The Manifestation Experiment


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to watch “What The Bleep Do We Know” again. I’d seen it before, but it had been quite a while since I first watched it and I felt the need for a lift in my spiritual psyche. I was enjoying the movie profusely and feeling more optimistic once again about human nature and spirituality. A particular scene from the movie especially caught my attention this time. An experiment with water and positive affirmation.

A man named Dr. Masaru Emoto had conducted an enlightening and revealing experiment. He obtained several bottles of distilled water, tested them for quality and control purposes, then proceeded to mark individual bottles with distinct labels or affirmations. Some of the labels said simple words or statements such as “Thank you” and “Peace”. He even had one of the bottles of water blessed by a Buddhist Monk. As well as positive labels, he marked some with negative remarks such as “I hate you.” He left the bottles of water for a period of twenty four hours.

The results were astonishing to say the least. The average and unremarkable water molecule that he had observed through a microscope had manifested into an amazing range of shapes and colors depending on the influence that the water was bestowed. The bottles marked with “Thank you” and “Peace” had transformed the water molecules into distinct crystalline patterns, all beautiful and remarkable. The bottle that had been blessed by the Monk was one of the most extraordinary, the water molecules looked like intricate crystal snowflakes. Most disturbingly, the bottle marked “I hate you” portrayed a distorted color and shape. The color was a putrid greenish yellow and it literally resembled a diseased cellular structure.

Experiment images

As the main character in the show marvelled over these findings, a man turns to her and states cryptically, “Your body is 75% water, just think what your thoughts can do to your body.”

This experiment and statement has haunted me now since I watched the show. It keeps tumbling around in my mind and whenever I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I quickly try to re-establish a positive frame of mind.

An interesting note as well is that several years ago I decided I wanted a tattoo. Of course I didn’t want just anything just in case I would regret it later on in life, so I decided what better to permanently put on my skin but my daughter’s name. Ironically enough, my daughter’s name happens to be a glorious and wonderful affirmation…Hope.

After watching the movie recently, I thought about the interesting coincidences that happened in my life after I had her name tattooed to my body. My life took a very positive turn after that time frame.

As a result of all of this, I’ve decided to conduct my own little experiment. I thought to myself that if writing these positive affirmations on a bottle of water was so effective, why not write it directly onto myself? So, this morning, I wrote, in permanent ink no less, many positive words on easily concealed parts of my legs. I generally suffer from extreme fatigue, so I wrote the word “Energetic”. I’ve struggled with weight issues not unlike many people in this society, so I wrote “Thin”. Some of the others were, “Inspired”, “Patient” and “Strong”.  There are a few more, but, they’re just none of your darn business. 😀

Dr. Emoto notes that positive affirmations should be stated in the past or present tense, like a prayer that has already been answered. Who knows, if this type of experiment should prove fruitful beyond all explanation, we may have discovered a new form of cure for many of the self inflicted diseases that plagues our society. Dr. Emoto suggests performing these water affirming experiments for yourself and then drinking the water. I guess I thought I’d take it one step further.

One thing strange I have to say, whether it’s my subconscious working overtime or the pen ink seeping through my skin, within moments of writing these words on my legs, both started to feel very light and felt as thought they were vibrating pleasantly. I woke up this morning with some pretty sore legs from a hard workout yesterday, so the fact that they suddenly don’t hurt is kind of interesting. I also had a headache and was very tired beforehand and I now feel very, very good. Interesting. I’ll keep you updated.

No…I’m not bored…why do you ask? 😀


~ by thespiritguide on September 12, 2008.

12 Responses to “The Manifestation Experiment”

  1. Hahaha, naw, you’re not bored, you are adventuresome and have spark.
    The whole thing about Dr.Emoto’s experiments are amazing!
    And for you to have the idea to put it to use where you could use it the most is a pretty dang good idea. It’s really neat that you can actually feel the effects of it. And I gotta tell ya, you are much braver than I am, with the permanent marker thing. hahaha Good idea to do it though. It works.

  2. Sorry but I believe this phenomena can be best explained as a “trick” to the brain. When someone wants something bad enough, and uses an external “device” to achieve the desired affect is really a form motivation done in the sub-conscious. “Dr” Emoto’s work is highly speculative and hasn’t stood the rigours of scientific testing. In fact, the whole project as a whole has been admitted by him as a form of “artwork” and that it has of yet to be a proven scientific fact. Scientists in vast majority down grade this phenomena as they themselves have tried this experiment and have found no conclusive evidence that water reacts with words or feelings. I love the movie myself and I find it to be a spiritual blessing. However, I do believe that whatever works to get someone to achieve a change in life is a great idea. To believe, however, that it is a scientific fact is fallacious. However, Do what you got to do to achieve those positive thoughts…not because water suggests to but because the brain craves it. We need to do whatever it takes to make this world more positive and if this can be used as a motivational tool, then go for it. God knows we need to do something.

