New Blog!!!

I made a new blog so I could update my paranormal books.

The Prologue from my new book is over there!

Come see!


~ by thespiritguide on January 6, 2011.

9 Responses to “New Blog!!!”

  1. Nice cover. All your covers are awesome.

  2. I especially liked Dimensions of Genesis.
    Which one should I read first?

    • I’m not sure, what’s your favorite genre? Dimensions is very spiritual, Nightmara is just plain spooky and Inhuman is controversial. 😀

  3. Hmmmm….that’s tough. Perhaps I’ll go with Inhuman.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. When is the next book for dark world coming out? Loved the first book!

    • Thank you Dustin!!! That means the world to me! I’m just taking a bit of time off for now, but the next book is all planned out in my mind and I just have to wait for the right time to start. I wore myself out writing Dark World. lol

      What did you like best about Dark World? I loved the zombie races. lol I laughed writing the whole chapter.


  5. What a dynamic cover!

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