 21 year old girl and I think I may have a child ghost attached to me as sometimes my bed moves as though someone is kicking or pushing on the matress. it doesn’t move the bed frame just my matress. My boyfriend recently broke up with me because he will be away on work placement for university and wouldn’t have time for me and thats when all of this started. it stops however when I have leave a picture of him on my iPad and use it as light and or as a picture frame, if I use a picture of another man like John Cusak for example (I’m a big fan) it gets worse stronger. my parents thought it was just me twitching in my sleep but it happens when I’m awake as well and also when it’s dark. One of my friends thinks that it could be the unborn child I had to abort when I was 19 (I didn’t fall pregnant to my boyfriend but my ex whome I was dating back then and…hurt me) telling me that it’s chosen my boyfriend as it’s father and wants me to go back to him and be faithful to him, the things is that I have actually promised I will go back to him at the end of his work placement and ask for a second chance. I’m not entirly sure if it really is the child or not but I’m very concerned. please help

    • Hi Victoria, I’m inclined to think it’s probably you twitching as you fall asleep. If you have the equipment, I would try taping yourself while you sleep, this would probably make it clear whether or not it’s you or an entity.


  53. About 8years ago when we moved into a house at Christmas time I saw a child run through the hall way into the bathroom thinking it was my little brothers I said come on I saw you but my 2 brothers came out the living room and said seen who I was confused but since then we have moved twice and the same ghost child as followed us a few visitors who came to my parents house have seen it because it plays peek a boo on the stairs of a night it is mostly my dad who sees this child all the time and 2 days ago it was dark and my dad said come on show yourself prove to me your there and there was a flash of light on the stairs which hovered and he managed to get a photo off and yesterday in the middle of the day my dad was decorating and the child out the corner of his eye went up to the wooden flooring and pulled it over my mom and dad have never lost a child so can anyone explain these things what are happening my email address is

  54. need help. Had a little boy with me since i was about 4years old. Pops up every now and again. Playful and kind. Holds my hand. Plays with my hair. WAtches me. One night, my little girl was very restless, so i went in to settle her, she sat up and looked at him. He was stood in the corner, looking at her in a white spotted babygrow. Hes about 7\8years old. I saw him like i see myself in a mirror. Thn he just faded. After thatshe kudnt settle, sumtimes says goodbye to something i cant see or feel. However, this weekm that babygrow he had on…..well it was my brothers wen he was a child and my mum likes to use it wen my daughter stops at her brother is still alive il just add.I am so nervous now, shall i not let her wear it? And wot do i do?i had somebody round the house beffor and he set off all my girls toys, played with the ladies hair and kept hiding so she kudnt help me. Should i b worried for my girl? He follows me to every house, for 20years.i need sum explanation.please please help

    • You never need to worry about the other side harming the living, it’s only our own fear and misunderstanding that harms us most. Ask the spirit to move on or leave you and your family alone, eventually it will listen.


  55. Ok – this is new to me. About a week ago my 8 year old son (who we have always said was an old soul – he’s very sensitive, kind and spiritual) asked me to close the curtains in the living room (he and his sister were going to sleep downstairs) – that was strange to me b/c he never was concerned about the curtains being closed b4. When I asked him why – he said because of the little girl he sees in the window. Over the next few days I got more info from him. He said the first time the little girl (he says is around 4 years old) appeared was about 2 weeks prior (about 3 weeks ago) – it was the first night we had been home since our summer vacation (we were gone for 3 weeks). She was sitting on the coffee table staring at him when he woke up – he said he closed his eyes and turned away, and then she was gone – that night he came to our bed in the middle of the night – but said nothing about the girl. The next night he had a friend sleep over and again in the middle of the night he awoke to see the little girl (who he says has long hair and is wearing a dress) standing in front of the window. There were a few more “appearances” in his bedroom and the night he actually told me about seeing her, he said she was right outside the house looking in the window. He said “there she is” and pointed – but I didn’t hear him, but his sister (she’s 11) did and she was looking out the window and couldn’t see her at all. My son says he’s scared. I reassured him that she wouldn’t hurt him, that she may just be lonely and looking for a friend, that he has a special gift to “see” these spirits that we know are all around us. I asked why it scared him. He said b/c she is little, it’s dark out and she is by herself, also the fact that her dress is ripped and she is doing something with her hands (he can’t describe it any better b/c he doesn’t look long enough). Now the thing is, about 6 months ago a friend at the gym and I were talking about these types of things and about how we totally believe that some people have this ability. She told me a story about her mom making contact with a little girl about 10 years ago. The little girl had brown hair, was wearing a dress and was 4 years old. The story goes that this little girl and her father were killed in a fire and she is wandering around looking for her father. The kicker is that this happened on the street we currently live on about one block away. My friend said that this part of the street was affected. Of course I never thought anymore about this story b/c it was just an interesting chat to pass the time at the gym – I never told anyone about it b/c it just wasn’t important to me at the time. I must say when my son described this girl – her hair, the dress and her age – I got goosebumps. I completely believe that having this conversation at the gym 6 months ago was not a coincedence. Could it be possible that it is the same girl? Would she have not passed over if she maybe was the one that started the fire (accidently or not), and now I’m wondering if what my son is seeing regarding her hands doing something – maybe she has matches in her hands? Am I completely crazy here!! I know my son and I 110% believe him. What I’m concerned about is his fear. Monday night he had to sleep with us, but the past 3 nights he slept in his own room, so he isn’t completely terrified. I just want to ease his fears. What can I tell him to help him without possibly causing him to be more scared. I have NOT said anything about the story I have heard about the little girl as I feel that would be too scary to him. Sorry I’m rambling – but this is not something you encounter on a routine basis and I just want to help my son not be scared. Please any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Hi April, sounds like the little girl is lonely and just needs a friend. As with all hauntings, I recommend trying to speak with the entity via a tape recorder. Ghost voices can recorded in this fashion, then played back to hear them. From this, you may be able to decipher what she needs to cross over. Many times, ghosts are not ready to move on, so you can speak to her directly in the rooms you feel her the most, telling her that her presence scares the children and that she should keep her distance. It may take many tries. There’s nothing to fear whatsoever, only to understand and sympathize with. She’s simply a lost child, a lost soul. Encourage her to cross over, but don’t worry too much if she doesn’t. It takes time and a lot of energy on her part.

      Let me know how things go,


  56. I need some help, we have had some spirits in our house before and we are not scared of them. My mother-in-law comes over and blesses our house and they go away. We have not had any problems for at least 4 years. The other night my husband heard the hallway floor creak and he leaned over in bed and looked and said he saw a little boy (that looked just like our son) peek his head around my son’s bedroom door and go back inside really quick. He got out of bed and turned the light on in my son’s room and our son was sound asleep. Through out the night we heard a little boy saying “mom”. We got up every time it happened and our son was sound asleep. My mother-in-law came over and blessed our house today. She asked me if I thought it could of been the spirit of the baby that we lost before my son was born. This is really bothering me because that was 9 years ago. We did bury the baby in our back yard, it was only three months old. I guess I just need your opinion on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Micah, sorry for the loss of your baby, and yes, it could most definitely be him. Spirits that die young continue to age on the other side, he may be trying ‘grow up’ alongside your living son. You can look at him as though he’s more a guardian spirit than a haunting one. If he finds solace in being around your family, tell him that he’s welcome, but he should not scare you or your family by appearing, making noises, or moving things. Treat as you would if he were alive, kind and loving. Eventually he’ll move on, but right now, he needs you.

      Hope that helps,

  57. I am 38 yrs old and have never believed in ghosts. Ive always said i will believe when i have my own experience….well tonight i did. Ive heard for yrs about a ghost who always swings only at night in a back yard at a fairly new neighborhood about 1-2 miles from my house. My sons friend lives in that neighborhood. His mom and I have talked many times about the swing. But tonight i actually went there. I could hear the swings scretching so i parked my car and walked untill i found the house it was. behind. The lights were off in the house, which my friend. says the lights are never on at night. I walked in the back.yard and could se the shadow of the swing going fast and high. i grabbed my cell phone which has a led flash light app and turned it. I shined it towards the swing. It kept going. I could see a boy about 12-14 yrs old wearing a short sleeve shirt,shorts(&its about 60 degrees outside) and his tennis shoes reflected my flash light. He never looked at me but i didnt see any flesh. I said hello? He just kept on swinging. I turned and walked away and at the drop of a hat the swing instantly stopped. Didnt slow down prior just completed stopped in its tracks! There is no way a human could stop a swi g going that fast and that high in an instant. I took off running to my car and drove so fast out of there. Than i drove back about 15 mins later and the swing was swinging. I called my friend and told her my story. She said no one asks questions or talks to the ppl in the house. We live in a small village. Not even enough ppl to be called a town. Its Mayberry. Seriously we all know everyone yet no one talks about or asks any questions? After reading these stories…maybe the boy ghost needs someone to help him. What should I do?

    • Hi Keisha, very cool story! Wish I could have been there!

      Honestly, there’s two types of ghosts, sentient ones and residual. Sentient are ones like us, still feeling, thinking, and can be reasoned with. Residual, like the one you saw, are like a recording stuck in time, just a blip of energy that remains for several reasons. Some paranormal experts say it’s ley lines or limestone beneath the soil that can provide this type of energy for spirits.

      So, all that being said, the boy you saw is likely not able to hear you or does not need to move on, eventually the energy will fade on its own, may take years and years though.

      If you are concerned for him, just in case, you can go to the swings and tell him that he is dead and that he must move on.

      Hope this helps,
      Danielle :)

  58. Hello, I need some help and guidance please. I have a 13 year old daughter who can see spirits. Anyhow at this moment I am dealing with a child ghost. But this time my daughter is extremely terrified. She describes the girl with long Black hair, about a year or two younger than her, a Blue sweater, and some dirty shorts, and she is bare footed. This has been going on for over a month now. She mentions that she mainly sees this child during the day time, and very vivid. The child runs around our apartment hiding constantly. Running from one room to the next. She crouches down, and constantly uses her hair to cover her face, never has shown her face to my daughter. She then giggles. My daughter said she first noticed her while she was going to the corner store. This spirit was walking in front of her ,walking as if she was hurt. She was also filthy and she said her feet looked muddy. She was also carrying her shoes, she didn’t see her face though. My daughter said, she looked so real, she thought at that time she was actually alive. Then about two days later. She notice she is now in the house. My daughter is very scared because she says she gets a very creepy feeling with this presence, and my daughter has usually endured a lot when it came to the super natural for her age. But this time, she says she does NOT want to communicate with it, she is scared of asking it to leave. She says when she is hiding she looks younger, but when she is running, she looks her age, which is confusing her. This spirit has been blowing in our ears as well, which makes the hair in the back of you’re neck stand. Do you know what it could be, or why it followed my daughter, or what I could do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated dear. Thank you so much for your time.

    • It’s very rare, if not impossible, for a spirit to have the energy to manifest so vividly and frequently. Not to be rude, but is it possible that your daughter is seeking attention?

      If you’re convinced she’s truthful, the only way to get rid of the ghost child is to tell it to leave. Firmly and often. There’s nothing for your daughter to be afraid of, ghosts are nothing more than humans without bodies.

      You can try having your home blessed but the best way is for your daughter to face her fears and tell the child to leave.


      • Hello Danielle. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I had basically told my daughter the same thing. That she has to tell this spirit to leave, and they are people with no bodies. As for seeking attention. That is something I don’t quite know, due to me and my daughter being very close. But you never know. I keep an open mind. I have had experiences through out my life. And still do. And I understand how rough it can be as a child, because my mother never wanted to hear about it when I was growing up. So, I try to be supportive with my daughter. As for me, I see things from time to time, but I can hear and feel them more around me than visually seeing them. I will take your advice. Thanks again danielle!

  59. Hello, I’m having dreams about a young child and she says she want me to help her she told me how she past in my dream. I believe she’s more than a dream I’m convinced she’s in my house now and then ill hear giggling and I will also hear footsteps, laughter and I feel her presents I feel like when I see her in my dreams she’s coming to me for comfort I also think she may be coming to me for help I’m really confused wether I should try to help or do I just leave her be? Thankyou shin

    • Hi there, dreams are very often simply one’s consciousness working through problems. In my experience, a ghost cannot infiltrate a living person’s mind, even in sleep. Most often, children in our dreams depict the younger version of ourselves.

      As with all ghosts, however, if you feel your home has one, speak to it, tell it to move on or to leave you in peace. Eventually they comply.


  60. I was glad to find your post, but even more relieved to see that you have recently responded and are sweet enough to take the time to help all of us! I too have a couple questions. I read most of these comments this morning, but have not had the time to read all yet. I found this through a search engine after the experience I had last night. My husband was married before me, and they had a son who passed away when he was around 5 months old. My husband lived in this house with his ex for a very short time before their marriage ended, but didn’t move in until almost a year after their son’s passing. Over the past few years I have had a few “experiences” that startled me, but didn’t terrify me. I have seen things out of the corner of my eye, objects fall for no reason, things go missing. Some of this could easily be explained away though. More notably I have also been touched twice. Once while I was at the computer late at night, I felt a small hand on my thigh, as if a small child were standing beside me trying to get my attention. This was almost 3 years ago. A few weeks ago, I felt something very cold grasp my hand right after I had gone to bed. I always hear small noises and thumps late at night. Right now, we are remodeling one of the bedrooms to turn it into a room for our children. Because of this I sleep in the living room with our kids (ages 3 and 2) until it is finished. I stay up late at night working, so the house is always quiet, and I can see my kids to know it wasn’t them. Last night, for the first time ever, I saw him. I can’t explain how I knew it was a male, but it was just sort of a feeling, if that makes sense. I only caught a glimpse of him for a second or two before he was gone. But he was standing beside my chair, just watching me. I got the impression he was only curious. He looked to be about the age my husband’s son would be if he were still here. My question is… do the spirits of children manifest to be the age they would be if they hadn’t passed? Can they “grow” as they would normally? The hand on my leg a few years ago was tiny, and this boy was a little older. I am curious to know if this is my husband’s son, and also wondering why only I have seen him. I wonder if he is curious about me and our family. I do not want to ask him to leave – I actually want to know more about him. I don’t have any equipment to record my voice other than my cell phone. Will this work? My husband has always been a little skeptical of the paranormal, and I know he has never been open to see or hear things for himself yet. I sparked his curiosity this morning with my story, and now we are both wondering how we can learn more, and if we can find out who this sweet child belongs to. Thank you in advance for your advice!

    • Hi Brooke, while it could be possible that this ghost child could be your husband’s child, for some reason I don’t feel that it is. I feel he would most likely stay nearest his own mother. But you never know, he might very well be his son. The best way to find out is to try to capture an EVP on your cell phone, ask him questions, try several times in rooms where you feel him most. See what he needs, maybe you can help him move on.

      Have you had a miscarriage before? That is entirely possible as well that children linger after that kind of trauma.

      Check into the history of the house or the area, he might have died around there and is hanging out.

      As for your question, do children grow on the other side, the answer is yes, they can, but usually do not as ghosts. Once crossed over into the higher realms, they grow up until the age of 30. But if they are stuck here as ghosts, they usually stay the same age as when they died. Occasionally a ghost will tether its energies to another child, like a sibling or friend their age, and ‘grow up’ with them. Usually the living child will notice the ghost’s activity and/or have an ‘imaginary’ friend.

      Please let me know how it goes, I would love to hear what happens if you try to contact him.


  61. What are your opinions of unborn children becoming spirits and hanging around the mother? My mom went to a medium recently and was told she has a spirit child living on her husbands dresser. She is a girl, age 5. This is the same age as my youngest sister. My mom had a very complicated pregnancy with my youngest sister and experienced incredibly heavy bleeding at week 11. My mom now believes she was meant to have twins and that is why this spirit girl is around. Apparently the medium said the girl’s name starts with a D. The medium also said the girl is only connected to my mother and does not want to go into the light because she needs to protect my mom. The medium said both my mom and the girl do not feel now is the right time for the girl to go into the light (only my mom can help her into the light, because she has no other relatives willing to help). It makes a lot os sense since my middle sister has always said she feels like someone has been watching her from on top of the dresser and things are often misplaced there or move around (the medium mentioned this is how the spirit girl communicates).

    Thank you so much for your insight.

    • Hi Fiona, while I definitely feel unborn children can become spirits and hang around their parents for many years, I’m very hesitant about most mediums. Be careful how much stock (and money) you put into to what they say. There are very few true psychics out there, and the really decent, good ones don’t charge.


  62. I would never have believe it had I not see it. A little girl, so happy, skipping down the hall way, I thought was my nabours kid stopping at my daughters room door which is glass. I was waving at her when her eyes went from one inch to two inches pure white with a black dot in the middle. She then turned and ran way waving her hands in the air….I dont think she was afraid really nor was I. I went down stairs and asked my wife why our nabours kid was over? she said no one was here…..I drop the subject. I know what I saw and I am more than thankful for this because I was truly a non believer. To me this just confirms eveything. Ps…I haven’t seen her since but the image, scenario is burnt in my memory forever. Should I or do I have to do something about this little girl? Or am I being selfish? I am so thankful for seeing this. To me this explains a million and one questions.

  63. “Ghost Children The Spirit Guide” honestly makes myself contemplate
    a somewhat extra. I personally enjoyed every
    particular element of this blog post. Thanks a lot ,Dorthy

    • Discovered who the little girl is or was. Followed my daughter home from the house she once lived. I read a lot about this little girl in the past…she is older now. We didn’t know that the house we bought was next door to this house. She seems very happy, when I saw her, not scared…but is alway welcome here.;)

      • That is wonderful Brian, I’m happy to hear that. Sometimes the best thing to do is leave them be and it all works out. :)

  64. Oh my.. J just found this after having my first experience EVER with a spirit. She’s a 9 year mentally disabled child and has been scaring the absolute crap out of me all week.. She heard me ask to play though (i was asking some friends but she didnt know that) and will not leave me alone now😦

    • There no need to be afraid, just tell her as often as you feel her that she’s not allowed to scare you. Fear is a powerful energy that a spirit can use to feel stronger, to feel alive again. Love and understanding will center her again, so you must feel those things for her.


  65. “Ghost Children The Spirit Guide” was in fact a terrific read and thus I really was indeed pretty content to read
    it. Many thanks-Kristy

  66. Hello my name is Kristi. I have always been sensitive to spirits/energies. I have had experiences in every place I have ever lived but only now that I am over 30 have I seen actual apparitions. Two separate ghosts have appeared to me. Recently I was in my sons bedroom reading to him. My son is 11. He had already fallen asleep and I looked up from the children’s book to see a boy who was very cute (also see through, lol) sitting indian style above my sons head on the bed with his chin in his hands. He was very intently listening to me read and staring straight at me. He looked small and younger than my son. When I saw him, I was startled though it was only because I didn’t expect him and he seemed startled too and vanished. My family has been having other experiences and I often feel “creeped out” as if someone is watching me. After I get “creeped out” I am left feeling very tired and want to sleep for quite a while. Since I have had so many experiences and have always been sensitive. Could I be attracting ghosts? Any thoughts as to why this child would now be seen?

