The Invisible Neighbors


Often, spirits of the dead have no idea they’ve passed on. They go about their lives as they would have if their heart still beats. They see through a foggy veil, unable to comprehend nor accept that their fleshy bodies no longer carry them about. Some are aware of their new existence, some are not. Those that now occupy the former resident’s home feel somewhat invaded by these unseen tenants, annoyed by their continued presence, their insistence to stay where they are no longer welcome.

This is where the living must practice empathy. Ask yourself how you would feel if you were no longer a solid member of society. How would it be to witness the new owners of your former home begin tearing down your memories, your hard work, your life? What would you do if no one could see you and you’re upset with the new living arrangements? The living, of course, are oblivious to the emotions of the ghosts all around them, truly believing this new home they’ve purchased is theirs and only theirs.

But it is not always so.

There are really only two ways to rid oneself of a spirit: tell them to go or ignore them. If one doesn’t work, try the other. Of course there are many techniques and rituals that often work, ie. cleansings and blessings of the home, but truly, it comes down to those first two. For that is how we’d deal with annoying neighbors in real life, is it not? It would be rare for a neighbor to up and leave their own home simply because you told them to leave, right? So, what do we normally do when our peace is mildly disturbed by an impolite resident?

We ignore them. We wave with a fake smile, try not to initiate any more than quick, pleasant small talk and pretend all is well, then continue on with our day.

Same goes for those unseen. You don’t need to make friends with them, just tolerate them. Respect them and they’ll respect you.

Danielle  :)

~ by thespiritguide on April 9, 2014.

5 Responses to “The Invisible Neighbors”

  1. good post! i like this new point of view and shall adopt it from now, have a great day x

  2. Interesting article:) however I know from experience the first two tips may not always work, but I’ve learned to accept it- creepy or not!
    I know you may not see this, Danielle, but I have a concern about my home; my house used to be a cottage hospital for the blind in World War 2 and something is defiantly not right. Every night about 12-1 there is a dark figure in the corner of my bedroom with the noise of a ticking clock (we have no ticking clocks in our house). It’s been there since we moved in when I was 11 (I’m now 19). At first I assumed it was an over active imagination but since them 3 other people who have stayed in my room have all reported seeing the same thing. I was just wondering if there was some kind of supernatural explanation or whether it’s just the history of the house playing on our minds. Thanks, Amy

    • Hi Amy, sounds like a residual haunting. It’s an imprint of an energy from long ago, it cannot be talked to, reasoned with or has any awareness, it’s just like a blip in time that keeps repeating itself like a broken record. Eventually the energy fades, then goes away completely, but it’s nothing to fear.:)


  3. So sad…..yet so true…but how can one avoid being earthbound and seeing through a foggy veil? There has to be some form of explanation…. Danielle you are an excellent writer by the way.

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