The Celestine Insights


Everything about my world changed after I read this book, read it, know it, live it, share it.  James Redfield is one of our precious messengers of truth.  Danielle Lee

The Celestine Insights 


We are discovering again that we live in a deeply mysterious world, full of sudden coincidences and synchronistic encounters that seemed destined.


As more of us awaken to this mystery, we will create a completely new world view – redefining the universe as energetic and sacred.


We will discover that everything around us, all matter, consists of and stems from divine energy that we are beginning to see and understand.


From this perspective, we can see that humans have always felt insecure and disconnected from this sacred source, and have tried to take energy by dominating each other. This struggle is responsible for all human conflict.


The only solution is to cultivate a personal reconnection with the divine, a mystical transformation that fills us with unlimited energy and love, extends our perception of beauty, and lifts us into Higher Self Awareness.


In this awareness, we can release our own pattern of controlling, and discover a specific truth, a mission, we are here to share that helps evolve humanity toward this new level of reality.


In pursuit of this mission, we can discover an inner intuition that shows us where to go and what to do, and if we make only positive interpretations, brings a flow of coincidences that opens the doors for our mission to unfold.


When enough of us enter this evolutionary flow, always giving energy to the higher-self of everyone we meet, we will build a new culture where our bodies evolve to ever higher levels of energy and perception.


In this way, we participate in the long journey of evolution from the Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energize our bodies, generation by generation, until we walk into a heaven we can finally see.



The Tenth Insight is the realization that throughout history human beings have been unconsciously struggling to implement this lived spirituality on Earth. Each of us comes here on assignment, and as we pull this understanding into consciousness, we can remember a fuller birth vision of what we wanted to accomplish with our lives. Further we can remember a common world vision of how we will all work together to create a new spiritual culture. We know that our challenge is to hold this vision with intention and prayer everyday.



The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision. For centuries, religious scriptures, poems, and philosophies have pointed to a latent power of mind within all of us that mysteriously helps to affect what occurs in the future. It has been called faith power, positive thinking, and the power of prayer. We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be extended and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision. This is the power through which we hold the vision of a spiritual world and build the energy in ourselves and in others to make this vision a reality. 

The twelfth insight is yet to be revealed.

~ by thespiritguide on August 31, 2008.

11 Responses to “The Celestine Insights”

  1. Hi, I think I need to read this before commenting but it did strike me that these experiences of an extra dimension to existence may be a product of a brain seeking out deeper explanations.

    • But if it is real, what does that mean? I find that this doesn’t replace science but explains it. I don’t know your level of interest in theoretical physics, but I enjoy learning as much as I can about the universe. Study dark matter and dark energy and then compare it with far east religion and philosophy. Certain humans have been aware of this energy for Millennia.

  2. Thank You!! I now do not feel so alone. Its starting to make sense. I played with spirits when I was young and still see them and call on them when I need questions filled in. I watched the movie for the first time tonight. The questions my Mother has been afraid to answer, has been done so tonight. After watching the movie I called her and we talked for some time.

  3. Years ago I met a couple, a man who lovinly took care of his wife. I was a home health aide and this 80ish man introduced me to the Celestine Prophecy. I was amazed! It explained sooo much. I could actually understand it. As time went on and I became a nurse, I met another couple who put me back in touch with this book again. Now I have expanded my own insights more than I ever have. I look forward to seeing just how far I can go with this. Thank you for such a revelation.

    • As much as I’d like to take credit for the Insights, I cannot.😀 James Redfield is the correct author. I am very happy that they are so meaningful for you though, my life would not have been the same if I hadn’t read that book about five years ago. It changed the entire path of my life.

  4. At this late stage of the game I am looking for the belief I lost when I watches Stephen Hawking’s There Is No God on TV. I have been totally lost since viewing this program. My daughter suggested this book to me several years ago. I could not get through reading it so I put it down and now I wish I hadn’t. I hope this movie gets me back on the right track.

  5. i got a copy of the celestine prophecies book a couple weeks ago, and read it in two days.

    i could see the truths in it. and could see how people use control dramas to steal another person’s energy…happens constantly. towards the end of the book, it seems like the author was briefly able to increase his vibration to above this dimension’s level.

    it was a pretty good read, would have been nice to list all the insights in their complete details at the end of the book, however. interesting to see that there are 11 of them, here, with a 12th to be revealed. (is there a list of them in their completeness, detailed, online? this list briefly summarises them…it is the only one i saw so far.)

    in regards to bruce’s comment above where he thinks that an “extra dimension” is just a product of the brain, well, to keep this as brief as possible, i give the following basic truths:

    this planet actually supports nine dimensions…and dimensions 1-6 are for both spirit and physical matter, and 3-6 can support physical humaniod life.

    (j. justice has a book, dna in the sands of time, that gives info on this pretty good, though, like most books, some of it could have gone into further detail, to be more accurate.)

    basically, if you are reading this, and typing on a computer, you are in the 3rd physical dimension, as all of us now are.

    this planet will soon shift to the 4th physical dimension, probably within months, as it could have happened any time between 2003 and 2013…we are merely awaiting the trigger, which happens about every 12,500 years… and what most people are unaware of, is, within 50 years, because of an issue impending with the sun, it will have to shift to even higher dimensions, eventually, to the 6th, to continue to support life.

    the 4th dimension also gets confused with the astral plane, which is actually an entirely other thing, only for spirit matter…usually in dream-state, astral travel, or, spirits who are in-between incarnations…though not all of us are reincarnated souls…indigos, and those from the 4th dimension atlantis civilisation, (usually with karma to settle, as they fell from the 4th to the 3rd during the last shift) are among those who reincarnate, and, crystals, and blue rays, are among those who incarnate one time only.

    our spirits, before we were born, usually are from higher dimensions. (as for myself, i was an angelic being, a blue ray, billions of years old, from the 12th dimension, and lived in a 7th dimension spirtual home on another earth-like planet in a pleiades-style star cluster system the m-81 galaxy…which is where i will soon return.) and, upon ascension, can choose either to ascend physically to the 4th, 5th, or 6th dimension, or, in lightbody, to higher dimensions.

    the lower dimensions have both good and evil spirits in them, as the negative entities cannot go above the 6th dimension, because their vibration cannot be increased beyond what the 6th dimension supports.

    the 3rd dimension, after the shift, will be only darker souls who have more lessons to learn, and karma to work out, on the wheel of incarnation, after those of us with light-quotients above 51% ascend to the 4th dimension, and those with higher light-quotients, with the intent to do so, may ascend to higher planes….those who go in lightbody, to the higher dimensions when they ascend (7th and higher, pure spirit matter, only.) are those who have chosen to ascend to their spiritual homes in lightbody…and are those who have completed their life-lessons and/or worked out karma.

  6. sorry, the next to last paragraph in my comment, has a typo, the word “in” (should read “…IN the m-81 galaxy…”) was omitted by accident, and totally changes the sentence…. i hope this clarifies…:)

  7. […] into his popular book The Celestine Prophecy (1993). The summary bullet points below are from a New Age blog. I recently saw someone with this book, and I was alarmed in my spirit; on, the book has […]

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