    • Hi Kristi, sounds like the ghost boy is just looking for family time. I definitely find that I attract ghosts because I’m sensitive to them, I honestly think they sense the different vibrations that the living give off…and some of us are easier to sense than others. Keep an eye out for the boy, but don’t be afraid of him, he probably just misses his own parents and siblings. If he starts to bother you, ask him to leave over and over until you sense that he’s gone. Otherwise, just enjoy the coolness of the paranormal.

  67. Hi my name is Ellen, I am a mother with 2kids, my eldest is 9 yrs old and my youngest is 1 yr old. When I lived before with my parents in our ancestral house with my eldest named Frances( she’s only 3 yrs old that time), we have this little girl ghost. At first, I ignore it. The ghost always hide some things especially things we use in school like ballpens, papers etc. Then every night my daughter is sleep walking. When I wake up I always find her playing with someone and she’s not aware of it. I can’t wake her up. The only way to wake her up is to open the lights. Then one day video chatting with my ex-bf while my daughter is sleeping, the ghost child copy my daughter’s image and my ex-bf saw her beside me! I was afraid at first but as time goes by I was used to it. When she hide something I talk to her to show it after she borrowed it. Then finally I heard her voice she called me “MOMMY….” while I was on my pc. I ignore it because I thought it was my daughter but when I lean to my cousin beside me he was on a white face like he was afraid. Then I saw my daughter sleeping on the couch. And I realized that the voice was just like whispering in my ear and my cousin heard it too! But now, I am not living in that house anymore because I am working. My daughter is still living with my parents in that house and everything is ok. My question is it possible that the ghost child followed me here? Because every night I felt cold even without aircon. And last night I felt something like a ghost waking me up and I felt she was afraid. I felt that ghost put her little finger in my nose just to wake me up and when I woke up I saw nothing. Then I slept again she wake me up again my whistle.

    • Hi Ellen, ghosts will rarely follow the living as they are attached to the place where their memories hold them. Even so, if she did follow you, continuously tell her to leave you alone. Gently inform her that she must move on to a better place, there are loved ones waiting for her there.

      I hope that helps,

  68. Hi , I have a 2 month old son, he sleeps in his bassinet in our room, we have recently been using a video baby monitor , my son was sound asleep so I decided to turn it on as I wasn’t ready for bed . As I was walking down my hallway I looked into monitor and I couldn’t believe what I had seen!! I seen a boy aged 4ish inside my built in wardrobe which was opened slightly, he was sitting on a small chair or stool, hands on his lap , swaying his left leg side to side very fast while watching my son sleep!!! I turned on and off several times thinking maybe I’m seeing things, but he was still there!!
    I ran to the room to check on my son, he was sound asleep and safe. I woke my partner to convince myself I wasn’t crazy and boy was still there doing the thing. He seen it too!
    I was spooked because I could see this ghost/spirit soooo clear almost like a real life boy…
    I now can’t bring myself to use the monitor again. I believe /hope he is watching over my son. Why is he here? Is it good or bad? Should I be worried for the safety of my baby??? Help !!!
    Any thoughts or something I can do to ease my mind? .

    • Hi Venessa, very interesting phenomena! Was this captured on tape? If so, would you be willing to let me have a look?

      The first thing to realize is that there are two types of ghosts. Sentient and residual. Sentient ghosts are aware of their surroundings and can be reasoned with. Residual ghosts are simply a recording in time, and cannot be reached by us. They don’t realize their dead and aren’t suffering or anything, so don’t worry. A sentient ghost, however, will respond to stimuli. You can talk to it, tell it to go away and let it know it frightens you and to move on.

      There’s nothing that can be done to rid yourself of a residual ghost, they usually show up in the same locations and at specific times, but weaken over the years. A sentient ghost will try to communicate with you, move things, whisper, touch you, cause mischief, etc.

      If you feel it’s a sentient ghost, there’s still no need to fear. They rarely cause harm and are usually just lonely or confused. Talk to him when you feel him around, tell him his loved ones are not in that home anymore and to move on.

      Please keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions. :)


  69. I feel his still around as I hear noises , and see shadows corner of my eye.

  70. My mom was taking the trash up to the dumpster up from the house and she called a little bit ago to let us know that she saw a little boy behind one of the dumpster and he was smiling and had the brightest eyes. She asked the other lady there did she see the boy and she said no. Mom thought for a few minutes and then searched around the area and even in the dumpsters and no one was there. she came home and was worried and called me. this is why I am writing to ask what does this mean because my mom has the ability to see things that no one else can and this was a first for her. please let me know so that I can get the message to her.

    Thank You
    Anglia (daughter)

    • Hi Anglia, it’s probably a bit early to decide whether or not your mom can see all ghosts, but seeing one can indicate a person’s open-mindedness for sure. Some people go their whole lives and never see one at all, so this may be a one time deal for her. But, she might have opened a spiritual door and will see them more often now.

      Keep in touch,

  71. I actually visited the Nottingham Caves in the Broadmarsh Centre last week on a guided tour with a medium. Throughout the tour, cold gushes ran through my legs and my hands were cold and were ‘grasped’ throughout until I exited the caves (the part of the centre which wouldn’t have been build at the time of that child’s death). Though I dislike children and do not want any of my own, I got very attached to this ghost child who was holding my hand and even had a wave of maternal instinct. Could you explain this?

    • Hi ‘thedollinthevalley’,
      Ghosts are beings of pure feelings, since they have no body to convey their emotional state. You and she bonded at a vibrational level, and she communicated both her fear of the place and her security being with you.

      Danielle :)

  72. When my husband and I moved into our house 6 years ago, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Our apartment before had very negative energy, it was very angry, and it would let us know. So it was refreshing to come somewhere so calm. Then slowly I was feeling a presence again, but it felt different. Non threatning feeling and that was it. Fast forward a few years and my husband and I had our 1st son. I was feeling more. 2 years later we had another son. Then, I saw him. I believe its a boy. He watches me watch tv, I only see him for a second then he realizes and disappears. I think he’s between 5 and 8. I always just ignored him, carried on with our lives, until last night. Thats why I hopped on the internet and found this site. Lastnight, I put my boys to bed (now 4 and 2) and my husband and I went to lay down. I asked him if the alarm was set for the morning, and he set it. And our dog went to sleep at the foot of our bed that faces the hallway, as usual. In the middle of the night, my husband says “Go back to bed! Stop playing with your games!” He woke me up saying our son was in the room. But he wasn’t. The dog got up and moved away from hallway. And my husband then heard music from a music box, followed by a boy making a meowing noise. He did get up to check and our boys were fast asleep. And to top it off when we woke up, our alarm was shut off. I’m a little unnerved right now, a little scared, and completely in awe of this. I read most of the entries and your responses to them and I am going to try the EVP recording, and I’m going to try to talk to him when I feel him. I want to find history on my house, and in fact I have tried, but I have no luck. I dont know where to look next for that kind of information. All that aside, I am worried because when I go in the basement, there is another energy. I don’t think it is the same entity. Negative again. When we bought our house, there was a room in the basement that we kind of remodeled for my husband’s work room. He removed wainscoating to find fingernails scratched in the wood behind it. A lot of them. It had a sense of panic. I am afraid of that. Im kind of scared to contact it. When I feel that presence, all I want to do is run, instinctively run. So thankyou for all of your insight, but any advice for the negative entity? Thanks

    • Hi Corrina, sounds like a sentient spirit for sure. Keep energizing the home with positive energy, tell the home you love it several times a day. Try to get all your family members involved in positively charging the home. A family unit can suffer very quickly with a negatively charged home. If possible, try to have an electrician come to ensure everything is running optimally, high electromagnetic frequencies (high frequencies emitted from older wiring or some appliances, can cause paranoia and negative thoughts and feelings) in older homes can cause the same sensations you are experiencing in the basement as well as invite unwanted energies into the home. I know this from experience.

      Please keep in touch and feel free to ask any questions,
      Danielle :)

      • Hi my name is Javier I just recently moved in to a diffrent home. Where my girlfriend and I live with 3 kids & 2 toddlers. I work nights so I’m never really home at night, but my girlfriend says she hears a little girl giggling. Someone keeps letting the cat out of its room.. I have tried to confront the ghost sayg things like leave my family alone, one of my friends lived there 7 years ago &id says a little girl haunts the house, I haven’t seen her my self but really want this spirit out of my house my 9year old daughter says she sees her and is terrified to even go to the bath room with the door closed, I need some answers to help my family. What can I dew to help my family be in peace..

      • Hi Javier, first it sounds like you might need to do a bit of debunking, meaning scope out all the things that are happening and see if there’s a logical explanation. My cats are quite proficient at getting themselves out of a room if the door is the least bit out of alignment, try wedging a sock or something in the crack to make it harder to open. When your girlfriend hears giggling, be sure that none of the kids are awake or toying with her.

        Once you’re satisfied it’s none of those things, you can move forward with proving it’s a ghost. Try tape recording yourself asking questions while all alone in the house. Try to ensure that there can be no outside noises to ruin the experiment. Ask the ghost questions and then listen on the tape for any anomalous noises that can’t be explained. Within reason, of course.

        If it’s established that a ghost is for sure there, take steps to cleanse the home with either sage or a blessing. Continually inform the ghost that they must leave, but do not be afraid. Fear is tool a ghost may use to feel stronger. They cannot hurt you, but they can be annoying.

        Let me know how it goes,

    • just a thought I have bought some quartz crystals which has helped tremendously with negative energies (I put four little ones in the corners of my grandsons bedroom and a big one on my headboard) (also you must place them in a window for 24 to 48 hours to reach their full power, I’ve had no bad nightmares since then) and I’ve also put up some blessed rosary’s, but the crystals were a big help with my sleep….however, my grandson still talks all night long to ????? but they are not being mean to him

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  74. I have the spirit of a little girl in my house, the first and only spirit I’ve ever seen. My husbanf has been empathic since he was very little so he’s used to it. We bought a used desk for my 4 year old stepson, and shortly after,my dog atarted spending every night barking at the closet beside it until he passed. Then toys would start going off all hours of the night and I’d hear little footsteps down my hallway when my atepkids were at their mother’s house. I’ve had a few different people see her and describe her the same way I saw her. My husband says I shouldn’t acknkwledge her, but sometimes when I can’t sleep because I hear her in the hallway I ask her to pleaase stop because it’s not time to play. She always listens, and I tried to tell my husband she just wants attention like anyother kid. He just told me the other day that now he hears my stepson talking to her in themiddle of the night. Should I be concerned or just keep handling it like I have been?

    • Hi Kari, I like your approach so far. Acknowledging her is what she wants and will soothe her. If she becomes too much, simply tell her to leave you alone or not to scare you. Eventually she will move on and it definitely helps her to have your kind energy to enable her to cross over.


      • Hey Danielle, thanks for your response!

        So after a lot of discussion my husband and I decided to get an ouija board (usually frowned upon, I know, but we took every precaution we could think of, especially since my husband has used them numerous times before). We actually had some communication with her and found out a little bit more. We had finally come to the decision because our stepson woke up shrieking in the middle of the night saying someone was poking him and when I asked him if it was his sister (she was sound asleep), he said it was someone else and started crying. I told her if she couldn’t be nice and leave my stepson alone while he slept we’d send her desk away, and my husband said later that night he thought he saw her huddled up in the corner (where our kids sit when being punished).

        It was an incredible experience to say the least! And our house has been more peaceful since then (:

  75. We have a small child spirit in our house. I’ve seen her a few times, she runs through the kitchen usually with a cat following her. She is small, around 3 or 4 with curly blonde hair. At night I will hear mommy thinking its my daughter but find her sound asleep. Yesterday the little girl grabbed my boyfriends fingers like she was holding his hand. This is the first time she’s done that
    we just don’t want to scare her

  76. hello, My story takes place over a few years, So i will try to get to the short of the long of it. Over 10 years ago my mother had recently moved into a 200 year old house. When I went to tour her house for the first time, as i looked up the stairs I saw a child, yet other than mine, there was no other children there, and he was in the main room watching cartoon. I saw dark denim jeans with very large folded cuffs, and a hand on the stair rail, and a red thermal shirt. Instinctively I ran away, because I was too afraid to look up, and see his face. When I brought it up to my mother she told me a small boy was spiritually living there, he would turn on the dishwasher, the tv, pull all the chairs out from the table and open and close doors. All in all he was very peaceful, but playful.
    I had taken some toys over there and little by little they were disappearing. Later my mother moved out, and my son started playing with “Jackson” at our home. he would say things “he was just here, where did he go mommy.” At night the swing set in our yard would have just one swing moving. I would walk by his room and see a boy sitting at the food of his bed watching cartoons, and turn back to tell him to lay back down. only to find my son completely asleep.
    Once when i had company Jackson was hiding behind a long drapping curtain, the bodily form was freaking my guest out so i pinned the curtain down, only to have the form reappear and the curtain pull itself out of the pin.
    Later on we had built a new house, and had another son. and i assumed Jackson stayed in the old house. During the passing years my mother had passed and new owners whom had no children what so ever had moved into her house. Being from a very small town everyone knows every detail of each others business. The new owners of the 200 yr old had come home one night to find the same toys that had gone missing many years before.
    ALso, he is still with my family, Nearly every visitor has seen him from time to time, more in reflections than actual first person. The off television will show a small boy next to them, or as you pass a mirror, he will be there. My oldest son says he hangs out in his room, and the other night my middle child said he awoke to see a boy sitting in his desk chair.
    All of this is something we are accustomed to, (except my husband who has never seen, because he refuses to see, but does not deny that we see him) The problem is Last night my 15 yr old sons Girlfriend was awakend by a little boy messing up her room, dumping her drawers, and turning on the light as he left the room. She thought it was her brother because she followed his running sound back to his room, where she heard him playing. when she went in, her brother was not there. he had been asleep in another room all night.
    So??? is it possible Jackson is jealous of my sons new friend, and just staying to play with her little brother? or would this be a different boy?

    • Hi Jennifer, very cool story! I think that it’s the same little boy ghost and he’s simply curious about your son’s new friend. Like a new toy, he’s simply playing with her and seeing how she reacts. In time, he’ll move on to other things, but if you want him to stop, just ask him not to scare her or make a mess of her things.

      • Dear, thespirtguide
        I’ve never really done this before but today I had muted the tv because I was singing to my little girl who is almost 5 months old. An I started to notice she looking up like the would if me or someone else would stand behind her.
        I thought oh no big deal you Know but after three songs. I heard a little girls voice say mommy. An the only people in the house our me an my daughter an she can’t talk. Should I be worried. The only other times I heard a voice was when I had just moved in I heard a man’s voice. Every now an then I get the occasional door closing. I just always thought it was just the air. But now I’m not to sure.
        -should I be worried??

      • Hi Lillie, I definitely don’t think you have anything to worry about. If they concern you at all, whenever you hear them or feel their presence, just ask them to leave you alone. I actually had a similar experience when my daughter was a baby. I heard a girl’s voice say, “Mommy!” in a very cheerful manner but my daughter wasn’t even a year old and was sleeping at the time. The interesting thing, now that my daughter is 13, whenever she calls for me, saying, “Mommy!” it sounds just like the voice I heard so long ago. Always made me wonder if I heard some kind of echo from the future. :)

  77. Hi Danielle,
    I have many spirit children in my home, at first I thought it was my special needs grandson that was being haunted, now I believe it’s me they are attached too also….since I’ve realized what’s going on in my house and have told them no being mean those things like the red marks on my grandson throwing a picture frame off a dresser that stuff has stopped, however, when I tried to talk to them I only hear breathing in the recorder and I have some pics of babies and small children they are attempting to be cooperative with evidence I just don’t believe they are strong enough sometimes..needless to say, I don’t know how to help them move on and I don’t know the history if mom and dad are deceased or where they came from or anything…this house is 100 years old and I tried researching but had no luck…any suggestions?
    Thanks Angie

    • Hi Angie, some of the children may not be ready to move on. I think the best thing you can do in a situation like that is ignore them as long as their good and give them a firm talking to if they are bad. Many ghosts are perfectly happy staying in this realm until they feel the need to move on. :)

  78. My 13 year old daughter came to me recently and told me that a young girl and an older woman have made contact with her. She describes the older woman as nice and helpful, but the young girl shows up at places other than at home (school, art class). My daughter thinks that something bad may have happened to the little girl, as the girl shows her “snippets” of things…my daughter describes these as little movies. My daughter is very detailed about these spirits. She says the do not scare her, but it makes her anxious as she never knows when or where they (particularly the little girl) will show up. The little girl frequently tries to wake her up at night. I don’t know what to do for my daughter. My daughter is very bright and mature for her age. She is a straight A student, is artistically gifted and somewhat serious. It would be so out of character for her to be making this up and I truly believe she is experiencing what she says she is. I don’t know if this child spirit is stuck, needs help or is just drawn to my daughter. I want my child to be dealing with normal 13 year old issues rather than worrying about this spirit that has seemed to attached itself to her. any suggestions.

    • Hi Katherine, just make sure to let your daughter know a few crucial points:

      She’s not alone. There are many of us that sense spirits.
      They cannot hurt her or possess her.
      There are dark spirits, yes, but they feed on fear, so as long as she understands she shouldn’t fear them, they won’t bother her.
      Spirits MUST leave the living alone if told so. She must set limits with the spirits, tell them if or when they can contact her.

      Keep the lines of communication open with your daughter. If ever you need to ask a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is I grew up with the same kind of experiences and know that the most important thing is to feel validated and, hence, not crazy.

      Danielle :)

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  80. Hi Danielle, my name is Corrina, I wrote on your blog back in Feburary about the ghost boy and the negative energy in my basement. The good news is I took your advice and got my family involved to show love to the house and to say it and it really worked! I don’t feel the negativity and panic anymore. Sometimes while doing laundry I can “feel” something watching me, but nothing like it was. Sadly about 2 weeks after I contacted you, we had to put our beloved dog down due to cancer. It was such a tough time for us. But I know he came home with us because our curtains would move where he used to lay (and there are no air vents by the curtains). It was very comforting and I talk to him, I still do. After he passed, all activity seemed to stop in our house, besides his signs. Our ghost boy seemed to be MIA. He wasn’t watching me anymore. But as weeks went on he started coming around again slowly. Since I was used to him, it was nice to see him again. And then this morning I was recording my goofy lil 2 yr old dancing and I Watched the video and I seen orbs floating!! It was so shocking and cool at the same time! Could they be my ghost boy, or my puppy, or something else all together?

    • Hi Corrina, nice to hear from you again. Very sorry to hear about your loss.😦

      Orbs are a tricky item, most of the time they are light reflecting off dust floating in the air…unless they appear to have their own light source in the center. I would suggest taping again in the same location, same time of day and if you see orbs again, it’s probably dust. But try different locations at night when there’s minimal light. If you catch something then, there’s a chance it’s paranormal.