  3. Thank you for your honest comment Laurie and I agree totally that this type of experiment is purely about the implications of subconcious intent. I firmly believe it’s the positive or negative intent that we place on tangible items that seem to give them power. Holy water, the pentagram or burning sage to cleanse the energies in a home are all amazing examples of how our conscious mind utilizes objects to manifest certain energies.

    I was particularly struck with Dr.Emoto’s experiment however, pertaining to the implications of a global consciousness affecting the energies. It is interesting that in some of his experiments, he included words from foreign languages, one where his lab assistants didn’t have a clue what the word meant. Yet, the results conclusively established a remarkable consistency. If the foreign word was negative, negative responses were noted in the water molecules, likewise with positive foreign words. It seems to point to an underlying global awareness. That in itself is intriguing.

    I think that this type of experiment simply shows the potential of our minds and energies. I do have to say one interesting thing seems to have worked dramatically for me. I wrote the word patient on my leg and strangely enough, I’ve had the most patience I’ve ever had in my life within these last few days. Subconscious, of course, but noticibly manifested, yes. 😀

  4. I experimented with OBE’s one night while going to sleep simply by counting down from 100 with the intent of being out of my body by 1 if not zero. Needless to say as I got to 10 and below, I actually started to feel the process by which your spirit actually separates itself from the living body. This startled my simple intent of thought and I woke.
    The point being if one could control all thoughts, one can control reality itself.

  5. I completely believe in the experiment and have turned my life around from being suicidal a year ago to a brand new positive me…It makes way more sense to be a positive rather than negative thinker to me now…

    I owe a lot of my positivity to watching The Secret, What the BLEEP, and listening to Abraham – Jerry & Esther Hicks, Bob Proctor and a few others…

  6. i have always had “an ability”. i was experiencing paranormal everything since a child. my senses have grown through the years, as i have been extremly bound to get answers. mainly to why some of us seem to experience so much more than others. manifestation has been an ability that i have somewhat been able to master in the last 2 years. some experiences frightening, others simply shocking. it’s like a muscle, once you figure it out you open your mind, it builds. i still am in shock, but love the unknown too much. we are capable of so much more than we could even imagine!!!!!

  7. i believe the point that the what the bleep folks were driving at is that these effects that the water displayed evidence for quantum entanglement…that even emotions,or rather the distinctions we give them, have a place and a presence in physical reality-they’re not just intangible ideas…thoughts are a result of electrical impulses in the brain,and since all particulate matter and energy alike originate from the same singularity(call it the big bang,call it god-whichever strikes your fancy)it is all interconnected by non-local quantum effects and therefore can have an effect-great or small-on the farthest reaches of the universe or a glass of water…

  8. Hi! Thank you for the wonderful idea. Can you tell me if you have used this for physical manifestations (from the vortex to our physical reality), and if so how did you phrase them? Many Blessings!

  9. HMmph. Writing on yourself to enhance affirmations and meditation. Awesome. I’ll definitely try it, like now

  10. Interesting stuff! What all this seems to boil down to is the power of thought, which, when we consider that atoms that make up our bodies are 99.9% vacuum, thoughts must have some kind of effect on the physical world. What I find most fascinating about the water experiment is that not only is water the most strange and complex compound scientists and chemists know of, our bodies are mostly made of water! In other words we can apply positive thought and affirmation (and truly believe it) our bodies will change to implement those thoughts physically. There are so many examples of thoughts having effect. Take how subjective pain is for example.

    Only recently watched What the Bleep (as well as several documentaries on quantum physics) and have begun a love affair! Busy writing a series of articles on it myself:)

  11. I was blown away by the water experiment too. Imagine if our thoughts do that to water, what they can do to our bodies? (paraphrasing a line) but so true!

  12. Humans use intention to manifest all the time. Prayer, meditation, affirmations, spells, blessings, and the like are all intentions. Negative or positive they hold much power. Nearly every religion starts with the thought then the word. Try some mirror magic out and just watch the results are impressive. Wiccans have used them for ages. Simply gaze into a mirror and state “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all, clear my sight , I seek to see the beauty that resides in me. Make it shine, make it bright, like a beacon in the night. Clear for me and all to see eternal beauty lives in me. This is my will, So will it be.”
    Sounds silly but, truth is all words are but, spells. It’s why it’s called spelling. Many people were held back from learning how to read and write. From learning and sharing secrets that many have known for so long. Though intention can be used by only speaking many have been conditioned to believe its use is either evil or non existant. Symbology is also very powerful. The results can be so amazing its actually scary. This ous also why I believe it was so greatly protected. Please try to only use with love and light. If it harms anyone/anything it most likely will harm you.

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