Cover Art for ‘Butterfly’!!

Butterfly is on hold for now, but will completed in the future. 😀

~ by thespiritguide on June 4, 2010.

4 Responses to “Cover Art for ‘Butterfly’!!”

  1. I recently purchased two of your books for my Kindle, Inhuman & Genesis. I enjoyed both of them very much. Then I found your website & discovered the first two chapters of Butterfly. I read them & enjoyed them. According to what I saw here & on your site, Butterfly was due to be released in the Fall of 2010. I have looked for it so that I can purchase it for my Kindle, but I cannot find it on Amazon. Has Butterfly been published? or will it be published soon? I am also looking forward to reading your upcoming books Unbecoming a Lady & Dark World they both look very good from the previews I read on your site.
    I hope to continue reading your works & wish you luck on any upcoming stories.

    • I’m so sorry, I started on Butterfly and another book at the same time. In the midst of it all, Butterfly ended up getting pushed to the side and while it will be done someday, it’s now a future project.
      Have you seen Nightmara though? It’s available on the Kindle. 😀
      I’m so very happy that you enjoyed my first two books! That makes me very happy!

      • No, I haven’t seen Nightmara yet. From what I’ve seen here & on your site, it does look interesting. I want to wish you luck on your future books. Of the two I’ve read so far, I would have to say that Inhuman was my favorite (I’ve always been sort of an ‘alien’ enthusiast). Maybe you could write a book about the twins?

      • I agree, I think if I were to write a sequel, it would be about the twins and more about Cassia’s origins. I wish I could write as fast as my imagination thinks up new stories! I have 30 books that want to be born and they’re all fighting to get done first. lol
        I think you would love Nightmara! Let me know if you’d like a PDF copy for your Kindle, I’d be happy to send it to you in exchange for a review on Amazon. 😀

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