      Would love to see and post pics if you feel like sharing though! :)


  81. I Have been living in my apt for about 4 years now . recently a spirit ran up to me i heard the feet and felt the wind on that note i pick up on energies well and always have ,this spirit though did not have negativity in them at all , the second it happened i knew it was a child. My niece has moved back in with me and i knew this child spirit has gotten Mad and ran up to me to let me ” know ” . On the oTher side when i am in my room i always feel a calming sence of like a child loving all the time . My niece is 2 , she blurted out ” no baby ” in my room and when i asked her who is she talking to she said a baby was touching my things on my dresser which happened to be low enough for a baby to mess with. As i said my niece just moved back in and i have been sleeping with her in the next room for about a week , i know this child spirit didnt like that very much and he or she now comes in the room with my niece sister and i and plays with my nieces toys because they go off on their own and sometimes my niece might say ( im coming back baby ) when its time for her to stop playing and eat also i have had little hands wrap around my waist like a child wanting affection as i sleep and a twirl of my hair. NOW im so glad i got that off my chest but what to do ? I do not want to anger the child but i would love for he or she to go into the loving light . Oh yeah i also see his/her orb everyday .. sometimes its almost lavender but mainly yellow . I get chills on my body and headaches alot . Help.

    • As with every unwanted spirit, simply ask it nicely to leave you alone every time you feel them. Ghosts rarely intend to inflict harm on the living but their presence can sometimes inadvertently cause the living to feel ill or afraid. If after asking the presence to leave and you still have problems, consider an energy cleanse of some sort, I’ve heard burning sage works wonders.

      Hope that helped,

  82. From September 2008 until June 2010 I saw a lovely wee boy aged between 3 and 5 years many nights in my bedroom. It was just his head that I saw. I was never frightened by the child ghost and would have went to sleep each night. If anyone else had told me I would not have believed it. However, the following day after lunch I would have been worried. Eventually I did a baptism in the room by sprinkling holy water around the room and giving the child a name. I never saw it again but for 10 weeks afterwards I was quite ill on many occassions and had no energy. The power of the sacrament of baptism is very powerful and I am sure the little boy is now happy in heaven. I do say a little prayer for him nightly.

  83. I use to have a little girl follow me for years from home to home when I was a teenager but when I end up moving in with my brother at 18 for about 6 months close to a year. I’m assuming the energy from my brother or someone in his family was stronger because when I moved out the little girl stayed behind. Growing up I was very free spirited and opened minded to everything. I was connected more in my innocent years and even my teenaged years by hearing voices. After I moved away and never had the little girl to remind me about other spirits that are still here. I tended to have life take over and kind of had it all in the back of my mind tucked away. About a year and a half ago I was reminded suddenly one day at work about the spirits and how sensitive I used to be. When One day at work as I was packing and listening to my coworker talk about some things. when out of nowhere I had a image appear in my mind of a older girl maybe in her early teens ask me to help her. Her voice was was soft but loud enough to go over my coworkers voice. She seemed scared but not panicing. It was strange and sudden. But that was the last I heard from her or notice anything. I thought maybe I was daydreaming but its kind of hard to daydream when we where really busy didn’t have time to daydream.

    It was strange but that was the last of it. Well now I have a 8 month old son and since he’s been born I’ve felt there is someone always there. But just recently in the past month I’ve notice a small figure always in the corner of my eye. It’s shape is of a small person younger then the girl that suddenly appeared. This one Maybe between 3 to 5 years of age. Not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet. At first I thought it was me. Seeing a chair in the corner of my eye rather then a child. but when I’ve seen it standing in a empty hallway and moving in the corner of my eye. Then I cant assume its a chair or table. I told my aunt about what happened before at my job and now. they asked me if I was pregnant during that time. I didn’t think it mattered but I was. My aunt says my son has the same gift I did as a child and just boosted mine a bit because mine has faded. My aunt says most of our family have a gift to connect but it depends on us to keep ourselves open to it.

    It’s a crazy thought. Thinking my son having the same gift. Or from what my aunt maybe stronger. I just hope he doesn’t draw in harmful spirits.

    But now I’m trying to figure out how I can reopen myself so maybe I can help this child by moving on. I dont know who the child is more attached to me or my son. I just know it keeps its distance and likes to watch. Either when my son is here or at daycare. The child is always at the house so far. But I’ve never notice it here before. I’ve lived here for 4 months now and only started noticing it this past month.

    It’s not the same child as when I was younger because that child was a girl between 7 and 9. So I don’t know what to do.

    • I don’t mind it arround it’s not harming anyone but if I could try and get it to move on or at least try then I’d feel better that its in a better place. But I have to open up again to be able to see it more and for the child to listen to what I have to say. It doesn’t help Im still in denial sometimes not wanting to believe. Because before I would have whole conversations with them and see them more then I do now. Never clear but the conversations where always clear. So going from that when I was a child to only seeing from the corner of my eye makes me wonder if the childs really there. But knowing all spirits are different. Makes me keep wondering.

    • Hi Pearl, from your comment, it sounds like this presence makes itself known during times of hormonal or emotional changes in your life. Many spirits are drawn to the living during these times as the energy is easiest to form communication with. If you wish for them to leave you alone, kindly ask them to leave and in time they will listen. If you wish to open yourself up to communication or further experiences with them, try asking them questions when you sense them around. There’s nothing they love more than to be acknowledged. Protect your own energy, however, with prayer, amulets, or whatever device you feel comfortable using. I imagine a shield of white light surrounding myself whenever I feel the need to ward off unwanted energies or to keep them from draining me when I’m trying to establish communication.

      Hope that helps,

  84. So today my mom told me that for a few nights now she been seeing a little boy sitting next to my one year old sister at night and when my mom turns to see him he slowly disappears and she is afraid that he might want to take my little sister with him. What could we do? We been also hearing a baby crying during the day and at night and we have heard doors opening and closing and also people whispering at night.

    • There’s no need to be concerned with his presence, he’s simply curious of your sister. Ghosts cannot harm the living in any way. If you feel he will frighten her or bothers your family, ask him very nicely to leave your family alone and over time, he should listen.


  85. -______- okay i left a comment a while ago about 4 weeks now and i was waiting for my response NOW my comment has been deleted ! WOW ! Great Just GREAT. I have amazing abilities with the other side (I think “someones” jealous i see orbs) and i shared my story for some insight Not for show tell and delete or whatever but whatever f,u delete that.

    • Chill out, I don’t know why your first post got deleted. Some stuff gets sent to spam, blame Word Press. I’ll go find the original and respond to it.

  86. Hello. I don’t know if you still answer comments on here, but I’d really like your input on something that’s been happening to me lately.
    For the past few years I’ve had some slightly strange things happen in my bedroom at my parent’s house (I moved away a year ago, and came back for the summer and it’s still going on). It was mostly water-related: unexplained puddles in the middle of the room and the shower or faucet in my bathroom suddenly dripping very loudly. It’s kind of an old house, so I never gave it much thought even though the water puddles especially did creep me out a little bit – but I mostly figured it was seeping in through the floor somehow. The only other odd thing I can remember is smelling random things like cigarettes, perfume/lotion of some sort, or food cooking just for a few seconds before it drifted away, and also a feeling of being watched all the time – this I assumed was just imagination/anxiety. I love the room, and I have never felt scared in it, it’s just kind of an odd/nagging feeling.
    Anyway, like I said I came back for the summer and the water puddles have been happening again. I had kind of forgotten about the whole thing but when I saw the first one I remembered a random conversation I had at college this semester where someone said unexplained water drips/puddles are a sign of paranormal activity. They happen all over the room, but most frequently in one corner near my bed where I keep my guitar propped up, right under the guitar.
    I was talking about it with a friend and he asked if anyone had ever died in the house. Nobody has died IN the house, and not in this room, but around 10 years ago before we moved in the grandson of the previous owners (about 1-2 years old) drowned in the pool and died en route to the hospital. He made a comment that suddenly seems so obvious to me – that if the little boy drowned, it makes sense that he is leaving puddles. The little boy “haunting” me had occurred to me before, but I’d never made the connection. Now for the past couple days I’ve felt so sure that it’s him, and it’s scaring me a little bit. I feel like he senses that I know he’s there, and he’s been interacting with me more or at least hanging around more. I haven’t seen him, but I think he likes it when I play the guitar or play other music on my computer, because I feel his presence then. I don’t know why he’s more attached to me than other members of my family, especially since I’m gone so much now and I have a younger brother with more “little boyish” things in his room like toy cars and such (whereas I’m a girl).
    Either way, I have never had anything like this happen to me before and it is scaring me. I have tried talking to him but I don’t feel he understands. Can ghosts this young even be communicated with? I don’t want to act angry and scare him, but I don’t want him here either.

    • I can understand you feeling a bit creeped out about the puddles for sure, that’s a very rare phenomenon with ghosts. Ghosts cannot harm you, but if you would like him to go away, repeatedly tell him so in a firm but loving way. Eventually he’ll get the hint and leave you alone. If not, however, I would consider getting the room cleansed, whether that be with burning sage or having the room blessed. All of this, of course, after you’d made doubly sure it’s not a leak of some kind. lol I always have to make sure I add the ‘skeptical’ explanation to rule out logical answers.

      The feeling of being watched is very common with hauntings such as this. Again, no need to be afraid, just aware of your emotions as not to feed the ghost’s energy with fear. Treat them as you would a stray animal in your yard, consistently tell it to leave, but without anger or fear.

      Hope that helps, keep in touch to let me know how it goes,

    • My house is extremely filled with spirits of children and a lot of them are not old enough to communicate, I’ve tried the digital recorder I only hear breathing (not mine) I’ve actually called on the spirits of people I know that have passed to help the small children cross over, the spirit of my deceased dog to come help…I do believe this helps, however, I speak to them as I would a normal child of that age and it seems to work, when I put my grandson to bed I tell them time to go downstairs and play, they are not allowed in the room when he is sleeping otherwise he is up laughing and playing with them all night (in his crib) don’t be afraid, but do tell them they need to find mommy & daddy, go look at the pretty white light, and again call on spirit to help cross them…things like that until you find your permanent solution

  87. Hi!
    My name is Alex and I seem to have a similar, yet slightly more frightening situation on my hands. It all started when I was a little girl. I believe that I was a sensitive, but denial and societal discrimination and expectations have caused me to bury those senses. My birthday is in July and I’ll be 19 then. I moved into my grandfather’s house (where I currently reside) at around age twelve or thirteen, after he died. This home has always felt “special” to me. As a young girl, I would often see spirits in the field behind the house, wandering aimlessly and blissfully amongst the rows of corn and peas. Because my home, which my fiancé lives in with me, is directly across from a cemetery, it’s never been a surprise to me if I see a random ghost wandering about. However, after moving into the home, I quickly became aware of a shadow person living in my hallway. It’s a long, tight corridor, and quite shadowy, no matter the time of day. He travels in and out of my room at will, and has always frightened me. A friend suggested I name him to make him less frightening. Since the only physical feature I’ve ever been able to make out is his cat-like grin, I decided to call him Cheshire, after the cat in Alice I’m Wonderland, my favorite story. I’m the only one who’s seen him, but he’s touched my fiancé and won’t allow him to sleep in the mornings. Getting to the point of things, my fiancé and I were watching The Voice (season 3, I believe) and there was a skit with the muppets. My fiancé was in the kitchen getting us a drink and I could feel someone’s eyes on me. I looked into the hallway expecting to see Cheshire and was floored when I saw a young boy, around age four or five, looking at me with wide, vivid blue eyes. I was stunned. I could make out perfectly his little blue sailor suit and matching cap. I leapt up and ran to the kitchen to see if my fiancé had seen him, but the little boy was gone. The next day, my fiancé walked past the kitchen cabinets and one of the doors came open and a wine glass came flying at him. I heard him yell a few obscenities and heard the crash of glass on the floor. I went to see what had happened and was shocked when I saw the broken wine glass. There’s no way it just fell. They are put up in the far rear of our deep cabinets behind all the other glasses and cups. Needless to say, Cheshire has never been violent (though he loves to tease and torment me mentally and emotionally), so I knew it was my little sailor boy. He’s so cute and I’ve seen him many times, always in the hallway and always before or after a visit from Cheshire. It’s very disturbing and my heart is totally broken for this little boy. I want to help him very badly. Please, any advice you have on these two entities will be insanely appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S. Is it true that shadow people and other entities can falsely present themselves as children if they wish? I read that somewhere and was not too excited about the thought.

    • Hi Alex, it seems as though the dark shadow is provoking emotion from you and your fiance in order to steal negative energy. If you haven’t seen the little boy before or know of any child that has died in the house, I think the shadow man might just be using your emotions against, creating false images. This one is tricky, I would perform the usual acts first: telling the shadow man to leave, he’s not wanted. See if that works over a few weeks. If not, consider having the home blessed or cleansed with burning sage. It is very important not to feed the entity with what he wants. He obviously wants fear energy, give him the opposite. Ignore him or tell him you love him whenever you sense him. It sounds strange to tell a ghost “I love you”, but the energy from those words is so positive, it will counteract his negative. Entities are pure emotion, pure energy. They have no body in which to make sense of their feelings and thoughts, they are like toddlers, without fear, logic, or ability to reason. They simply know what they want and have learned how to get it. Be firm in telling him to leave you alone. Call upon positive beings if you wish, angels, your spirit guides; in order to neutralize the room.

      Let me know how it goes.:)


      • I’ve actually already attempted both telling him to leave and a sage cleansing. He is a very determined fellow lol.. I’m just not sure if I should be concerned. He’s never harmed me, not physically, but if he is manipulating us using the rouse of a little boy, then maybe he can. I had never seen an object move before the little boy, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen. I’ve asked my fiancé of we could bring a proper medium or sensitive into the house, but he’s not I’m agreement that we need one. My feelings are thus: he hasn’t seen the shadow man or the little boy, I have; and I don’t feel safe. I think that should be enough cause for concern. Do you have any other suggestions outside of bringing in a professional? Because he’s so reluctant, I want to try and do it myself. Thank you so much. I will definitely start spreading the love to the shadow man.

      • Other than sending positive energy, ignore the bad behavior as it will only encourage him if he’s getting a response. Definitely don’t feel afraid, he cannot hurt you, in fact, your fear is exactly what he wants and needs for energy. I’m hesitant with mediums as well, it’s rare to find one that is real and isn’t just out for your money. Be careful with those. You could try placing objects of positive importance to you in areas where you feel him. Some people feel safe putting crosses in those rooms, other people, like myself prefer crystals. It’s what you believe in that matters, every day objects have no power unless you believe they do.

      • Thank you so much! I will comment back with an update as soon as I have one! I really appreciate all your help!

  88. ummmm i’m only 12 and my grandad died but sometimes i think that he’s still here in the house he used to live in and sometimes i think he’s following me to school and waiting for me and my sister savannah to come home i wanna help but i can’t see him i don’t even know if his still here it just feels like it help please…..

    • Hi Annalise, sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Our deceased relatives visit us often to see how we are doing. If you feel him around, he’s likely just checking up on you to see that you are okay. Don’t be afraid or worried for him, he’ll cross over in his own time. It’s hard for those who’ve died to leave their families, so give him time. :)


  89. When I went to the store. 11yr old son which is pretty big & mature for his age said that when he was walking to the bathroom he saw a short blk shadow like a small child peak behind the door and we he look at it , it moved back….then he said when he was walking into my room the shadow was behind my door and we looked at it stepped back behind my door…he didn’t see if it was a girl or boy…he just said a blk short shadow like a lil kid who was much shorter then him..he said he wasn’t scared tho… what is it? I only have lived her for 5 months… ?

    • Hi Cali, give it some time, it might have been a random occurrence or your son may just have seen something explainable but looked strange. If more things happen from now on, write them down, see if there’s a pattern to it. Take down times it occurs, what you or the person who saw it was doing. Once you know more about the happenings, then you can decipher what it is and possibly what it wants. Please feel free to write to me if there are more things going on, then I can better diagnose what could be happening and what to do.

      Danielle :)

  90. I posted on Nov. 30, 2011 about meeting a spirit girl who died in an accident. I though this dear girl would have moved on. But after over 2 years I still have a strong contact. This is OK for me because I get an infusion of energy from the contact, which makes me feel very well in myself. I think in certain circumstances close friendships are formed with those on the other side that are most satisfying.

  91. For the past few weeks at my parents’ home, there has been a spirit of a little boy wearing a hood.
    Now, we are kind of use to paranormal activity in my parents’ home because we’ve had multiple spirits ‘come stay’ throughout the spring & summer months then things calm down during the winter months.
    As of now, we hear and sometimes see this little boy running around, running up the stairs, and dropping things downstairs. When my kids and I go visit or spend the night, my two year old daughter seems to have the most contact with him. She does get scared and tells me “It’s Scary” and points to where he is in the room. I have actually seen him run from the area that my daughter is pointing to. She even wakes up in the middle of the night if we sleep there and says “No no no leave me alone” or “go away”. My nephew is also experiencing this as he will point and say “it’s scary”.
    A person did come through recently, whom apparently sees spirits on a daily basis, and said that a little boy who is hooded could signify an aborted child :S
    My parents have built the home themselves, and we are native people living on the reservation, but if the aborted child is true, it could be related to my sister-in-law who is currently staying there. Just wanted to see your take on this. Hope to hear from you.

    • Hi there Briana (Curious), while the spirits of aborted and miscarried children can linger with their families, most do not move on past the early ages, they usually stay a baby, hence the sounds of baby cries haunting the mother or family. This young fellow sounds like he’s tagged along with someone or something new in the house. Evaluate what items you may have recently brought into the home, something used, older, possibly antique.

      If there is an item such as this, try removing it from the premises for a few days and monitor the activity. Regardless, you can address him and tell him to leave you and the children alone. He must comply but you may have to be consistent and somewhat firm to have him understand. Bless or cleanse the home, burning sage is said to help with this.

      Please keep in touch and let me know what happens. The more information I have regarding the appearances and interactions, the more I can help determine what actions to take.

