The cover for NIGHTMARA has arrived!!!  Go here for an excerpt.

~ by thespiritguide on September 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “NIGHTMARA!!”

  1. What a great cover!

  2. This is my Kindle review for Nightmara..I will not make this a spoiler for you,BUT..let me ask you this..Do you believe in the unknown? Well after you read Nightmara,you will..Let me make this short,yet sweet..Danielle Lee takes you into the realm of the unknown,into places you thought weren’t real and makes a believer out of you..Once you start reading this book,you will not be able to put it down..Things you thought didn’t exist or only thought they were in your dreams..DO..Now..I hope I peaked your interest..Happy reading..

  3. I’m afraid to read it. I have sleep paralysis–and for anyone that’s ever experienced it: It’s terrifying.

    Nothing worst than not being able to move–but seeing and hearing–and seeing and hearing things that aren’t really there.

    I’m going to try to get brave enough to read it! I really enjoyed Immortal–and that one really scared me, as I can see the Government locking up and experimenting on what they don’t understand.

    • I’ve had two sleep paralysis experiences and it was very scary. I guess I try to conquer my fears by writing about them. lol
      Did you mean Inhuman? I’m so happy you enjoyed it!
      Take care,

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