      Danielle :)

  92. Hi!
    My name is Taylor and I am 16 years old. I have lived in a house with my mom, dad, and 2 younger brothers for almost 2 years now. My bedroom is the only bedroom downstairs. When I would get up early in the morning to get ready for school I would get a strong feeling that someone was watching me. I was never afraid, but just aware that someone was watching me. Because of an illness and many surgeries, I began to school at home so I stopped getting up as early as I used to. But every morning at the same time, there is rapid tapping on my bedroom wall. Right next to my bed. it is so loud and so quick it wakes me up every morning. I even pressed my hand to the wall and felt the vibrations. My younger brothers toys are constantly moving, his blow up balls flying across the room without anyone touching them. His books open and sprawled on the floor when they haven’t been moved in weeks. About a year ago, my mother told me she woke in the middle of the night and saw a small boy about 10 years old standing in her doorway. I began to feel like this little boy might be the one watching me.
    He wears a stripped long sleeve shirt and jeans, he also has shaggy, curly, brown hair. He interacts with me often. Running past me when I’m talking with a member of my family. I catch him out the corner of my eye every time. I listen to music a lot, and when I turn my radio on in my room he turns it off as soon as I turn my back. He has never told me his name, but for some reason I have decided to call him Anthony. And he responds to that name. He climbs into bed with me some nights, and I know he is there because only certain parts of me will become very cold, like my arm or back or stomach. He will sit in my rocking chair at times and wait for me to come to my room, like he doesn’t want to go to other parts in my house. I have asked my dad if he has seen anything and he has told me that small things like moving objects, have happened in my parents bathroom. I have tried to tell my mom and brothers more about this young boy but he frightens them so they have asked me to not speak about him at all. One afternoon my boyfriend was over watching a movie with me and everything began to just freak out. The lights were turning on and off, and the radio was turning on and off blaring loud then soft. I asked Anthony to turn everything off, then suddenly everything went quiet and dark. He doesn’t bother or make himself known to anyone else but me.
    I just am curious as to why this little boy chooses to only reveal himself to me? Why he has been drawn to just me out of everyone in my family? And how I can help him? Because he seems pretty insistent on wanting to stay with me. I want him to go to heaven, somewhere where people will take care of him, because he is so young. What can I do for this little boy and why is he here?

    • Hi Taylor, sounds like a pretty cool haunting.:)

      I’ll answer your questions in order: He reveals himself to you because you are open to him, curious about him. Often teenagers are in the midst of hormonal changes which leaves them open to the paranormal for a variety of reasons. You can help him by telling him he is dead and must move on–but just know that he will not leave until he’s ready. There are many reasons why he could be stuck there; he may have died tragically and does not realize he’s dead, he may have unfinished business or is waiting for a specific relative to pass on before he feels he can go. He also may be tied to an object in your home that he cherished in life. Check around for some antiques in your house or on the property. Do some research if you can, ask the neighbors who lived or died there. Check out old newspapers to see if there was a tragedy in the residence. Perhaps once you’ve solved the mystery of who he is, he might feel inclined to move on. Ghosts are just lonely people who want to be acknowledged and cared for just like the living. When you feel him around, acknowledge him, say hello, tell him to have a good day, maybe your kindness is all he really wants.

      Let me know how it goes,

  93. Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I had an experience early this morning with what I believe to be the ghost of a child. I woke up to jumping on the end of my boyfriends bed, I looked and saw nothing. Immediately after I felt footsteps run up the side of the bed next to me and up and around my head on the pillows. I heard the pillows moving as if someone was stepping on them. A few months ago my boyfriend and I awoke to find his phone and some other small items stacked up like a tower on his nightstand. I have occasionally felt a presence in his house before, but nothing like what happened this morning.
    I had a miscarriage two years ago almost to the day, while I was staying at this house. I am not sure if it is a coincidence that this happened today.
    I felt like whatever it was was still there when I left, and I was alone at the time. The other times I have felt something have been when I am alone there as well.
    A few times at my apartment I have heard footsteps on the stairs and things have been knocked over in the kitchen, I don’t know if it is following me or related at all.
    I just want to know what I should do, I didn’t feel like the spirit was trying to harm me, but it gave me jitters none the less.
    Thank you for your time and advice.

    • Hi Elizabeth, it does sound like it could be the spirit of your unborn child. Are pregnant now? Often, these ghosts will come around again when a new member of the family is born or soon to be.

      The thing to remember is not to be afraid. They cannot harm you. If you wish for him to be gone, be persistant and firm in telling him so whenever you sense him around.

      An interesting note though, one actress I watched on Celebrity Ghost Stories had a similar experience to yours except she saw the ghost of a child in her doorway, the next child she had looked identical to the spirit she’d seen. I often wonder if our future children visit us before they arrive.

      Please keep in touch,

      • Thank you so much. To my knowledge I am not pregnant, but the idea of our future children visiting before is an intriguing and almost comforting one:)

        I don’t necessarily want him gone, just not to startle me next time. I will try talking to him and see what happens.

        I appreciate your feedback very much.

    • On June 2nd 2011, my husband and I lost our second child when we were 9 weeks pregnant and as a result was hospitalized for three days. Two years later to that date on June 2nd 2013 I was involved in a minor car accident and was hospitalized yet again. It was just a minor car accident but because I was pregnant I was admitted for monitoring but I can’t help but think that these two events were connected in some way. My husband and I welcomed our second child on July 19th, 2013, recently our oldest child visited his grandparents for a sleepover in the country and in the middle of the night was awaken by a baby crying, he then woke his grandmother up and told him that his sister was crying, his sister was not there, however his grandmother could hear the baby’s cries aswell…

  94. we live in a 2 story house and in the basement theres a room which when i get near or go in i cant breathe and i get all weird feeling and it creeps me out. i always get a chill run through my body when i go near the room. then upstairs we have a curio cabniet and the third shelf is about 3 feet tall and the items on that only shelf get getting rearranged. we havent been harmed yet but at night in my room upstairs i cant fall asleep and when i do i tend to be woken up by something like moving on me. and my dog he will not go downstairs we have to carry him to the couch. i guess me and my dog are being spooked by this. we have looked into it and my moms friend looked into it and said we probably have a little spirit because this has happened to them as well. i just want to know what the heck is going on in our house. sometimes when im downstairs i will hear the floor creak upstiars in the hallway and kitchen. it might be a woman who lived here once and when we moved in we rearranged things to the way we want it and maybe that woman or other spirit doesnt like us moving their house arround. its a little hard to explain though.

    • Hi Taylor, there are several reasons why we as humans get creeped out by basements, one is that there could be a spirit, but most likely there are EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) down there that affect you in a negative way. These frequencies, like from old wiring and breaker boxes, can cause paranoia, chills, hallucinations and feeling watched.

      Some hauntings are not ghosts at all, just blips of energy from the past playing over and over inside present time. Like a recording that got stuck.

      From what you’ve described, I believe it to be one of these things. An intelligent haunting is very interactive, it will mess with you intentionally and try induce emotions from you, as they grow stronger from human energy.

      Keep a journal of paranormal events, try to see if there’s a pattern to the incidences. If you can establish a firm pattern, it’s likely a residual haunting as described above. If there’s no pattern, and definite interaction between members of the household and the spirit, then you can move on to positive means of removing the ghost.

      Keep in touch,

  95. hi my name is Christie I have hade a lil boy ghost come up an talke to me..what does that mean??

    • Hi Christie, it simply means he’s trying to establish communication with you. It can be lonely and confusing as a ghost, perhaps he just wants some company. :)

  96. hi ive started to see more and more things recently orbs and i was held down before.last night i was awoken at 4 a.m and could not move i wasnt as paralysed as before this time i was able to make a loud mmmmm sound in protest. i was afraid and to my right side of the bed was a small shadow bout the height of a 7 year old it had no features and starte shaking its arms faster than real time towards me…i called my nana in my head as i could not ssay it aloud and it all stopped …my nana is in the afterlife and is allways my hero with these things..however i could still feel its presence in my room but it was silent like as if my nana had given out to it…i do not know if it was angry or frustrated with me or if it was a love to help but dont know how???

    • Hi Fidelma, assuming you’ve removed all other reasons for seeing orbs, such as visiting the eye doctor, and discounted sleep paralysis, I suggest keeping a ‘haunting’ journal. Mark down the times, dates, and instances you are experiencing. It will better help you decide if there’s truly a spirit that needs your help or a residual haunting that simply occupies the house and doesn’t need any help. Let me know how it goes.


  97. Hi there,
    I have seen spirits from very young, I have never really interacted with them, acknowledged them and let them carry on with whatever they want to do.
    I now have a 3 year old daughter! For the past few years every few months we have some ‘phases’ last about 6-8 weeks at a time but she tells me the shadows come to visit!
    She is very frightened and it makes her sleep pattern bad and she gets exhausted, they eventually leave and she has peace for another few months!
    During the times she sees the shadows I have spoke to them and asked them to leave I also burn candles for them (have been told this helps to get them to leave)

    Now my fiance has moved in with me and my daughter and I am seeing many spirits around our home! An elderly lady (she is quite scary looking) and young girl around 5-6. She looks similar to my daughter but has darker hair, she is a lovely wee thing she is playful and very sweet.
    My fiance can’t see them or even notices there presence, and I had told him of the first few encounters but he wasn’t sleeping great worrying a ghost would appear!
    Now the old woman hasn’t been around for a little while, but she appears everynight and watches over my fiance as he sleeps I don’t want to tell him as he got so worked up and scared the last time! And I have tried to talk to the little girl but so far no luck!

    Could these be the same spirits my daughter has been seeing? Xx

    • Hi Nicole, yes, I think you are all experiencing the same entities. Since the spirits and shadows seemed to have come on spontaneously, have you added any antique artifacts into the home over the last while? Many spirits attach themselves to objects rather than homes or people. The old woman seems curious more than anything, she’s probably just wondering who this guy is in the house. It might be worth it to explain it the ghost woman who he is, his name and why he’s there. Also, tell any spirits that if they are unable to leave the property, then please try not to scare any of you. Talk to them often, let them know your feelings about them. I don’t think they mean any harm, I think they are just bored and curious.:)


  98. Hi.. For about a month now I’ve been seeing a little girl. She shows herself to me very often, but won’t show herself around my girlfriend. She’s got blonde hair and porcelain skin one minute and the next, she looks like a blonde version of the ring or something. I’ve lived in the same house for about 3 years now, and it just happened (and yes it doesn’t matter where I go I seem to attach spirits, but this one is puzzling me). She’s interacting with me a lot more then any of the others. She’s woken me up twice, once it was about 3 in the morning and she was whispering “Turn on the lights! Turn on the lights!” in my ear, the second time was when my girlfriend wasn’t there. She started yelling “Wake up! Wake up!” And for a moment my vision just went all white and then I sat up and everything was normal. Sometimes on my way to work, I’ll glance in my rear view mirror and she’ll be in my back seat. She’s haunted my dreams as well. I’m not sure what she wants from me, she doesn’t seem nice except for one time she snuggled me… So I’m scared to try and interact back, I don’t wanna accept her into my life if she isn’t a good entity. She’s never played with any of the toys we have laying around either. Honestly, I’m kind of frightened of her, which is weird because I’m rather hard to scare. I’ve lived with spirits coming and going my whole life. I can’t help but wonder what’s different with this one. All I think I’ve concluded about her so far is that she likes poetry. Edna St. Vincent Millay’s really sticking out to me and since I’ve seen this little girl, I’ve seen Ms. Millay’s poetry everywhere and most of the samples I’ve seen, just a quote here and there, are of death within Ms. Millay’s work.

    • Hi Paige, I definitely think you have to go with your gut on this one, if something feels off, keep yourself guarded. Sounds like you can recognize a good spirit from one that intends to drain you. If she is indeed a bad one, watch your energy levels, if you’re constantly exhausted after you’ve sensed her around, might be time to cleanse your aura and your home.

      Keep me posted,

      • My only problem with that is I don’t live alone and my parents don’t believe me.. So cleansing my home seems almost impossible since I’m never home alone. As for cleansing my aura, I tried to take an energy balancing shower and I would hear her outside the shower and instead of visualizing the colors yellow, red, blue, green, white, and then clear again, my vision just went white. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, couldn’t think of anything else. My mind was just white. Made me wonder if I’m having some sort of blockage or if she’s messing with my head. I don’t know. I’ve never been scared of the dark, but now I can’t stand to sleep with the light off. Day or night, I’m scared to turn a corner. I can’t stand to look into a mirror, tv, or glass because I’m scared I’ll see her there. It’s really hard for me to admit I’m frightened by this.

      • If she’s frightening you, most definitely take control of the situation. Tell her, order her, to leave you alone. It may take many, many times but you must keep trying. If she frightens you, she could be using your energy, don’t let her. She can’t hurt you, but she can manipulate you if you let her. If you fear her, you feed her. She’s only real if you allow it.

        Every single time you feel her, tell her to go. Ignore her as you would a bully saying cruel things. I know it’s hard, but necessary.

        If you can, place some crystals around your room, even wear one around your neck. They’ll remind her, and you, that you are the one in control.

      • Thank you.
        I’ll definitely try that and I’ll get back to you on how it goes. Thank you sooo much.

      • :)

  99. Hi there,

    My mother and I have recently established that the energy inside our house may actually be that of a young child’s. This energy or spirit seems to be attached to my mother and younger brother, as both of them have been woken up by something tapping them awake, similarly to how a young child would go to its parents bedside in the middle of the night. More recently, this child seems to have figured out how to use the locks on our sliding doors and consistently enjoys locking my little brother in the tv room whilst he watches tv. My youngest brother is a year old and has been woken up a couple of times as if being scarily spooked, and it often takes us ages to console him to at least look us in the eyes again. I am the only family member who hasn’t had first hand experiences with this child but I can sense it in my mothers bedroom with me at times. I am too afraid to openly acknowledge its presence or even try and communicate with it. Would a spirit such as this be aware of my fear and be mindful of my presence? I do talk about it openly in the house with my mother, so perhaps it can hear me and understand. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Alexia, I think this spirit is just lonely and wants to be part of the family. There’s no harm in engaging it and giving it boundaries; like not waking your brother up at night. If you wish him to move on, you can tell him so every time you sense him around. It doesn’t mean he’ll leave right away but he’ll eventually get the hint and leave you guys alone.

      Other than that, try not to be afraid as he is a lost child and only seeks comfort. Try to understand his predicament and it might be all he needs to move on.

      Let me know how it goes,

  100. I am a mother to a set of 10 year old twins. One boy, one girl. In the last month or so, I’ve learned that boy twin has the gift of seeing spirits and unfortunately, Shadow People. I would like to know more about Shadow People b/c all I’ve read, wasn’t good. Next: Twin boy has now indicated that we have a child spirit among us. He seems to be about 4 yrs old, very friendly. This spirit is latched to my son and tends to sleep with me in my bed at night. I cannot see him but I feel his energy. My son and I do not get any bad vibes about this spirit but is that enough? How can you tell from an evil entity who might be playing games with evil intent vs a real lost child? I have an extremely open mind. I never shut out my twin boy as being “crazy” b/c I believe that we have a spirit world outside of us however, I want to make sure that what we’re dealing with is truly a child. I would also like to know about the Shadow People. If anyone can offer any information about this, I’d appreciate it. I’ve been alone in dealing with this. Most people just think I’m crazy or naive for believing my son all the time. My son isn’t a liar. Twin girl lies quite a bit but twin boy is opposite of her and I honestly do not think he’d go this far with it. Please HELP!

    • Hi Shere, I’m happy to hear that you are supportive of your children’s gifts, it makes it easier for them to deal with it if there’s someone on their side. Shadow people, for the most part, are still just spirits of dead humans. There are different waves of energy that a spirit can utilize when trying to manifest on our side. A shadow person is usually just someone who is having a hard time getting enough energy to come into true form. It takes an incredible amount of energy to vibrate fast enough to manifest. Just think how hard it is for us to shake a bad mood! These ghosts have to increase their frequency so high for us to see them.

      In my opinion, it would be best to treat these sightings as you would if the kids saw an animal of sorts. Acknowledge it, but don’t get too excited. You don’t want the kids to think it’s anymore abnormal than seeing a cat on the street. That way, it becomes a normal, average event, but most importantly, they learn not to fear it. Fear is what draws in the darker entities. Being children, they aren’t as vulnerable to the fear as adults because we’ve been taught to be afraid and that it’s not a natural occurrence. Also, accepting the paranormal helps with learning the ability of trusting your instincts. If he senses a bad one, your son will know and by not fearing it, knows it will move on if it can’t scare him.

      Either the kids will grow out of seeing and feeling the spirits, or they will come to realize that they are a part of nature that not everyone gets to enjoy. True, there are bad things out there, but it’s how they learn to deal with them that matters.

      Please feel free to ask any questions you need,


  101. This was very interesting. I recently communicated with a child spirit, they were very eager to communicate. I found the name to be a bit odd but found out it is a name found in the koran. They were connected to the Muslim family that live a floor above me. The didn’t know very much english so I asked him to bring a good person to help me talk to him. He brought another Muslim boy but they ended up fighting with each other to talk to me.

  102. Hello, i have a friend who can sense spirits and spirits talk to him. I was telling him one particular day about how i have a bad habit of staring at my corners in my room and my closet. How i always sense eyes staring at me. The night i told him about this he opened up to me and told me the night he was at my house that he felt the emotions of being unwanted and jealous as if dont hug or touch my mom. I began to tsll him about this little boy weve seen around my house and how he rarely shows himself, never talks, but always opens my door to my bedroom even when its locked. Im not scared nor bothered by the child. My friend has told me that two days after he left my house the little boy whispered to him and told him find them they love me. I feel as if hes clung to me as his mother. Its speacual to me but i worry hell get jealous of my 15 month old son one day. The little boy and my son occasio play i think. When my friend told me of him saying find them i remembered that my son with hide things and leave them there. I assumed he plays and talks to the boy. My son babbles alot to thin air and has no fear of darkness as if someone was leading him. Now that im aware of this boy im starting to pay attention to him and if i get cold randomly at night. My room usually gets freezing at night. Anyways on another note i wanted to share my experience with your site.

  103. My son has passed away at 17.almost 4 monthes ago…I haven’t felt him or see no signs….does this mean he crossed over and I can’t talk to him were he can hear me?

    • Tammy, I’m so very sorry for your loss.😦 So very young.

      Sometimes the signs are so subtle, we hardly sense them or notice them trying to contact us. It’s not your fault, especially right now as you are in mourning. It’s hard to bring your own frequency up when you are feeling so sad. His frequency is much higher now, his vibration like that of a hummingbird’s wings, that’s why you are unable to see him. In the same way, he cannot lower his vibration easily to match yours. Again, none of this is your fault or under your control. In time, you may be able to sense him or find small signs of his presence. Be patient, he’s transitioning and experiencing amazing things right now, and time is vastly different on that side. A year may go by here, but it feels like mere moments over there.

      Give him time to adjust and keep sending love and I believe he will do all he can to tell you how much he loves you too.

      Big hugs,

  104. Hello,
    My name is Jessica Hodges. When I was 11 years old, a friend of my mother’s who was also a medium told me that I had a little boy following me around. I never really noticed anything out of the ordinary except for playful things, like objects being hidden and placed somewhere other than where I would leave them. I am 20 years old now and I live in an apartment with my fiance. This is our very first apartment. Since I have been living here the activity from this little boy has picked up a lot. My mother came to visit me a little over a month ago. While she was here, she was helping me clean my apartment. We were doing the laundry and when we went to change out the next load, the washer door was open and the washer was stuck on the rinse cycle. My mother and I thought that it was interesting, but we tried to ignore it so that we wouldn’t feed any energy to the little boy. Since my mother has left, a lot of things have happened. Almost everyday I experience something. The washer thing has happened three times since my mother left, the lights flicker on and off, things have been moved a lot more often, and I have seen shadows. My fiance has never known about what the lady said to me about the little boy that was following me around. One day my fiance (a skeptic) swore that he had just seen a little boy run across our living room. He was seriously creeped out. I sat him down and told him what the lady had said years ago. I told him that I had this overwhelming feeling that the little boy was 3 years old, had blonde curly hair, and that his name was Jason. I don’t know how or why I knew and thought that, I just did. I called my mom, (who has always been in tune with stuff like this) and I asked her what she sensed from it. She said all of the same things that I had told my fiance about the little boy! She described how he looked, so I started to quiz her about it to see if everything matched up. She said that he was about 3 or 4 and that his name was Jason. I thought that I was going crazy… I asked her if she sensed anything else that I didn’t and she said that she thinks that he cannot see me. She thinks that he is completely alone but that he is very happy and playful where he is and with what he is doing. Do you think that she is right?… Is it possible for him not too see me… Am I going crazy or is it possible that all of this is really.. happening… I guess I just want to help him and communicate with him, but I don’t know how to.. If he cannot see me, I would like to help him to see me so that I can talk to him.. What should I do? Thank you.

    • Hi Jessica, sounds like the little boy is just hanging out and trying to get a little attention. If you wish to communicate with him, simply speak out loud when you feel his presence or where you most feel him in the house. You can use a recorder to try to capture responses, otherwise he may just respond if he can by making knocking noises. Don’t be afraid of him, if he hasn’t done anything scary by now, he’s likely just a harmless ghost. If you wish for him to move on or leave you alone, just tell him so repeatedly in a calm manner.

      You are definitely not going crazy.:) These things happen to me all the time and I’m not crazy…at least I don’t think I am. lol

      Try to look at it like he’s simply a lost little boy who finds you and your family interesting and is simply trying to get noticed.

      Keep in touch,
      Danielle :)

  105. Hello,
    recently I have been being woken up abruptly almost like a jolt, when I try to fall asleep. This just started happening around new years eve. A couple nights ago I was sleeping and was awakened and I seen at the end of my bed, twin children (a boy and a girl) around the ages 4-6. They were wearing tshirts and I think the girl may have been wearing a skirt. They left my room and came back and were running around my room. I was so scared I hid under my covers. I’ve never encountered anything like this. My friend did tell me something about the spirits, if you didn’t want to be bothered, just ask them to leave. And I did ask to be left alone but they were still coming in and out of my room. Earlier that evening I was painting my nails by my night stand and I went to get up and my doorway was blocked by a shadow, it actually really startled me. I tried to ignore and think nothing of it but now its all starting to clue into me.. Maybe there is a strong spirit/ghost that is around. Im not really sure what to do, and just thinking about it frightens me. I don’t know all the history of the place Im living at now. All I know is that there was an older bachelor lived there. If there is any suggestions that could help me move them on from here, it would greatly appreciated.

    • I was also having a grusome dream about a friend that recently passed away, so that probably didn’t help with me being scared.

    • Hi Janine, it can be very frightening when spirits come for visits in the middle of the night, but you have to remember that they cannot hurt you. Keep telling them to leave you alone, it may take several attempts for them to hear you. If they still don’t listen after a while, try asking them what they need or want in order to be at peace. Using a tape recorder during this questioning will help you communicate back and forth as you can occasionally capture their voices on the recorder. Other than that, I’ve heard that spirits are often tied to objects. Try to see if there’s anything in or near your room that they would be drawn to, something that was theirs in life or simply attracted to. It would be something that is continuously moved or bumped, remove this item from the room and see if the situation improves.

      Keep in touch,
      Danielle :)

  106. i moved in with my roomie recently and we watch the bag on the boxing thing in her living room move around by its self alotta times and the top the chains twisted and at nite i go to bed ive saw my cat look up at the ceiling and no one there and paw at air and i have had my cats for nites since ive been here at same time of each nite about 2am till 4am run around my room playing but my roomie forwarned me saying she had ghost children that her kids had heard running bk and forth across the floor and seen she told me to tell the kids to just to stop playing with the cats when i go to bed and they can come bk and play with them in the morning and funny thing is my cats sleep now at nite dont play at those late hours anymore like they did and wake up early playing in the morning and ive had one thing happen i thought was a dream but i think i was awake i saw a child a young boy about 9 with brown hair at the foot of my bed stroking my one cat as he laid there purring i closed my eyes went bk to sleep then woke up then he was gone

    • That’s such a sweet and a little bit sad story. The little boy just loves animals and probably feels less alone because they are the only ones who see him. Thank you so much for sharing this!!


      • your very yw now i am seeing shadow people but they are in the form of adults and in my past have had experience with spirits touching me so i know what it feel like for one to and have recently had a few experiences as my roomie said look the punching bags moving by its self again i told here yes i see and theres a spirit touching my legs as we speak happened twice she said how do u know that i said because whomever they are there going up and down my legs and it feels so cold it burns i told her kinda like dry ice shes like really i said yeah thats the best way i can describe a spirit touching u in my words anyways but do u have any clue or info on shadow people one was the outline of an old man the other scared me outta bed look like the scarey chick the tooth fairy from the movie darkness falls scared me to death

      • Hey Kathy, shadow people are simply regular spirits that don’t have enough energy to manifest completely into a form that appears more human. Make sure you keep your fear in check though, some spirits try to frighten you and steal the excess energy you give off. Fear is a powerful energy for entities. Some shadow people can be non-human entities, but as long as you show them who’s boss, they can’t harm you in any way.

        Let me know how it goes,

      • thanks for the info on the shadow people and i have recently noticed that i have had a few situations where one has flown past me as i lay on my bed and caught it in the corner of my eye but i showed no fear as i did with one i told u i saw that i thought looked like the one in that move but it was the first i had saw and i think thats why it freaked me out so bad so i have now come to accept now the ghost children and the shadow people whomever they are and feel more at ease and not in fear of them so as u said they wont have any power over me am now hearing distinct voices at times and so is my roomie havent been able to make them out so we just overlook them

      • having an issue now my bedroom door keeps opening and this is where i keep my cats safe from my roomies dogs but downstairs is another door it hasnt been opened but only by myself my roomie and her kids and one of my cats is missing theres 4 rooms he couldve gotten in and we looked in them all under everything in everything still cant find him ive called his name shook food nothing no meow he couldntve gone anywhere period im afraid to ask this cause i think this is one of the mischievious ghosts they play with can a ghost take my cat to another dimension and when they want to bring him back like nothing happened cause i find it strange that there is no sign of him anywhere what do you think or suggest

      • Nope, ghosts can’t do anything like that.:)

    • thanks glad thats cleared up must be hidding very well my kitty is then thank you!! i did feel strange even asking that question just wanted to ease my mind though glad they cant take him to any other dimensions hopefully hell come out soon or we will find him bless his heart im sure he misses his comfort zone:)

  107. Does Lucifer have to follow the same rules as ghosts? Thanks, he’s making my life experience very grave indeed, don’t want to be trapped in this conciousness experience. Always a warm/hot sensation on my left shoulder, he talks when I choose to listen, randomly finishes my thought sentences with a dark, twisted end, wonder if this will actually have an effect on what I was originally intending to think?
    How to get rid of him?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Rafael, this question is falling under the realm of belief systems. As I don’t believe in personalizing or naming dark energies, I can only answer your question as best I can with what knowledge I have regarding these entities. Ghosts do not have the ability to enter your thoughts or finish your sentences. They are an external element. Usually when someone is having these types of afflictions, there is an imbalance in the aura or physical ailment present.

      First and foremost, as with any suspected paranormal activity, one must eliminate any other potential, logical explanations. Many mental ailments can behave in the manners that you are speaking of. Once those types of things are ruled out by professionals, you can move on to inspecting your home. High electromagnetic readings in the home, due to old or faulty wiring, can cause a person to have hallucinations and feelings of dread and paranoia. This is the cause of many a labeled ‘haunting’ when really there is nothing paranormal there.

      So, after all this, if the finger is still pointed in the direction of the supernatural, there are a few things you can do. One, ask it to leave. This can take days, weeks, or longer for it to comply. Two, have the home blessed and place ornaments such as cleansing crystals around the home. Three, move, but that’s not always an option.

      I hope things get better for you,

  108. I have a child that is 8. Her favorite toy went missing 4 years ago. It has reappeared . No one in the household saw that thing or placed it on the couch. What do you think?

    • Hi Brooklyn, that is a very interesting phenomena. Has someone passed away recently, a grandmother or close relative, that would want to leave her a gift?


  109. Recently we had a strange encounter of sorts. Woken by my son goofing and laughing like being tickled or talked to. Then back to sleep we all went when I was frightened awake by a child’s very loud and right agaist my ear 6-8 year old child’s laugh. I’ve been so afraid I don’t want to be but don’t know first time it’s ever happened and i don’t know what to do

    • There’s no need to be frightened. It might just be a one-time occurrence as paranormal activity is usually few and far between. If incidences increase, though, you may need to address the spirits directly, asking them to cease in scaring you and your family. Most spirits are just those of deceased humans and are merely curious of you. Please write me if things get out of hand, though.

      Danielle :)

  110. hello my fello people and spirits. for a long time now i knew we had a ghost in the house. it is a ghost of a little girl who i had this wonderful experience. during my daydream she came to me and told me that i drag other ghosts in the house with my feet a woman and someone who wishes to remain unknown( i strongly believe this is true because i have had this intuitive knowingness for a while). anyway she was scared and confused and alone, i gave her love and she curled up next to me in bed, i held her and calmed her and woke up knowing that i have to do something about the girls spirit and about that womans spirit who was with this unknown entity. i used to guide lost souls to the light before i became the centre of attention of occult practicing psychic vampires at my workplace. They suck the life energy of other people to use it on magical rituals for their own selfish benefit. at one time when i started to meditate, i became strong enough to control my own energy and thy couldn’t get it from me anymore, thats when i became the target of severe psychic attacks and black magic, i had to deal with summoned demons when i was so broken and dry that i literally had liver , heart and kidney failures. Things got much better when i told them that i knew and wished them to stop. now the severity has stopped but still occasionally i get sucked dry and my bodies feel like demolished battleground. i still have my connection to the spirit world and source and mama earth but it has become very weak. i have asksd angels raziel, raphael, michael and metatron to help me and i feel their presence but i feel as there is someone important missing … who is the angel of nature, animals, crystals. angel who works with devas and such .. i know there has to be ? i know everything happened for a reason, i havent figured out the reason yet:)

    • oh and i know for certain that we have a child ghost in the house.. i have seen her in my meditations and our cat loves to play with her.. sometimes my cat is all over the house while slight distant giggles are heard around the house.

  111. Hello and thank you for the article, I’ve learned so much reading the comments and responses. Here’s my situation: I’ve been meditating every night for a few months before bed (this will be relevant later). Two nights ago, I was awoken in the middle of the night by flashing lights and noise, which I soon discovered to be a toy car belonging to my kids. It stopped after I got out of bed and looked at it for a few seconds. The buttons had several inches of clearance, but I shrugged it off as best I could to battery issues. The next day, my husband said that the kids’ musical potty was going off on it’s own, and that another toy car did too (but the second car was resting on its buttons when he found it, so not really that odd). That night, I felt anxious about going to bed and whispered aloud “don’t disturb me tonight please.” Nothing happened, and here I write to you today. Additionally, a week or two back, I felt a tug at my clothing which I was certain was my two-year old, but no one was there. I’m wondering if I have possibly attracted a child-like spirit as a result of my meditation habits? And if so, should I expect these experiences for life now (as long as I’m practicing regular meditation)? Or do you think I’m over- analyzing normal happenings?

    • Hi Zen Mom, very interesting dilemma. I do think that because you are meditating, you are opening yourself up more to paranormal things. But I think these things were already there, it’s just that they weren’t able to communicate with you as easily until now. Everyone is capable of tuning in to the other side, it’s a matter of frequency and vibration, meditation brings our frequencies up therefore increasing our ability to communicate with spirits. If they concern you, keep telling them you’d rather they didn’t disturb you. It does sound like it might be a child, so it might just be lonely and looking for a mother figure. If you feel it should move into the light, tell it so often and hopefully it will listen.

      Keep in touch,

  112. I just moved into a new home and have only been here for just over a month. I have had 3 different ghost children visit me. All in my bedroom in my bed just before I awake or one woke me. I don’t understand why there are 3 different ones. My teenage daughter also had a dream in this house of a cute little 4yr old boy, crying in our laundry room, when she went to help he screamed and tried to hurt her…in her dream, she awoke and was terrified. Can anyone please explain what could be going on? This house is not old, it is fairly new. I have never liked my bedroom since moving here, it really creeps me out now.

    • Hi Tina, sounds like there could be a couple of things going on. First and foremost, try to rule out rational explanations first. Electromagnetic energy from old or faulty wiring or circuit boxes can create hallucinations and feelings of dread and paranoia. In regards to your bedroom, there could be an overhead fan or television emitting this energy. Usually if you only feel creeped out in one room and nowhere else, there’s a good chance it’s EMF (electromagnetic frequency) related. Once you feel satisfied that nothing logical is creating these feelings, now its time to observe. Where are the sightings or sensations happening the most? Take notes about anything you experience that is odd. Dreams are not, just in my opinion, a reliable source of paranormal activity. Most dreams are simply the subconscious sorting itself out.

      If activity increases and is disturbing, start small by asking them to leave you alone whenever you sense them nearby. It never hurts to have the home cleansed with sage. Some people have found that gemstones like crystals placed in the room can help.

      Let me know how it goes, sometimes these things settle down on their own but if they don’t, I can give you some more tips.

      Danielle :)

  113. Hi Danielle, thanks for the reply. I am certain it is not electromagnetic energy, my hubby is an electrician and I had him check this first. I am a Reiki Master so have some knowledge, however this experience is new. I know I am not dreaming or hallucinating. The occurrences have also happened downstairs to my daughter. I will use sage and my stones today and ask them to leave. I will let you know how it goes in a little while and if smudging the house again works.

    • Good luck!

      A couple other things to consider is whether or not these spirits could be attached to something or someone in your home. Try to recall the first time you noticed something was off and see if it correlates with anything new or different in your home. If you’re comfortable, ask your neighbors if anything strange happened in the home. Even the living can leave residual energy if there was trauma.

      Danielle :)

  114. Thank you I will certainly think on that. Our move into this home was a strange one and I originally did not want this home…lol, how I wished I had trusted my instinct:-) Thank you for your help, I will keep you posted

  115. Hello. For quite a while now (years) when I go to bed at night a little girl will peak around the corner of the door at me. I saw her once in my daughter’s bed and tonight my husband saw her. I have not told him about her until tonight. Is there a reason she would peak and run? Why has she not been here the entire time we’ve lived here? I’m a little disturbed by it, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Barbara, spirit children are very similar to living children in the way that they are curious but shy. She’s just seeing what you guys are all about. She probably has been there the whole time but hasn’t shown herself. Whenever you see or feel her, just speak aloud, say hi, talk to her as you would any child. She might just be looking for a mother figure. :)


      • Thanks. I am a little worried that acknowledging she is real might make it worse. I also don’t want the kids to see her or be scared. I will try talking to her.


  116. Hi Danielle, I ran across your interesting web site just as I was surfin’ the net and thought I would share my experience from about 4 or 5 years ago. I had awaken in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep when I felt as though someone was in the room. I rolled over to look at the doorway and caught sight of what seemed to be a shadowy little boy of about 4 or 5 on his way out of the room. What struck me was that I wasn’t startled at all, it had a very calm, non threatening vibe about it. For the next year or so I could sense it around occasionally, sometimes setting off our kids toys or just being there. Sometimes temporarily hiding small objects or putting my wife’s keys high out of reach of anybody in the house. One night I had heard a child’s voice say “Hi” about 25 feet from where I was on the computer. I went over to check out from where the little voice came from and there was nobody there so I went and checked on the wife and kids and they were all sound asleep. I have not heard or sensed it since, but when it was around it seemed to me like a harmless little child just doing things kids like to do. It did not emit a negative feeling so we just let it do it’s thing. This is the only experience I have had with this sort of thing and before this never put much thought into the paranormal but this is one of those things I just have no other explanation for. It has been gone for a long time now but sometimes I wonder if it passed into the light or just found somewhere else to play.

  117. My family was sitting in the living room one day when I was sweeping the floor. It was a nice day so we had the door open. I was sweeping some dust onto the front porch. My family asked me why I was calling out to Estill. I have no recollection of this but Estill was a kind man who previously owned my home. Now my husband has been experiencing a little girl who will not let him sleep. This ghost child yanks on his hand until he gets up and walks around the house with her. My son has also experienced a child. I don’t know if it is the same child as he specifies that his child can’t walk. My son just turned 16 but his experience began soon after his 15th birthday, within months of moving into another recidence. My son experienced a child crawling across his floor. He stated that he was scared so he closed his eyes only to re-open them and the child still being there. The tv was on so the room had light, it was about 2:30 AM. He came running to me in fear. At the same time, my daughter (age 17) came running to me as she heard something crawling across her floor and said “Penny” in her ear. I don’t know what the significance was with Penny so I began researching a child by the name of Penny dying. I found that in 1944, there was a 2 year-old little girl who died in my county from a surgery to remove a penny from her throat. The cemetary is located within 2 miles of my home. I was told that this was a good spirit and may ward off some bad spirits. What do you think?

    • Hi Joy, they sound like very good spirits, I wouldn’t worry too much about them. If they become an issue, kindly ask them to go into the light, but otherwise they’re just hanging around you because they’re curious.


  118. Please I need help. I live in a home built by my husbands grandfather. We are the third generation to live here so we know of all the deaths here. In theearly 80s my husbands aunt accidentally ran over his 2 year old cousin in our driveway. Recently, last month or so, I’ve been hearing a child in my bedroom. He whispers mom or momma. Only to me. Almost every night this happens. One night I even heard little feet running in my hallway in front of my bedroom. The oddthing is, sometimes my husband is in the room when it happens and even though iIl hear it clear as day he doesn’t hear it. Its confusing and it scares me because my baby sleeps in our room with us and I’m always worried this ghost or spirit or whatever he is will disturb him in some way. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to be scared but I can’t help it. I also have a two year old daughter and I’m worried the little spirit might try to connect with her since she is the same age.

    • Hi Stephanie, sorry to hear you’ve been having troubles. The first thing to remember is that this child is no different than your own, just that he doesn’t have a body anymore. He still feels, very much. He feels sad, lonely, confused, etc. To help him, you have to understand him.

      The best thing to do is to acknowledge him, though most people feel that will cause the spirit to manifest more. This isn’t necessarily true, ignoring them can make them strive for more attention. Talk to him, comfort him just as you would your own child. If you wish for him to go, tell him so very gently or ask, out loud, that one of his relatives come and help him find his way.

      Again, there’s nothing to fear. This is just a lost baby needing help.

      Please keep in touch and let me know if there’s more I can do,

  119. hi all, new here. i have a son who is 10 and has autism. we feel he has always been able to see a little boy. an autistic trait is that they often laugh for no reason. so called experts dismiss as nothing but i really believe for my son it is him seeing his little friend. he used to put a red solo cup and either a bag of frozen fries or frozen pancakes on the table then pull out a chair and then sit across from that spot. i’ve heard giggles and little feet running and there was no one there. I’ve seen and heard things in the past so this isn’t new for me or hard to believe. this morning i saw this little boy and he was very clear to me. i feel no evil so i’m not afraid but i’ll admit a little freaked out. calmer now as i write this. So do you think that my son’s special needs diagnosis makes him more open to spirits? he oftens giggles for no reason that i can see. he’s happy so we’re good ok with it.


    • Hi Danielle, nice name!😉

      To answer your first question, I believe that children with autism are incredibly gifted. My nephew is three and autistic and I noticed that he seems to respond to the energy around him. If his mother is agitated, he is agitated. If someone is calm, he is calm. I believe he’s an empath, which makes sense because his other senses are impaired. I feel that this is good for your son, since autistics lack social skills, it’s probably good for him to have a friend he chooses to interact with, even if it is a spirit.

      For your second question, yes, I definitely have flashes of images in my thoughts. Every psychic is different, some are clairvoyant (clear seeing) while others are clairsentient (clear feeling). There are even some that sense spirits by smells. The more you accept the images and allow them to move freely through your thoughts, the clearer they may become and in time you may be able to develop a strong psychic ability. :)

      Hope I’ve helped,

  120. so glad i’m not crazy… thank you so much for answering my questions. my son is always so happy and you are right it would be good for social skills!
    i have not thought about what place these images in my mind have in my life, but will except them and see where it takes me.

  121. i need some help! my name is jess and i am 15 years old, ever since i was a little girl i have heard voices where ever i am! they talk to me and when i was younger i used to talk back, my mum was telling me i used to sit and talk to someone but there was never anyone there. when i was younger i dont remember actually seeing anyone but now i am older i dont just get the voices i get the screaming in my ear all of a sudden in the middle of the night, i will wake up and it will feel like someone is heavily breathing on my face, and pushing down on my chest. i looking over to the door at night and i see a figure that is always there, of a night i will feel cold hands wrapping around my ankle and sharply puling my leg! i wake up and i have bruises and scratches all over my body which i dont remember doing to myself. i see people moving in the shadows all the time, when it is dark i feel unsafe in my own home. walking to the bathroom of a night is impossible as i contently feel like their is someone watching, following or waiting me to be out in the open. when i am in my bedroom i sit up against the wall otherwise i feel someone behind me. opening doors in the dark i fell like there is going to be someone on the other side.
    i remember waking up in the middle of the night and my desk lamp turned itself on, i was to scared to move over to turn it off so i just stared at it and hoped they would turn it of again, but it flickered, on about the 4th or 5th flicker i face appeared inches from mine covered in scratches and screaming and crying! and then she went when it flickered again, i think she was around my age. there is another girl that i have seen in my room, she is drenched in water all of the time, she is wearing a pinafore white dress and she has long black hair, she leaves wet hand prints on my desk and draws and she has grabbed mt wrist and it has been wet, she walks bare footed and leaves wet footprints, i see her all the time in the dark and i see her in the dark when i look into my mirror in my room. my baby sister has a music box in her bedroom and i think she likes to listen to it as she turns it on all the time i think her name is alice. there is also a little boy dressed in a navy hoodie and grey top and jeans but never any shoes, he is the one i fear is always watching or behind me, when i turn around sharp i catch him in the corner of my eye, he is always crying and has big re circles under his eyes. i fear that they are warning me of something but they hurt me! i never see the other person that breathes on my face at night or tugs at my leg i feel that it is a women!
    i need some help as i am the only one who can see them or hear them, they are always screaming and crying. i am getting hurt and i am scared, when i got to sleepovers they follow me there and i see them in the dark corners at school they are everywhere!

    • Hi Jess, sorry to hear of your troubles. Your situation is definitely a rare case and I feel needs more personal assistance. It would be well worth your while to contact any local paranormal investigators in your area and see if they can come in. They may be able to pinpoint what exactly is going on and give you some tips.

      It sounds though, that you might have a personal poltergeist or two. They are spirits that are attached to you and cause a lot of problems. The reason these kinds of spirits attach themselves to teens is because of your high hormonal and emotional levels. One thing you should begin doing immediately is meditating to reduce your anxiety, calming your aura. These spirits ‘feed’ themselves with negative energies. Fear and anxiety are incredibly strong energies. If you reduce these, they will gradually become less interested in you.

      The other thing to do is to practice ignoring them. The less attention you give them, the more bored they become and move on to other, easier targets. They can’t hurt you, but they can drive you crazy if you let them. Also, one thing I do if I feel them watching me, is confront them. Tell them to voice their reason for bothering you or tell them to leave you alone.

      Definitely tell an adult you trust and feel will not belittle your feelings. Entities such as these prey on those that they feel are ‘loners’ and don’t have much for a support system. Surround yourself with good energy, whether that be friends or family. Don’t let the entities make you feel as though you’re all alone.

      Please keep in touch and I am always here to listen,
      Danielle :)

      • Thank you for you advise, although I fear that they knew I have been speaking to you as things have gotten worse!

      • Sounds as though they are directly affected by your emotions and anxiety, definitely try meditating or doing something that calms you down and takes your mind away from thinking about them. Reading, writing, etc. Anything that calms you.

  122. Hi i like your comment about life up there im going through a hardtimes rn but anyways my 2 twin sisters have been complaining about a ghost of a little girl that wake them up at night sometimes they wake up to see it afloat in corners sometimes on the floor with there back turned they have seen this apparition a total of 5 times already i have tryed talking to it to leave them alone and its recent appearance talked to them in differnt language i asked what language since they are only 8 years old its they dont really know bit it is either latin or some european language this concerns me now because its now trying to communicate they also hear strange noises on the walls that hit each wall and goes beaneath i havent had the chance to see it ive tryed staying up several times with ghost cams doing evps and emfs but nothing out of norm except emf spikes from time to time my other siblings often see shadows near the twins door when waked up in the middle of the night cause there rooms are acriss each other. idk what we are dealing with please give advice or opinions.

    • Hi Nancy, there are two ways in general to deal with spirits, tell them to leave or ignore them. Since you’ve already tried telling them to leave, it might be time to ignore them. Just like a toddler that throws a fit, giving them attention can be the worst thing you can do. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, to them you are the intruder, the stranger in their home. If you switch off the part of you that can sense them and hear them (by ignoring them) you may be able to live in harmony with the spirits, each of you rarely bumping into one another. They’re just invisible roommates really. If they aren’t being too invasive or harming anyone, it might just be best to leave them be.:)

      Let me know how it goes,

  123. My 2 year old granddaughter see a ghost named Betsy. She’ll ask her mom if she sees it. Mom doesn’t. They’ve had silverware, and kids cups disappear for a few months, and reappear somewhere in the house. They have a Bull dog, she doesn’t seem to notice any ghost.
    When my daughter first moved in her house, she thought she saw a little girl walking down the stair from the corner of her eye. I had her kids with me. I had a strange light at the ground as I stepped out their side door to leave. Double look it was gone. Their house was built in the 1800’s. She lives where their was a major flood.

    • Sounds like a wonderful little ghost. I love hearing stories about children seeing kind ghosts.:)


  124. Hello. My name is tasha I’m 30 years old. My husband and I lost our 6 week old son Tyler almost 2 years ago. Just recently I’ve noticed little things like my cats will stare off at walls and his pictures. They will stand at what was his bedroom door and cry so loudly. And today I was in bed on my stomach and felt like little hands press down on my leg. The animals were all asleep in the living room they aren’t allowed in the bedrooms. Also I was sitting on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden the left side of my chin began to sting I got up looked in the morrow and there was two very thin scratches. I dont know what’s going on. When tyler passed it was in this house and his cremated remains are in a special teddy bear on the mantle in the living room. Could he be some how letting me know hes here?

    • Hi Tasha, my gut feeling is that no, this is not your son. It’s extremely rare for such a young soul to be trapped in that realm. There are special guides appointed for just that job and little ones almost always go directly to the higher realm. I have a feeling this is something different. Something is definitely trying to get your attention. Start keeping a journal of the incidents, write down everything that happens, see if there’s a pattern. Notice any odd smells without a source, any cold spots, or disturbances. With more information, we can possibly narrow down what this could be. I truly feel if it was your son, you would feel a sense of love or peace with these incidents. Good spirits usually don’t scratch.

      Please keep in touch, let me know if anything more happens,

      • Thank you very much for responding. We live in an old house with lots of history so I will keep you informed.

  125. So i found your blog/ post from google and ive been reading everyones stories. I am trying to not be freaked out but I am a little. I know this spirt is a child, or atleast presents him self that way. I have seen his shadow clear as my own kids. Its a little boy..maybe 3 or 4. He has been around me for a long while but here lately it has been more…intense..? Waking up with a quick glimpse of someone in my face, hearing little footsteps running through the house, seeing shadows peeking around corners. I am not sure how to handle this? My girls (2 and 4 years) dont seem to have imaginary friends or interact with anything. my boys are currently with their aunt for the summer. If this is a spirit and the same one, he is trying real hard the last few days to get my attention.. what do i do?

    • Hi Becky, I think the first thing I would do is simply ask aloud what he wants and if there is a way for you to help him. The best way to hear him is to use a recorder or the microphone on your cell phone. If you can’t get anywhere that way, try asking him to leave you alone, then ignore him the best you can. Ask around or try to find out the history of your home, there could be clues to who he is and why he is haunting your home. Once you have some details about him and his death, it can be easier to convince him to go into the light. I know it can be hard to deal with these entities, especially when they’re children. He is feeling a strong connection with you because he is likely afraid and looking for his own mother.

      Let me know how it goes,
      Danielle :)

  126. I just recently found that my son has a little boy his age in his room. And is very attached to him. My son is scared of him and will not sleep or play in his room. I’m very new at this. So this helps alot.

  127. hi i have a question my roomies son has seen a ghost wolf in which we think is his spirit guide and the other night i heard music of the native americans playing flutes drums i was looking it up said something to the effect that it was my spirit guide i also that night had a dream my roomie awoke me yelling kat help!! in a voice as if it was some time of emergancy as i woke up sweating i looked around my room she wasnt there so i ran down to wake her tell her i thought something may happen so my question is is this all linked togther the guides and could something bad be getting ready to happen i just have that feeling?

    • Hi Kathy, I’m of the belief that dreams are simply our subconscious organizing our thoughts and experiences. While some people do have precognitive dreams, the majority are not warnings of future events. Even if the warnings were true, I don’t know there could be anything you could do to prevent the future from occurring. Humans are inherently paranoid creatures, always trying to foresee the future and change it. Unfortunately, we cannot.

      Anytime we have the sense that something bad is about to happen, we can usually find something undesirable to pin that foreboding on.


  128. Hello we moved in to a home in feb and just last night i left to take my mom home she stood for a week and i came home to my fiance telling me he seen a little girl about 4 years running down our hallway to go out the sliding door he then later seen an imprint of the devils face in our daughters sandal (shes 2) it’s. Odd for me to hear this from him hes total opposite he never complains or hided hid fears and stuff like that should i be worried we only rent ive googled as far as i can the home was built in 1978 and bought two times once in 1991 and the last time bought from foreclosure in 2013 i believe im not sure how to handle this does it get worse any insight is appreciated thank u so much

    • Hi Carissa, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on yet. Start taking notes of odd occurrences and once there’s a few experiences, we can better establish what type of haunting it is. The imprint he saw on the sandal, I suspect, is called pareidolia. Our brains are programmed to see faces in every day objects or blurred images (Example: people seeing the image of Jesus or Mary in clouds). So nothing to worry about there.

      Try not to be afraid, just take notes of strange happenings. Make sure to try to debunk all experiences though, there could be a logical explanation for almost any odd experience.

      Danielle :)

  129. My baby claims he has played with this little boy, and he once gave me a name. As well as my father has seen him. I’m sure they are his two favorites because my mother and I have not seen him. My bestfriend and I live in my parents basement and she says she hasn’t gotten any sleep but she’s been in bed for 16 hours. My cat is acting very strange lately tooo. And my baby woke up screaming from his nap today. I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but I think this ghost or whatever is mad. I’m not sure why? What should I do?

    • Hi Victoria, at this time I’m not sure there’s enough evidence to support the notion that it is indeed a haunting. My advice is to begin keeping a diary of paranormal events, noting the time, date, and happenings. From there we can better figure out what’s going on. There are several types of hauntings and we need to know more in order to establish a remedy.:)


  130. Hi,my name is Jessica. i am seventeen years old and i live in a house with my mom and dad with 3 sister’s and 2 brothers and 1 nephew big house…getting to the point i have seen this little boy who i believe may be attached to me, the reason why i think that is because i see him every were. it all stared one night i heard crying i thought it was my baby brother so i went to my moms room and checked on him he was sound asleep so i went to go check my nephew to see if he was crying but he wasn’t. I thought i was just dreaming out i went back to my room and i saw him in my room sitting a this little baby bed i have in the corner of my room i payed no mind, en-till i left for the weekend i went too my cousins an i would see him over there after awhile i stared to see him everywhere at the store on the side of the road in the hall way when i would get up and go to the bathroom. but now its like im getting conferrable with him around to were one day i felt him like im not sure it was just explainable like i was standing by the couch watching TV and i felt a tug on the bottom my my shirt and my whole right side of my arm got goosebumps. that was the first time he even came that close to me. i don’t know but it scared me at first and yeah i still im but my dad always told me not to be scared. but now im not sure what to do like do i ask him to leave me alone? but then i know if i do ill feel bad….what should i do? is it possible i created a bond with this little boy? apart of me feels bad because i don’t know his name nor do i know what he wants are anything……..but its like if he was real like there’s times were i wont see him at all threw out the night and im like looking for him threw the house….and if don’t find him know were my mind is like wondering……i don’t know what am i suppose to do…….

    • Hi Jessica, all ghosts want something, whether it be help, companionship or energy. Try asking around or researching the house’s history, you may find out what happened to the little boy and be able to help him find his way. If he’s not ready to move on, you can be kind to him, say hello, talk to him, but be aware that the paranormal activity could increase. He won’t hurt you, but if he’s the ‘needy’ kind of ghost, he can feed off your energy, interfering with your moods and feelings. It’s best to see if you can get them to move on, if not, try to ignore him and see if the activity decreases.

      See how it goes, play with different ways to interact with him, but ultimately it is best for him to move on.


  131. hi Jessica since I was little I seen a little girl all in white aged between 7yrs old and 10 now she is following my kids many year later after me is that a good thing or bad thing because I cant answer it for my kids?

    • Hi Jason, my name is Danielle, Jessica was one of the commenters.:) Sounds like you might want to check into your family background to see who this ghost might be, sounds like she is tied to your family. Ask around, your parents, grandparents, if there was a girl that passed on around that age. It’s not a bad thing, the ghost simply feels a link with your family and possibly doesn’t understand she’s dead or scaring anyone. You can ask her to leave if you like or find out who she is and assist her in crossing over (telling her she’s dead and it’s time to go home).

      Danielle :)

  132. I have a question my father in law has had some ups and downs with his health he informed me that he has been visited by a little boy and girl for the past 6 months they will pop up when people are around but they can’t see them. He told me that they seem to b talking to him but all he hears r mumbles. I don’t think he is crazy because he has got some good news lately about his health, naturally i tried to look up and deaths of children that has occurred in our area I havnt found anything unless it was during the civil war. Please if anyone can give me and advice will surely help I’m curious.

    • As with all potential hauntings, it is imperative to consider the logical first. We can’t know without medical testing if he is suffering from an ailment that could cause him to hallucinate. That aside, if it is a true haunting, there could be deaths in his family that are surrounding him. Search his background for any children that may have passed on. They could be loved ones that have chosen to come back to assist him to the other side when the times comes. As long as he isn’t frightened by the spirits, it’s safe to try to communicate with them. If he’s bothered by it, he can ask them to leave.

      Hope that helps,

  133. I keep seeing what looks like the top of a child’s head with long blond hair running around my bed. Seen this for years and even out of my house. I have also moved a number of times and it seems to come with me. Takes a lot to frighten me. I feel more confused then anything. Just concerned I picked up a demon. Not an uncoman thing to here of in my line of work from the locals apparently.. I’m also starting to remember things from my child hood I’m not sure happened. Dreams and out of body experiences and such playing on a nother plain.( demenntion) All from when I was a child the last few months The memories are coming to me. I would say back but idk if they wer mine to start with. This is the first I’ve reserched anything and your site popped up. Just hope I’m not crazy. Sorry about the spelling. They taught me to shoot not spell.

    • Hi James, this sounds like a personal spirit, one that likely was a part of your family. I would ask around or research if there were any young children that died in your family. Or try to recall the first time you saw her, where you were, and then research the history of that house or area. If you’d simply like her to leave, continuously tell her to leave, gently but firmly. I wouldn’t worry about her being demonic in any way, she would have shown herself as aggressive by now if she was a darker entity.

      Hope this helps,

  134. Hello about 9 months or so I started seeing things out of the corner of my eyes I always ignored it in the very beginning. there are times I’m watching TV and i swear I can see the figure of a little girl just watching me out of the corner of my eye i turn to face it and it disappears immediately. On one occasion my son swore he seen a little girl not his sister run in and out of our living room and upstairs on a second occasion he claims to have seen this same little girl wearing a dress standing next to my daughter. About a month or so my son and myself were in my living room and suddenly a random bubble appeared not an orb but an actual soapy bubble it threw us off. well up until two weeks ago i got a very sudden dizzy spell it felt horrible so i went to the next room as i was walking to the next room i literally avoided tripping over what seemed to be a child the only thing i was able to see was a grey/blue dress soon after that i got chills and the hair in the back of my head literally stood up. and it was not any of my children they were not home I was home alone. we have been in the same house well over 8yrs and never ever seen anything up until 9 months ago. is this child ghost now trying to tell me and my son something my other children have never seen her just my son and myself what can we do to make it stop without upsetting it?

    • Sounds like she’s just curious about you and your family. The best way to get her stop is simply to ask her to stop. Wait until you feel her around and casually ask her to leave. Don’t be afraid of her, just respond firmly but gently, eventually she’ll get the hint.


      • Thank you for the advice. It just feels like her or its presence is beginning to get stronger and I’m the only one who feels it to the point where I now dread going home after work. I’m fine all day at work but as soon as i get home I start feeling sick is it possible that its not a child but something else disguised as a child?

      • It’s definitely possible but hard for me to determine without more info. Negative energies affect everyone differently, but mostly they leave a person feeling ill at ease in their home, can scratch and pull hair, and usually they try very hard to scare you as that’s how they grow and thrive, with human fears. If you can, try to find a medium or wiccan to cleanse/sage/bless your home, it may help considerably.

  135. Hi Danielle I had a ghost in my house as a child and was the only one who saw it once and heard it frequently climbing stairs. It never reached the top just kept climbing. I have been intuitive over the years able to sanp shot someone I look at (only within the family) and foretell what could happen. I learned to go on my hunches due to the constant reality of it coming true. I have lived quietly and peacefully otherwise having taught many years volunteered on an ambulance many years and raising four kids and now with grandkids. I am a writer and have my 3rd book out called TUMBLEWEED KIDS. I have been attempting to promote it for a couple of years but not being too successful. I have a relationship blog taking off across the world so I have been focusing on that. However My heart is in the book becasue of the hurts kids endure in their home environments. Divorce makes it so much worse. As much as I realize some marriages must end, too many end and cause so many problems which I’ve seen first hand. I have been questioning my mission of bringing the issues to focus through the kids eyes. Recently I was startled awake with two kids standing about three feet from my bed. They were just staring at me for a few seconds and then disappeared. I figured I was dreaming and went back to sleep. A few nights later two more different kids were standing as close to my bedside as they could. I was startled awake again and this time they stared a longer time. I was truthfully so startled that I just stared back. One had an old fashioned dress with a pinafore. I again fluffed it off but as the days have passed I wondered if it had to do with my inattention to the book I have been hoping to push. I also don’t want to think I have ghosts in my house as I never did in this house. I believe in angels and I want only good surrounding me.

    • Pam, ghosts have no interest in the material world. They are to attracted energy, so whatever energy you are giving off must be something they can utilize.


  136. I’ve always been obsessed with ghosts I wish I was able to see ghosts I also love going to haunted houses with my family I went on a ghost tour in North Carolina. it was so much fun my sister took a picture of a window in a haunted house and I think she had a ghost in her picture the ghost was looking out of a window I think looking at the big group of people on the tour seeing what we were doing I also think there were curtains on the window and the ghost had the curtains in its hand so it can see out the window.

  137. Hi, theres this little girl that seems to like to visit me on a night, although i can hear her at other times, she doesnt seem to follow me around the house but she seems to stay in my room. When I’m trying to go to sleep I always feel something pull my hair through the top of my bed, I think its her, its like she likes to play, although it sounds annoying and a little bit creepy, I cant help but feel sorrow that maybe this little girl has died and is taking to me as her favourite person, I was half asleep one night and i dont know if i was like dreaming or if i was awake but i know i wasnt fully asleep, and she was asking me really politley for help but she wouldnt tell me what for, I asked her whats wrong and she just cried and walked off into my walk-in wardrobe and I didnt see her or hear her for like a week but after that, there she was back to her old tricks pulling my hair and what sounds like playing in my room. I havent seen her for about 2 weeks now and It sounds like madness but i really want to know how to properly communicate with her, as I dont think she could hear me when i was asking her if she was okay, i liked the fact she took to me.

    • Hi Angel, sounds like a lovely little ghost.:) The best way to establish communication would be to start EVP sessions using the recording device on your cell phone. Whenever you feel her presence, begin taping, asking questions and then play back the recording to see if you captured anything. This may take several attempts, but it can give her a way to speak to you. Let me know how it goes.

      Danielle :)

  138. What do you do if a baby gets stuck? You can’t convince him or her to leave because they can’t understand what you are saying much less what happened.

    • Hi Cari, from what I understand babies are rarely left to suffer as a wandering spirit. They are almost always guided home with assistance from angelic presences. When ‘ghostly’ babies are heard crying, it is most often residual energies still lingering in the area.


  139. I have been told by several people, including a young child that I am psychic… And I recently miscarried. I wasn’t very far along. Probably not even a month. I’ve been “seeing” (more like feeling) a little girl around me and the child in the house says the little girl is my daughter. I figured it was but I do not know how to deal with this. The child in the house is around three and answers questions that they shouldn’t know the answer to. No one knew I miscarried until a couple of days ago and it was about a month ago. I never said anything with the child in the house. I don’t really know what I’m asking. I would just like some input I guess on how to deal with this. I’m not use to this child being so serious like when they asked if my daughter would visit when I found my own place with my husband. They also say that the “monsters” don’t like being talked about and that I’ve died giving birth before. I’ve been patient with them, only asking questions I know they can answer but after awhile I feel like something is messing with me emotional like they normally do when they think I’m prying and when I ask the child they say its their grandma (who they’ve never known and is dead). The child whispers to me sometimes and says that I know to much, just like them. The child will also shine a light in my eyes when they have a flashlight in hand to “look in my eyes”. Do you know why they would do that, since I feel like it serves her a purpose? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Kat, very sorry to hear of your loss. I don’t feel that this entity is your daughter. I feel that this could be something else taking advantage of your weakened aura. When someone is depressed or sad, especially from a loss like yours, darker spirits can manipulate and feed off the energies you are emitting. Please consider having your aura and your home cleansed. These spiritual leeches can make your life hell, especially after such a sad time in your life.


  140. I just don’t understand why the higher power would allow a child to stay behind and suffer. From what I have read many of these “Ghost Children” are very sad and sometimes even crying. I understand God gives us free will but just like here on earth a child with free will may not always make the right decision which is why an adult makes most of the decisions for a Child, especially a child under 10.
    I believe that when someone is about to cross over they are guided either by Angels or by a relative who has already passed in order to make the transition easier. How could these Children be left behind. It makes me sad to think that a Child is lonely and yearning for its Mommy or Daddy. I just don’t think it is fair for a child to have to make such a big decision as t cross over to somewhere they do not understand and have no knowledge of or stay here and be all alone. seems like a cruel world and even crueler after life.😦

  141. My grandmother who’s husband (my grandpa) recently passed away and she says that two boys come an ask to spend the night everynight. She never says that they bother her or even when they leave. Nothing is ever missing from the home and she also used to call our house at least 4 times a night saying she was scared to be alone now she never calls at night anymore. A friend of our family says her grandfather complained about two boys asking to stay the night, a week before he died.

  142. im a teen now and I have a little girl that follows me around she does nothing harmful but she is always happy with me we talk sometimes but what scares me is that she claims im her mother which is very strange and has the name of the name that I want to call a daughter in the future

  143. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Yesterday I checked on my 4 month old was having a nap I turned around and his baby swing was moving on its own. It was not on and no drafts in that area of the apartment. I’d like to mention that I was two months pregnant, had a miscarriage and got pregnant right after with my baby that I have now. My mother passed away two years ago. Can someone be trying to get my attention?

    • Hi Jan, it’s possible that there is someone trying to get your attention, but I would wait and see if anything more happens before deciding whether or not it’s paranormal. Take notes after every incident you find odd, marking the date and time. In some instances, you may find a pattern, one that could disprove the activity, or you may find there are more things happening than you thought. Let me know how it goes. :)

  144. We just moved into a great big Victorian house. I know this post is quite old but I’m hoping for some help. It seems as though we may have a little boy living in our house. I have 3 boys sometimes 4(my stepson) living her . My oldest out of a set of twins started talking to “charlie” who at times can be mean. My sons have cerebral palsy and are nonverbal so they have very limited vocabularies. My son will say “oww charlie!” But he also will “scold” Charlie or ask him to play. At first I dismissed it on account of him being 3 and figured he was saying “Charlie” as a character from some show but he only watches 3 shows and none have a Charlie:/ a few nights ago I started seeing glaces of little feet scurrying past me. My fiance and roommate both confirmed seeing similar things thinking it was my eldest out bed…..every time all my sons were asleep….

    Now I’m starting to worry. Can this “charlie” hurt my son? Should we move again? We are devoted Catholics and usually have our house blessed when we move in, I’m afraid if I have it blessed it might anger him. I want my sons to be safe. Someone please help!

    • Hi Kendra, I don’t think Charlie is out to harm anyone, he’s just excited to have someone to play with again. Whenever he is being aggressive with your children, or frightening you, tell him that is not appreciated and not allowed. Continue to assert yourself, giving him boundaries just as you would any small child. Use positive energy to your advantage by telling the home “I love you” or “thank you” as often as possible. Charlie will eventually settle down, especially if he is embraced and feels secure, just like a living child would. Hope that helps.:)


  145. Just in the past 4 months my boy friend and I have both been experiencing a little girl calling for mommy and whistling. My boyfriend whistled back in a tune and it copied him. Our children have all claimed to see people in the house. Right now I am six months pregnant, not sure if that has something to do with it or not. Right before the whistling started our daughter’s asked us to teach them how to whistle. When we hear the little girl either the girls are all asleep or gone. The little girl even seems to be scared. What can we do, what should we do? We can’t sleep. Everytime we hear the little girl both me and my boy friend’s eyes water

    • Hi Tia, I do feel this has something to do with your pregnancy. There’s nothing to fear, but try to wait it out and see what happens after the baby is born. I suspect the activity will stop. Perhaps this is your unborn baby’s way of making herself known. Let me know. :)

  146. I’m not sure what’s going on in my house we had never experienced any kind of activity and if I ever did my family will brush it off saying it’s just me being paranoid. I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old both little girls. A couple of months ago my mom
    Came home late to a dark house. My husband and girls were asleep. My mom says she heard and saw a small figure running from the toy room to my bed room. She said she went and checked and my 3 year old was sound asleep. I to my mom that it had to be her. That I have heard her before roaming around the house and we left it at that I did told my husband. Well, yesterday he told me he saw a little girl
    By my jewelry box standing there. He thought it was our 3 year old he told her to go back to Nana’s room and as he turned around to turn the light it was gone. The door was close and he says that there was no way it was out daughter because of that. I thought it was crazy but come to think of it. I never saw my daughter just heard her and I would tell her she needed to go to bed. The only difference In the house is my new born. And all of this started happening when I was pregnant with her. Could there be a connection. Also she stares at you as though she may want to say something.

    • Hi Jackie, ghosts are very interested in babies, all the new and beautiful energy they give off. Give it time and don’t be afraid, the spirit just likes to look at the members of the house. If the ghost becomes annoying, simply tell it as you speak to a toddler that they can look but not touch or bother the baby or anyone else in the home. You have to be firm with them, then ignore them. Keep in touch.:)

  147. A few days ago I was out in my garden taking some pics of my dog my kids were in school at the time,as I was taking a pic someone was running right at me like a child,the dog even jumped scared him.I just went on what I was doing then two nights after that I was in bed me and my husband were in bed he was sound asleep I was laying there then I seen a young boy looked like he was 4-5 years old the one thing that got my eye was his bright blue hat he was wearing! I wanted to ask if that could be my son I lost when I was 3 mths and that’s the age he would be!! If it is him how did he find me and why did he wait so long to show him self? It’s been 5 years and geeks like just yesterday I’m thinking about my baby all the time cry lots! Thanks for hearing me out and hope I see him again

    • Hi Iane, it very well could be him. Spirits love to check up on us and leave us signs that they are well and happy. There could also be something of interest going on in your life that he is coming to acknowledge; something positive or negative, but he could be showing his support for you. :)

      Take care,

  148. I really would like to speak with someone about what i endured yesterday..while bikeriding past an old efficiency that has practicing Witchcraft happening on a daily basis..that was the reason i moved out.yesterday i rode my bike past the house for the 1st time in a year. And i had a xhilds voice speak to me playfully meanwhile a bug flying around kept circling my head. I fell off my bikea.d the bug finally flew away once i got on my bike a pedal ed as fast as i could away..please help me if you have anu answers?!?!?

  149. Iv just moved into a new apartment 5 months ago and some strange things have been happening. My partner and I have been hearing what sound like a child running around late at night. He also spent the night in my 5 year old daughters bed one night when she was away. He woke up to the bed shaking very hard from side to side. My 5 year old daughter had the same experience the other night that scared her.. Please help?

    • Hi Fiona, it would be a good idea to begin making notes and obtaining information regarding the various paranormal instances in your home. Date, time, who the instance happened with; also researching your home’s past. Once you’ve gathered some more information, it will give you a better picture of what or if your home is haunted. Also, try to find other reasons as to why the bed might be shaking. It’s always best to try logic first. There could be a rational explanation, but if there are other things going on in the home, it’s easier to figure out how to rid yourself of it.


      • I was sitting on my bed this evening on my own putting clothes away, I felt my bed shake slightly when I looked around it stopped. I had a miscarriage over a year ago and a few weeks later my partner died. My daughter was on her own when the bed was shaking as it was just me her and her 6 year old sister in the house, her sister was fast asleep and she also woke from the shaking.. When I watch a horror film about children being possessed my 5 year old gets very irratic in bed crying and saying she is scared, even though she has no idea what I’m watching. I have no idea what this is. Or how to find out what it is as I have seen nothing only felt and heard things.

  150. oky i might need a bit of help here, my son passed away at birth in 2011 and we have been struggling a lot lately special me! the other day i felt a burning sensation on my back and when we looked it was a clear scratch i put it off as the cat scratching me earlier and me only noticing it then (5hrs later) today i was posting something on facebook about my son and literally when i pressed send i felt the same burning sensation and there was a scratch again? can this be a way that he is trying to get my attention ? should i be worried

    • Hi Nadia, I’m very sorry for your loss. As far as I know, most human spirits do not scratch unless provoked. Darker entities tend to be more aggressive, such as scratching. I’m afraid that if there is something harming you in this way, it is not your son. Most child spirits are kind and gentle, especially if that young. Begin taking notes of paranormal occurrences in your home, if something is there, a pattern will form. Once you gather extra info, you can more easily establish what is plaguing you. Once you know what it could be, there’s specific ways to get rid of it.


  151. Hi, I’m just wondering if a ghost child will follow when moving into a different home. My husband has been seeing the same little girl always wearing the same thing since 2008 or 2009. He was still married to his ex wife. Last year when we moved in with each other he continued to see her in the house we were living in, a few months ago we moved into a bigger house, I knew she was in the home because both babies get some weird behavior, like being fixated at a particular spot in the corner of the room at the same time and we can’t get their attention or walking into the kitchen and screaming and running back towards me pointing in the direction of the kitchen. we’ve seen chairs get pushed across the deck, I’ve had a green powder substance all over my cupboard doors, things misplaced and myself and my 3 older children have heard talking. Most of all these things that happen are when my husband is working 12 hour overnight shifts. Last night around 1am I woke up my 8 year thinking she was running down the hallway and playing with toys. And when my husband got home from work at 5am he saw her in this house for the first time. Is it possible that he is being haunted? He has said that he has heard the girl whisper help me in his ear. How can we help the little girl, and make her understand she is scaring our children.

    • Hi Kimberley, it sounds as though it is an intelligent haunting. Start with telling her to leave or to simply to stop bothering people, next, ignore her. Tell the children that to make the little girl go back to where she belongs, ie. Heaven, they must not play with her or encourage her in any way. It sounds harsh, but there’s no reason for her to move on if it’s more ‘fun’ and she gets attention on the earthly plane. She cannot move on until she decides to, and even if she doesn’t want to, she will calm down and leave people alone if she’s bored of them.

      Let me know how it goes,

  152. my girlfriend has been seeing a child with long black hair white eyes and a scraggy dress every time she goes to sleep i’m worried about her and am in need of help we are teens and quite spooked about this please if you know anything about what we can do please contact me my name is marcus rivenus on facebook plz help as soon as possible

    • Hi Marcus, I can relate to your problem. The best thing to do is change your attitude towards the spirit, do not feed it the fear it needs to grow and thrive. If possible, ignore it and even send it love and positive energy. The vibration the entity needs to live is a lower vibration, fear is the strongest. If you starve her of negative vibes, she will eventually fade or leave altogether.

  153. Hiya, I’m Francesca 18. I have experienced strange things happening for a while now in my new house, moved here about 4 years ago. It’s not frequent only sometimes and things tend to happen when i’m home alone, I hear footsteps downstairs like someone is just walking around, and rummaging around the kitchen, i normally just ignore it, my dog Bella, she snoozes with me in the morning and she definitely picks things up as well, her eyes explore the room, her ears jolt, she runs to this top of the staircase and sniffs around then comes back to bed. Sometimes my belongings disappear, like my house keys. I have seen a little boy before. He stood at my bedroom door way and asked to come in, it was strange because I could see him clear as day. He was about 6-7 years old, very pale, dark shaggy hair, he had a brown waistcoat on and a little flat cap, he also kind of resembled my dad and brother. But I couldn’t move myself, my muscles where stiff I couldn’t sit up. I told him to go away, and then I could no longer see him but could hear him/ feel him walking towards me, and then it was if I snapped out of this zone and he was completely gone. I really regret not asking him what he wanted and his name and stuff but I was so shocked I immediately told him to go away. I still hear footsteps, and struggle to sleep at night, I can’t sleep without a light on. I sometimes feel like something is in my bedroom, my family cannot, feel or hear anything. And no one has seen this little boy.

    I also have seen many orbs of light at my Nanna’s house, and actually have been startled by one when doing some coursework.

    I recently stayed at my boyfriend’s, it was about 6.30 in the morning I went to pee then came back to bed and could hear faint footsteps running around downstairs on the wooden floor, then it sounded like someone little was running up and down the stairs, I woke him up and he could hear it too. The night after that, I had a dream, well I think it was a dream but it was so real, I was sleeping next to my boyfriend when I open my eyes and there was figure of a toddler boy stood right next to the bed, he had curly hair, he was clapping and making noises as if he wanted to be picked up, or get into bed with me and my boyfriend but I said to him not today little boy, he vanished and then I started to thump my boyfriend to wake up. I felt guilty because I didn’t comfort the little toddler.
    No one else can see what I’m seeing so I think these spirits are attached to me, but it’s strange that I’ts just children I keep seeing.

    • Sounds like the spirits are simply trying to get your attention.:) As long as they aren’t becoming vindictive or scaring you on purpose, just acknowledge that they are there, send them love and they’ll be on their way.

  154. Hey my gf said that she see a girl I think she said little or a girl but she said she sees her every 4 years and she’s worried cause this year is the 4 year she said she saw her at age 5 thanks for the comment

  155. my first experience or rather sighting of a ghost child took place wen I was at college. I had returned home for d holidays and during my first day back I believe I saw the spirit of a little girl. This happened wen I had woken up and as I was walking towards the bathroom a little girl appeared out of no where and ran right past me. Although I can’t ever seem to remember her face, I clearly remember that she was giggling as she ran. This was the 1st time I had ever encounter with a spirit and it seemed pretty harmless and I wasn’t even scared. In fact I had forgotten all about it since I didn’t see the little girl again for a long time after that. However quite recently I had my second encounter which has left me quite petrified honestly. It happened when I was at my bf’s place only this time the little girl seemed to have grown up and unlike the last time the spirit of d girl didn’t seemed as innocent. I say this because unlike the last time I actually felt a little scared of her and it wasn’t just seeing the change in her growth but rather the aura around her that had changed. it felt more dark. I don’t know how to explain it better but I felt a change in her unlike my first encounter with her as a child spirit which seemed only mischievous but harmless.
    you see the two encounters very different experience for me and thus it has made me curious if I’m actually saw the same spirit of the little girl and whether ghost children can actually grown up? and also it would be so helpful to know why both the encounters felt so different ? thank you

    • Hi Jasmine, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I feel that this was likely two different spirits. The vibrations of living or dead people usually remain the same regardless of time. Human spirits usually remain the same age as when they died, or can appear younger, but I haven’t heard of anyone appearing older on the other side. Very interesting experiences, thank you for sharing!

      Danielle :)

  156. Hi i had a dream last night a litle girl was walking infront of my bedroom door and i asked someone can you see this little girl i heard children laughing and my two daughters were playing with thes little girls all ghost i told them its late and they have to go to bed this morning when i woke up i saw a little girl laying at the bottom of my husbands feet smiling at me

  157. So we were at my house and my cousin’s family deceided to come over and we were having a good time, watching tv and just talking to each other. After a point of time, all the other family members left and it was only me and my cousin in the hall during the period when me and my cousin were interacting with each other all of a sudden a chinese kid about 4 years old came out of my room. At first, i didn’t think much of it, for some reason it didn’t seem odd to me at all. What i did was that i went and carried him up to my waist level, smiled at him and said ‘hey, where did you come from?’ i repeated the question several times but he didn’t answer. i slowly approached my room without any fear, when i opened the door there was a another boy but this time he was older probably about 6. i slowly placed the young one to the ground and he walked towards the older one and they both held hands. i asked them one more time where did they come from? the older one replied i was just leaving. My cousin was agitated and she fiercely asked them, where did you come from? i was looking out the window (living in a high rise) calculating that is the only way they could have came in. i stopped my cousin from being aggresive towards these kids, and suddenly the vibe changed the older one replied ‘why? do you want us to stay?’ he looked at the young one his face started to change into somthing dark and sinister i kept on holding my cousin throughout. After that i did not speak, i remember screaming and i just tried to show them the way out through the front door, as they were leaving one of them turned behind and gave me a dark and scary look. i woke up after that, time was 3.40am. can anyone interpret this? it was real scary and i wasn’t able to sleep at all since as i always feel someone is there with me when i am alone.

    • Hi Irfan,

      So it was all a dream? I wasn’t sure with how it began. I don’t interpret dreams, unfortunately. Sorry.:/


  158. I am a paranormal investigator and ive tun into evil spirits before. A family of 4 spirits has claimed тo follow me while i was using my spirit box. They told me there were 3 of тhem, тhaт was until we found ouт тhaт they were lying. The father and mother seemed тo tell me noт тo тalk тo тhe little girl of тhe family. They told me тo noт believe her. I realized тhaт something was wrong. Me and another friend off тhe investigation group decided тo listen тo some christian music тo calm our nerves after realizing тhaт тhe little girl was a energy parasite тhaт had been feeding off my emotions for a long тime. Тhaт’s when i felt very off in a way. We have never heard of children spirits attempting тo posses anyone, buт i knew тhe signs. Iт was noт my firsт possesion. We left тo another area and demanded answers, or we would do тo тhe girl whaт we did тo another energy parasite тhaт decided тo feed off me. As soon as we turned iт on we goт answers. She claimed тo have killed her big sister and she said her and her family came from тhe woods behind my house. She had claimed she drowned, which could have happened in an old pond тhaт was in тhe field a long тime ago, and iт was filled in with dirt for no paticular reason. For complying and answering our questions, we let тhem off easy and let тhem leave. We told тhem if they ever tried тo hurt us again, we would take no mercy on тhem. Тhaт was when everything went silent. I plan тo help тhe family pass on one day, buт i don’т know if тhe little girl would go тo heaven or hell. This was my firsт experience with an evil young spirit. I can’t seem тo find any links online abouт evil child spirits, so i figured this was a very rare event. I still have тhe spirit box sessions recorded on my phone.

    • Hi there,

      I don’t have any experience dealing with spirit boxes, unfortunately. I’ve seen them on TAPS, but I’ve never used one. It’s hard for me to know what this entity is exactly, I’d need more information about her and the situation before I could say what she is. There are so many possibilities, from non-human entities pretending to be human spirits to poltergeists created by living individuals in the home. Wish I could tell you more.:/


  159. Hi my name is mark i am 42 years old.

    About two weeks ago my wife woke up in the middle of the night almost in tears saying that she had a bad dream and that she never wanted to talk about it however after about two days later she finally told me that she woke up in the night and seen a shadow of somone in the courner of the room so she woke me up. i informed her that it must have been a dream and not to worry.
    about a week after that i woke up from a nightmare around 02:30 and seen somone stand in front of me thinking it was my 14 year old son i asked him “what is wrong mate” but there was no answer.
    I looked again however it was not my son it was a young girl around 8 years old with blonde hair that was tied back into a pony tail and i seen it so clear i could see that she was wearing a green hoodie with the works New York written at the front. Not knowing what to do i watched her then she turned away and started to skip slowly(like slow motion) away towards the door the thing that really spooked me was there was no sound nothing it was so silent like seeing it in a old movie only in colour. My cat that sleeps at the end of the bed was watching and kept looking at the door to the bed room for around 10 mins afterwards.
    I was so spooked that i was scared to move (silly really as i am a grown man) however when i did i turned my light on (wakeing my wife who i explained what i seen).
    Since then i keep waking up at around 02:30 and find myself looking around the room in case she comes back.

    I am not new to the spirit world i have always had somthing like a voice in my head (always my voice) but i thought it was just a spirit guids that i hear so much about. and i have always been able to sence things or see things in my mind but never somthing real like this.

    Why now? i served in the Armed forces for 22 years and never seen anything however this keep playing in my mind and i cant shake it and everytime i think about it a get a massive chill down my spine.

    So i dont know what to do now any ideas about why this has happend and why now?

    • Hi Mark,

      It sounds like she’s just making herself known. As to who she is could vary. She could be a spirit attached to the house and unnoticed until now. She could be a family member of yours, a lost child perhaps? Did your wife have any miscarriages? Or she could be interested in your son’s energy as teenagers emit powerful auras due to their influx of hormones. Mostly though, if she doesn’t interact with anyone in the house, then she’s likely just a residual energy ghost, like a tape recording in time.


  160. My two year old says “a monster”. When we ask her questions itis always the same answers. Its a boy with white hair and blue eyes and he’s wearing a costume. Any ideas or helpful hints?

    • Children will often see spirits until they reach a certain age where society usually instills a sense of embarrassment for seeing such things, unfortunately. If it doesn’t bother you for your child to see the spirits, remain interested, ask questions, be positive. If you’d like for the ability to wane, tell him it’s his imagination and in a while, he won’t be able to see them.


  161. I’m 14 almost 15 and I hear things and feel things and sometimes see things recently there’s been a little girl maybe about 1 or 2 she’s so innocent and doesn’t have a harmful vibe about her she wears a yellow dress and a little white cardigan which is strange because when I was younger I used to have the same anyway I don’t know who she is and I know this is bad but my friend said that I could have had a miscarriage because I was a stupid 13 year old anyway I thought that was impossible but that would have been a year next month so is it possible and how do I find out who this girl is and what she wants the other day i was crying and i felt her next to me comforting me and I just want to know who she Is. Also the other day I was doing my makeup in the mirror and outside my bedroom door (no one was in) I heard a little girl say mummy and I can’t remember what I said but at some point I told her to go daddy’s and I haven’t felt her as much since? But she’s here sometimes also I have a woman who hates me she’s horrible she’s so cliche and when I tell the woman to go away she laugh at me and these two are never together so could the eoman be using her to get in my head? How do find out who they are safely?

    • Hi there, I would just ask them who they are and what they want next time you see or hear them. My usual response to my own harassing ghosts is, “What do you want? If you’re just here to bug me, don’t bother.” lol They usually leave me alone after that.


  162. Ok, I ain’t giving out my name/age, but there was a thing one/two days ago. My tablet started playing Splatoon music at 2 a.m. in the morning. I couldn’t stop apologizing to my mother. Next night, my tabbie randomly turned on and, probably open a folder. My father said it was ghosts, because he used to hear footsteps and laughter before I was born.

  163. Hi, I generally do not see spirits but I do however believe I may have seen a small child last night at work, I work from another home and there is no real explanation, it was really early into my shift and I was just doing some moving around and right before my eyes I saw a small child with light hair in the open closet standing there TWICE…I said out loud REALLY….lol and just ignored the closet for a while and once seated at my desk I began to hear toys roll down the hardwood floor and a picture fell off the wall….I literally was spooked all night and even told the family I work for in the morning…totally out of character for me to see these things let alone hear them…the dad told me before they owned the home I work in 2 older women who were sisters I believe owned it and nothing bad happened, any idea what this may mean? I am still trying to absorb it, Thank You so much

    • Hi Calli, very interesting sighting. I think this little girl is just trying to interact with you. Her energy could be from before the building was even there, or from somewhere nearby. Most spirits show themselves to people when they have something in common with them; could be a trauma, a strong emotion, a similar loss. This little girl’s energy is linked to your own somehow, it’s a mystery she wants you to solve, I think.😉


  164. I just dream of a young 4-5 year old Chinese girl that was on my bed and looked scared. After leaving and walking back to the room she seemed very friendly and welcome. After a few mins this ghost girl was very trusting. She watched tv and played jumping on the bed . Later I see my mom and dad giving her a hug. Then what I can remember I try to put her to sleep. I closed the door , lights out and she said no. I open the door again and she was still there like if I knew she was going to disappear. That’s when I woke up from my dream. What does this mean? Cause that night my wife ask me to tell her if I dream of anything to tell her …..

    • Hi Albert,
      Most of the time, a dream is just that. Rarely do ghosts enter our sleep, and when they do, it’s usually a family member that’s deceased.

      Danielle :)

  165. I seen a ghost of a child at the bottom of my bed last night, or so I think, I’m almost certain I wasn’t dreaming. I was so frightened I woke my partner up and as soon as he woke up she was gone! I didn’t know this girl, I’m white she was black so I know she is of no relation. I live in a property that is around two hundred years old, she seemed to be wearing Victorian clothing. She was holding my jumper that was placed on a drawer, rubbing it against her face, maybe as a comfort thing? She looked startled when I seen her but I felt terrified, we both stared at one another until I looked away to wake up my partner, she was gone!

  166. I need help. My son is 11. In the last few months his attitude has changed. He is unhappy, lacking sleep, irrirable. He tells me nothing is wrong.. well the other day his little sister tells me he has seen a ghost. She is a little girl that stands in doorways. When he looks up she is just there looking at him. He won’t tell me anything else and now when I ask he says it’s no big deal, it’s nothing. I’m worried about him and I don’t know what to do. He is changing.

    • Hi Jet,

      Eleven is the beginning of some very tough years. Hormones can attract ghosts as it a tempting form of energy for them. I would definitely try smudging the home and your son on a regular basis. The ghost girl he is seeing is likely just trying make friends with him as she knows he can sense her. He doesn’t have to be afraid of her. Tell him that he needs to tell her to leave, to go away, the moment he senses her. Eventually she’ll get bored.


  167. Yesterday I was with a a friend and we were at a park and found a grave there was a girl named diana who died at the age of 8 from leukemia in 1949 well later that night we heard footsteps running down her hall. We ignored it. Then we heard crying which sounded like a girl we were freaked out I think it’s the girl but I don’t know. I’m at my house now and I feel like she followed me here. What should I do? I’m 13 and live in the basement and I’m terrified of paranormal things so advice?

    • There’s no need to fear her, she’s just a little girl without a body. Okay, that sounds freaky, but it’s not. They still have feelings, thoughts and emotions. Talk to her, tell her it’s okay and that she needs to find her family on the other side. Things should calm down.


  168. Hey so I just got really angry about half an hour ago because of something that went on, I won’t say what because it’s personal you know? But I got dressed and in ten minuites I grabbed a peice of bread and went outside ( it’s dark ). I would like some help here and let me tell you why… But for you to understand, I will have to tell you what I have been seeing eversince I was a todler (Im about to turn 17).

    So my mum told me that I had a bad way of sleeping when I was younger but she didn’t care for it because at the time she thought it would pass, but it hasn’t. Only until recently have I started to see this thing in my dreams and now even real life! My therapist believes I suffer from Hypnogogic illousions or however you spell it, ( Im dyslexic ) but eitherway whenever I see this thing in real life I get migraines and trust me; they are quite harsh migraines.. so aside from the migraines, I also hear voices whenever I see it… I dont see it all the time as it’s random-.. Sorry I just heard something that spooked me. Eitherway… The figurine is a tall black robed thing that coveres it’s face, legs; I can see it’s hands, and it’s skull. It has wings made from bone, and a long skull. The hands are Human ofcourse without the flesh; It’s cloak has runes on it, from which era and religion I dont know.

    I first started seeing this thing for real when I was 14 and lived in a house, my mother is a wiccan you see so we tend to live in houses alot, but she protects me don’t worry-… Okay so I heard the noise again, fml…. “Bang” on the walls, and no it isn’t the neighbours. Fuuuuuck…. Breathing noises; Okay you see? This is how I get scared thanks to my anxieties and depression. -.. Heard a snapping sound.
    Okay sorry, I will stop even if I hear them. Eitherway I went outside like I said before and I noticed by the car a figure, a girl I think I dont know… But I didn’t like it so I came in, I then said “Fuck it” and went out again… It got closer, and closer when I did the next thing. I haven’t been outside since but eversince I saw the thing I dont feel safe in my own room so Im writing this on the computer in the living room.

    Someone, anyone please help?
    It might be worth mentioning that my name is Ciaran Llochlan Tomkins, I am -… Breathing sound again, fml. Im in college level 2 Computing.

  169. We saw two girls in dresses and the took my hat and the places in a different place what do I do help please

    • Always ignore behavior you don’t like. Tell them to leave you alone. Be firm and they usually listen. They won’t harm you though.


  170. Last night a little girl came to me in the midfle of the night. I felt someone watching me. She was petting my dog who got in bed with me during the night. I don’t have any children. She was dressed in Victorian style clothing. I seen her before on my trip to Poland. I don’t know how she found me in Colorado or if she has been attached to me since then. That was seven years ago. Why would she wait so long to show herself again, stand beside my bed and pet my dog. She was smiling at me. I reached out to my dog to see if he was ok. He was; I just woke him up.

    • She may have been trying for a while but your frequency wasn’t matching up. It’s a very delicate process for them to come through, plus there is no measure of time over there.


  171. There’s a boy in my house. He told my brother and I his name is William and that he’s 12 (His father built my house in 1878) Soon after we had someone tell us that a young boy died in our house by the name of Will and passed away due to chicken pox in the late 1800’s. My dad doesn’t see ghosts, my mum does but only my brother and I have seen/spoken to Will. Why is this?
    Also it’s strange because I haven’t seen him for a while but I still feel him around and he likes to move my stuff. Before this he would wait in my room and if I ignored him he would get upset.
    I don’t really understand why he’s still here as his younger sister died of chicken pox when she was 4 and I’ve never seen her. My Aunty and my uncles girlfriend have both said they feel a manly presence near my room and Will said my room was his room. I’ve woken up and saw a very tall man standing at the end of my bed but I couldn’t see his face. Could this be his dad? There’s so much more but it would make this WAYYY too long.
    I’m 14 this year and my brother is 11 this year (2016) and this first started in 2014.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Musicislife,

      For your first question, many people are sensitive to spirits, whereas most are not. It depends on the level of spirituality and vibration you are attuned to.
      It’s hard for me to say who the ghosts are without being there, but don’t be afraid of them. Listen to them and help them if you can, but if not, tell them to move on, that they need to go home.


  172. In 2011 strange encounters were happening in my household the very first thing I encountered was when laying in bed one night I had something sit on my legs I felt it was light so therefore thought it was a child ( the reason I say something or it is because it is quite hard to describe something that you cannot see) after this encounter days later my partner said one evening he was in the kitchen when he felt something pulling at his trouser belt for days and week’s to follow numerous things would happen like my granddaughters rocking horse would be moving back and forth whilst she was sleeping (2 years old at the time) I should mention we have full custody of our granddaughter. My granddaughter would shout out in her sleep “stop it” we would investigate this and we would find her duvet had been pulled completely off her. Matters would become more often amd stronger the scariest thing I found was loud footsteps coming up the stairs right up to our bedroom but yet we still saw nothing. My partner felt his leg being grabbed in bed and one night we were in bed and could hear a strange noise I got out of bed put on the light and to our suprise we found a really old music cassette tape with the tape pulled out and placed on the floor from my side of the bed to the other side of the bed were my partner sleeps every night around 11pm I would feel an awful feeling of sadness in my bedroom and I found myself sobbing uncontrollabley. One evening my partner, my granddaughter and I visited mu friends home whilst there I found myself feeling anxious and again emotional I also feltexextremely guilty for leaving this little one at home by itself so I would come home and to my surprise my keys were in the front door waiting for me. After some time I started to feel scared like a new presence was following this child something more evil and sinister myddog’s would start to act strange also sitting staring at the corner of the room and stare up ay the ceiling my dog’s began to mark their territory in our home also. Eventually I thought enough was enough and decided to contact my local church (before I lost my mind as I was so tired with the lack of sleep) I left a voice mail with the church and then started to worry about them thinking I was going mad and they may bring in social services and take away my granddaughter. In no time at all I received a call from the church asking me questions they seemed extremely concerned when I mentioned my 2 year old granddaughter she said she would have a word with the priest and get back to me ASAP within an hour they called me back and said they would be out to us within the next 15 mins. They came and asked our religion my partner and I are catholics and the priest asked about our granddaughter but she had not been baptised yet and he suggested us doing this immediately they blessed the whole house and almost immediately I felt a sense of relief and for the following 2 weeks I felt a sense of euphoria I had my granddaughter baptised in December 2011 and all was great no more strange activities. My neighbour started with the same only more aggressive and she moved out of her home because of this. It is now 2016 and we have activities back only this time my granddaughter now 7 almost 8 tells me she sees a large black figure moving through the walls of one room to another and says only last night she felt what she feels is a child getting in the bed with her we never speak of things that have or are happening and feel this is strange as all 3 of us cannot be imagining this at the same time. What do I do from here? Can anyone help with advice?

    • Hi Muriel, sorry about the comment not showing up, I have to approve them first.

      Sounds like you may have an intelligent haunting, and perhaps a bit of a residual haunt happening. With all suspected paranormal activity, it’s easy to get caught up in the fear and think that everything is related to the ghost. I do feel that many of the instances you described could be explained with logic and reason. That said, even if there is a true entity in your home, there’s nothing to fear. Be firm and calm when instances arise and simply tell them to leave and to leave you alone. Human ghosts merely want attention, if ignored, they usually move on. More aggressive ghosts have to be dealt with in other ways, but I really feel that you just have a playful, in not mischievous spirit.


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